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The Survival Stores water bottle survival kit isn't your commonal graden survival tin with all those relatively sub standard bits of kit in it. A GSI DukJug - A top quality water bottle that is either Polycarbonate or Stainless Steel that is superb quality and not like some of the dodgy fakes on the market.
US GSA Compliant 550 Paracord - None of your Mickey Mouse nonsense this is the genuine gear straight from the USA and a real bonus for strong shelter making. A Bushcraft & Survival Scout size Firesteel - Lasts for an age, thousands of strikes for thousands of fires.
A 5 in 1 Waterproof Survival Capsule - A really useful piece of kit as it has a signal whistle at one end, a compass at the other and it is a waterproof capsule so you can fill it with strike anywhere matches and you will have no trouble firelighting. Fishing Kit - A fishing kit is always handy as it is always easy to find bait and a line can be left in water for prolonged periods of time leaving you free for foraging and the like.

Turn your worst outdoor emergency situation around with the Deluxe Survival Kit from Ultimate Survival. This the real deal with relly useful bits of kit that you really will use in any survival situation. If you choose the Steel variant you can also use it as a cooking pot or for sterilising water over a fire if you remove the rubber and plastic pieces. Has a built in flint striker for additional firelighting ability and a built in signal mirror.
We will NOT simply change everything for low quality products it will simply allow us to substitute an item if it happens to be out of stock.
Ideal for camping, hunting and backpacking, this kit has what you need to start a fire, signal for help and build a shelter.

Learn how to update your browser.X Your browser does not support JavaScript, or you do not have it enabled. We will always replace it with the equivilent value or better quality product and not trade it down.

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