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This is an excellent site, featuring information that is of a more scientific and technical nature. Consumer Medicine Information about the erectile dysfunction medication sildenafil (Viagra) in eMedical's Pharmacy Online. This American site contains a large amount of easily accessible information about Erectile Dysfunction. This excellent site, set up by National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse, contains a huge amount of information about impotence. It covers impotence as well as other male sexual dysfunctions such as Peyronie's disease, disturbances of ejaculation and infertility.

Information includes background on the anatomy and physiology of erections, causes of erectile dysfunction, evaluation and diagnosis, and treatment. The material on impotence is discussed in an informal question and answer format, under headings such as, "How does a physician detect what might be going wrong?", What a man thinks when he is unable to "get hard?", "How does stress relate to impotence?", "How can a man relax and let things happen naturally?", "Is impotence just a symptom of old age?", etc. People with questions about impotence can email them to a doctor with a special interest in the area via the "Helpline" feature. One of the major concerns of men with erectile dysfunction is having to disclose this to a doctor. Two other interesting sections deserving a mention are "Are You at Risk of turning Impotent?" and "Male Impotence - A Woman's Perspective" (for those in sexual relationships with impotent men).

This site helpfully explains some of the questions the doctor will ask and the tests that may be required.

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