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Salivary duct stones are crystallized minerals in the ducts that drain the salivary glands. This is the swelling of the largest of your salivary glands whose function is to secrete saliva into your mouth in order to keep it moist. What symptoms that a person might experience will depend on what is causing the swelling of the parotid gland.
This was a common childhood disease but one that adults can also get, especially if they were not vaccinated against mumps during their childhood. A person can develop a growth of bacteria in their mouth due to poor oral hygiene causing a bacterial infection caused bacterial parotitis. In your parotid gland there are parotid ducts that carry the saliva from the gland to your mouth near your upper molars but sometimes stones can form in the duct(s) and when the flow of saliva is obstructed it can make the environment favorable for a bacterial growth. If there is a tumor grown in the parotid gland it can exert pressure on the parotid duct and cause the obstruction of the flow of saliva.
This can be the narrowing of the duct(s) at some point and lead also to an obstruction of the saliva. Many times parotid gland swelling can be treated at home using some of these natural treatments.

When your parotid glands are swollen avoid drinking alcohol beverages and colas because they can aggravate the condition. You should also make sure that you are brushing your teeth regularly and that you are keeping your mouth germ free. Salivary gland infections: medlineplus medical encyclopedia, Salivary gland infections are somewhat common, and they can return in some people.
Swollen salivary glands symptoms health conditions including sjogren syndrome, mumps salivary gland stones, checked.
A salivary gland infection occurs bacterial viral infection affects salivary gland duct. Salivary duct stones are a type of salivary gland disorder. Causes Saliva (spit) is produced by the salivary glands in the mouth. These glands also lubricate and bind the food you are eating along with beginning the digestion processes. Having the obstruction on only one side can lead to the parotid gland swelling on just that one side.
The reason is that your immune system itself will invade the parotid glands causing an inflammation of the gland.

If you have the enlargement of nearby lymph nodes because of a tumor or infection it can also lead to parotid gland swelling. Drinking enough fluids can also help to sooth the swollen gland and lubricate your dry mouth. Salt is a mild antiseptic and could help to destroy the germs that are causing the bacterial infection.
Even though you have several home treatments that you can use to help alleviate this problem it is still best that you see your physician or dentist to rule out a blockage that is caused by the formation of stones in the duct(s) or a tumor as these will require the treatment prescribed by your physician or dentist. Having diabetes, alcohol abuse, and rheumatoid arthritis can lead to parotid gland swelling.
There are also many smaller salivary glands in your mouth, tongue, lips, palate, and cheek.

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