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Included in each residential unit is a five-year supply of freeze-dried and dehydrated survival food per person. The website claims all seven residential levels are sold out with only one half-floor unit left. When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. The truth is, most of us will never be in a situation like that, where your life is on the line and you’re forced to make tough choices in order to keep yourself alive. It can also be helpful to read and learn about what others have gone through and how they survived in their unique situations.
In 2006, workers on a cattle station in one of the most remote areas of Australia came upon a man named Ricky Megee who claimed to have been stranded in the Australian outback for 70 days. Megee said the last thing he remembered was his car breaking down during his cross-country drive. For over two months, Megee survived on only frogs, snakes and lizards, and the water he found in a nearby dam. Together with Joe Simpson, Simon Yates climbed Siula Grande in 1985, via the hitherto unclimbed west face. Some mountaineers were very critical of Yates’ decision to cut the rope on his partner. In 2014, an Italian runner named Mauro Prosperi set out to complete the Marathon des Sables — a brutal six-day run in the Sahara desert. Prosperi’s luck changed when he found himself in the middle of an eight-hour sandstorm that left him disoriented, lost and alone.
Douglas Mawson is considered an Australian hero due to his historic Antarctic exploration mission in the early 20th century. On December 14, 1912, Mawson and his two colleagues, Belgrave Ninnis and Xavier Mertz, were returning to base after successfully not dying for a few days… when Ninnis fell into a crevasse, dragging their sledge, their supplies, and most of their dogs down with him. After running out of food, they contemplated eating their dogs, which would force them to carry their own sledge. Though there is some speculation that her story may be untrue or embellished, Chapman states that she was kidnapped from her Colombian village at four years old, then abandoned in the jungle. After her rescue, Champan says she was sold to a brothel, lived as a street urchin and was enslaved by a mafia family before finally being adopted around age 14. Between 2003 and 2004, these three young women were kidnapped in Cleveland by Ariel Castro. These women’s story is truly a testimony to how much a human being can withstand, and just how strong the will to live is. Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 was a chartered flight carrying 45 people, including a rugby union team, their friends, family and associates, that crashed in the Andes on 13 October 1972, in an incident known as the Andes flight disaster and, in the Hispanic world and South America, as the Miracle in the Andes (El Milagro de los Andes). The survivors had little food and no source of heat in the harsh conditions at over 3,600 metres (11,800 ft) altitude.
I have lengthy experience with the knives of Randall Adventure & Training, more commonly known as RAT knives. One of the things I really liked on the old knife was the high carbon 1095 steel blades and micarta handles. RAT heard this feedback and after the end of that licensing agreement in 2007, the group decided to produce a higher quality line of knives outside of the mass production capabilities of Ontario under their new ESEE brand.
From my perspective, the new updated design resulted in high-end features and finish at a mid-level knife price. In my case, my beloved 4” TAK knife was claimed by my wife for her Bug Out Bag, so I needed a replacement.
Although the newer blade has a little shorter edge to spine profile, which I like, it retains the same length and thickness.
The new ESEE-4 also now has a very secure flexible mounting and adjustable tension Kydex sheath.
The MOLLE clips provide all the mounting flexibility I need, and they minimize weight over the added drop leg sheath extension.
The design and sheath upgrades were all well thought out and a big ergonomic improvement over the original design.
For survival and general bushcraft and game cleaning, the drop point blade shape is one of the best designs.

The blade now carries a thick coating of textured powdercoat instead of the phosphate finish on the old blades. First off, I support USA made products, and this knife and accessories are all 100% made in the USA. After testing my new knife, I have to note that I believe it is one of the top choices for a fixed blade survival knife for around $100. July 1, 2015 by Bruce Leave a Comment I’ve been driving my friends and family nuts over the past few months, ranting constantly about choice paralysis and the need for human curation in a world of limitless options. At the same time, our house is in a weird state of limbo due to an inability to decide which project comes first. I’m going to look for solutions by asking for ideas from trusted friends an acquaintances.
The Podcast begins with an allusion to the use of large landscaping equipment on the rather small lawns that make up our block. This is unexpected, as our neighbors all seem really nice, and one would assume environmentally friendly based on the number who drive hybrids. The next step will be to print out copies of the plans and rough out some ideas before we put things in motion.
Thankfully, a company has turned a formerly used defense site in Kansas into a premium underground luxury condominium property. The full-floor layouts have approximately 1,820 square feet of living space, while the half-floor layouts have approximately 900 square feet of living space. We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right. No two survival situations are exactly alike, but these stories have universal themes of bravery, resourcefulness, quick thinking, and sheer force of determination that we can learn from and apply to our lives. There is some speculation that he was the victim of a violent attack during which he was drugged.
Yates argued that he could not rely upon an army of people to help since they were cut off from the world on the mountain flank with a raging storm in progress.
