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This is the 5.11 Push Pack Variant that is the perfect grab bag for the worst case scenario. An Ultimate Survival Strike Force Firesteel - UST make some the best quality gear in the World and have proved to be tough and versatile. A Warrior Chain Saw - A heavier duty survival saw that will go through practically anything. 50ft of US 550 Paracord (the real stuff) - None of your Mickey Mouse nonsense this is the genuine gear straight from the USA and a real bonus for strong shelter making. An Ultimate Survival Jet Scream Whistle - International signal for distress is long loud whistle blasts. A UST StarFlash Signal Mirror - A heliograph is a piece of kit that is seriously under estimated. Tin Opener - Sounds like a daft one doesn't it but imagine coming across a hunting cabin in the back of beyond and there is no can opener!!
US Issue Water Purification powder - This the top product on the market, Chlorofloc powder will even separate the silt in foul water giving you clean and fresh water.
A K1 Torch or equivilent - Small, well built and bright, everything you need from a torch.
Waterproof matchbox - Fill it with strike anywhere matches and you will have no trouble firelighting. Care Plus Hand gel - Not only is this stuff great for hygene it is highly flammable making a great firelighting aid.
Any additional products seen in any pictures that are not within the list of contents are purely for reference or suggestion of use and are not included with this product. Tyler Johnson from "Ultimate Survival Alaska" stars in the National Geographic Channel reality docu-series. Responding to reports of a shooting, officers went to the home of Jimmy Gojdics in Fox, Fairbanks, on Sunday.
At 1506 hours, AST responded to a report of a shooting at a residence located on the Old Elliott Highway outside of Fairbanks. Gojdics was originally from upstate New York, and had many friends in the Fairbanks area, according to one of the friends, Janine Carlson, who knew him for 12 years.

We spend a lot of time talking about bug out bags, survival gear, long term food storage and weapons here at Survival Cache but we haven’t spent a lot of time debating the Ultimate Survival Vehicle (Bug Out Vehicle). Con’s – If you are the Octomom with 8 or more people in your family this might not be the best choice, take a look at a school bus. There are a lot of people out there who own ATVs and they make a pretty good argument for the Ultimate Survival Vehicle.
This can be your first option and it most certainly will be your last resort regardless of any other fancy options you may use along the way. Pro’s – Diversity (Can be your everyday vehicle and your Bug Out Vehicle), Good carry capacity, Good range, Decent off-road capability depending on model and set up, Can double as a place to sleep for a small family.
Campa EVS (Expeditionary Vehicle System) this state-of-the art vehicle was designed for outdoor enthusiasts, disaster management personnel and military officials who desire a completely self-contained vehicle system. If money is no object to you, then a UNICAT Expeditionary Vehicle is what you need to buy. Pro’s – Too many to list, you will have to go to the website and read them for yourself.
Con’s – Expensive (a used one is about $600k), At 8 MPG you will be sucking down the fuel but on the other hand you have 2 x 120 Gallon tanks so let them drink until you and your family reach safety.
Before you laugh think about this, ? of the earth is covered by water and this is the only Ultimate Survival Vehicle on this list that can traverse most of the earth under the power of the wind, make its own fresh water and has access to an unlimited supply of fresh food.
Pro’s – Make your own fresh water with battery powered desalination, Solar and wind powered energy sources available, Total isolation from people, Full kitchen, As long as the wind is blowing you are moving, good source of fresh food (need to like fish), large comfortable living space, endless range.
Pro’s – This thing is built from the ground up to go anywhere, 46 gallon fuel tank provides a good range (600+ miles), 32 Gallons of Fresh Water, Well thought out living space with the pop up tent camper, Full kitchen, So many off road upgrades that it will make your redneck friends drool.
Con’s – Looks like a cargo van, A little to tall and wide for some off road trails, Needs fuel. If you live in a high threat big city environment and you have some extra cash and a spare parking spot, you might want to look at the Knight XV from Conquest Vehicles.
Argo Amphibious Vehicles are legendary in the Northern Territories of Canada and Alaska where water obstacles are a common problem.
The great thing about this option is that they are very affordable as far as vehicles go (you can have an older 2WD or a newer 4×4 depending on your budget), many of us already have one as a primary or secondary vehicle, you can carry a great deal of gear in the back and with a modified compartment kit you can even store equipment in compartments and have a bed set up above your storage area.

If you have a question, comment, there’s a problem with the site, or you just want to say Hi, Send Us an Email. Subscribe to the FREE Survival Cache Newsletter and we'll send you a monthly email with new gear reviews, site news, survival tips, and more. You get premium quality kit that all packs down into the fantastic range of Maxpedition Versipacks or 5.11 Push Packs. Ideal for the boot of your car or add it to a rucksack with a shelter and sleeping bag you are good to go. If there is a particular colour selection you would like simply email us or telephone your request and we will attempt to comply.
We will NOT simply change everything for low quality products it will simply allow us to substitute an item if it happens to be out of stock.
He once climbed to 27,000 feet with no oxygen in Kathmandu, Nepal, and has climbed some of the highest peaks in Alaska. When troopers arrived, they found Gojdics was in a pool of blood and suffering from several apparent gunshot wounds.
Gaydos’s untimely passing and our thoughts and prayers go out to his family at this difficult time,” National Geographic Channel spokesman Chad Sandhas told the Associated Press on Tuesday. We will always replace it with the equivilent value or better quality product and not trade it down. Aside from intelligence, he says his other positive traits include being good-looking, ambitious and crazy. Even though he was transported immediately to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, he did not survive. Only the best heavy duty components are used to give the absolute best off-road performance while maintaining excellent on-road performance.

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