When an 800-pound boulder shifted, Ralston found himself trapped against the canyon wall with his hand crushed under the boulder. By day four, he was making good time in the race (he was in fourth place) and had begun to fall in love with the desert landscape. With just a few supplies and MRE’s on hand, and after trying and failing to catch the attention of two passing planes, Prosperi survived for 10 days by drinking his own distilled urine and eating bats. They spent the next ten years captive in his home, where they were subjected to harsh living conditions, starvation, and physical, psychological and sexual abuse. More than a quarter of the passengers died in the crash and several others quickly succumbed to cold and injury. They definitely were not cutting edge knife technology, but for a wilderness survival knife, the design provides a highly durable and easily field maintainable edge which shoots sparks from a fire steel and is sharpened easily. The blades still use the low tech 1095 carbon steel that we all liked in a survival knife, but now you’ll notice higher grade sheathing, fit, finish, and attention to detail than they were able to offer previously. For a survival knife I think this is an excellent compromise for the backpacker, soldier, outdoorsman, or survivalist.
Other changes are the larger index finger choil, which accommodates even very large fingers for detail cutting, and a new handle. In the land of $300 premium steel knives, the ESEE-4 with high end features but a basic steel is a very good value. The Chicago Screws on the top two holes of the sheath can be tightened, moved, or loosened to adjust the sheath retention. The MOLLE clips can be used to mount to MOLLE straps on packs in multiple vertical and horizontal positions, as well as acting as belt loops. The ESEE IZULA and ESEE-4 I own both demonstrate an attention to the fact that a great knife needs a great sheath or it will simply be left at home. The V-ground, 1095 blade with a 20 degree edge is very easy to maintain with even just a steel, and it takes a razor sharp edge quickly. The knife is big enough to accomplish even the largest tasks but is still small and light enough to carry daily. If not for the zombie apocalypse, at least to throw wild parties without having the cops come by to shut you down for noise violations.
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To continue descending, Yates then used ropes to lower Simpson down the mountain in stages. Despite this decision, his rescue attempt contributed significantly to saving Simpson’s life. During her time in the jungle, Champan took shelter in trees and lived off of wild berries and bananas.
One of them (Amanda Berry) was impregnated by Castro and gave birth to a daughter during her captivity. Of the 27 who were alive a few days after the accident, another eight were killed by an avalanche that swept over their shelter in the wreckage. These knives were produced and marketed by Ontario Knife Co under a licensing arrangement between the companies, and they were a hit.
When it arrived, I was very pleasantly surprised that it was of much higher quality overall than the original. The new knife’s handle is not the huge blocky format of the old knife, but is much thinner and re-contoured. There are two sheath mounting options available for purchase that both utilize the ESEE Kydex sheath: one version with a flexible and removable nylon belt loop attachment and another with MOLLE mounts (which was the version I ordered). I tend to use optional BladeTech Tek-Lok’s for belt attachment on my knives anyway, so it made little sense for me to add the expense. The flexible sheath system in my mind is what makes or breaks or outstanding knife, and the sheath was designed by by people who are experienced in knife carry. In addition to the knife, ESEE also includes complete instructions on how to use the sheath system, a RAT ESEE pocket survival card ,and in my case the MOLLE clips and a number of Chicago screws. 1095 is not high end steel in the land of new crucible steels, but it does have a 57 Rockwell hardness and will take an edge much more easily (even off of river stones out in the field) than the super hard crucible steel.
The 1095 steel is high carbon and will rust on the exposed edges and laser etched areas, so you do need to keep the knife lightly oiled.
While descending in the night in bad weather, Yates lowered Simpson over an unseen cliff edge, which meant that he was hanging over a deep crevasse with only Simpson’s hold on the rope to prevent him falling. Simpson has always vehemently defended Yates, saying he would have done it himself had the roles been reversed.
The last 16 survivors were rescued on 23 December 1972, more than two months after the crash. The RAT knives were adopted by the military and even ended up with several government NSN numbers. The company developed its initial design and eventually other knife designs, which formed the basis of the above mentioned five year licensing agreement with Ontario Knife Co. Now with more production control, ESEE can listen and update designs more quickly based on feedback, which is the reason ESEE knives have now become one of the most well regarded survival knife brands in the industry. It had a better handle to blade fit plus a choice of powdercoat finish colors and G-10 or Micarta Handle color choice during ordering. ESEE also offers a complete kit version which includes both the belt loop drop leg extension and the MOLLE clips. The sheath allows simple attachment and carry in a variety of methods, including the MOLLE straps on my packs, lashing to the belt with the included paracord, and even with my optional Bladetech belt clip. Most high end stainless steels generally produce a much smaller shower of sparks off of a firesteel than a simple 1095 high carbon blade, which is very important in a survival situation. Yours truly also owned, used, and loved one of their initial Training Adventure Knife models — the TAK 4” bladed production survival knife which morphed into the current day ESEE-4 Survival Knife. In the attached picture you can see the differences between the old TAK and new ESEE-4 knives.
The 4” blade is about perfect for general use unless you decide you need to become a lumberjack and start felling trees. Even for the big job of using the ESEE-4 to fell 4”-5” trees can be accomplished by “batoning” or pounding the spine with a small log. The Dijon mustard will oxidize the exposed steel and prevent any further rusting of all but the fine edge of the blade.

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