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Scrivi una nuova recensione su Prosthodontic Treatment for Edentulous Patients e condividi la tua opinione con altri utenti. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Sythesises the diverse scientific, clinical and bio-mechanical knowledge required to manage the edentulous predicament. Covering the functional and esthetic needs of edentulous patients, Prosthodontic Treatment for Edentulous Patients: Complete Dentures and Implant-Supported Prostheses, 13th Edition helps you provide complete dentures, with and without dental implant support. It addresses both the behavioral and clinical aspects of diagnosis and treatment and covers treatment modalities including osseointegration, overdentures, implant-supported fixed prosthesis, and the current and future directions of implant prosthodontics.
It offers a thorough understanding of the functional and esthetic implications of edentulism, as well as information on the behavioral and clinical aspects of diagnosis and treatment.
This book analyses the sequelae of edentulism and provides a rationale for treatment with complete dentures. New to this edition are full-color photographs and coverage of immediately loaded complete dental prostheses. With topics ranging from treatment modalities to tooth-supported prostheses to both immediate and complete dentures, this valuable resource gives the basic information necessary to treat the edentulous patient. This knowledge base is also fundamental for alternative treatment modalities, such as implant-supported prostheses. From lead editor and respected educator George Zarb, Prosthodontic Treatment for Edentulous Patients provides an atlas of clinical procedures and emphasizes the importance of evidence-based treatment.

Nutrition Care for the Denture-Wearing Patient[Part 2: Diagnoses and Treatment Planning for Edentulous or Potentially Edentulous Patients[7.
General introduction to the patient Chief complaint Important to know if patient - recently became edentulous - edentulous for a long time - is contemplating complete extraction R ecently made edentulous ridges- subject to large, rapid, changes. On Pre-Prosthetic Surgery: Improving the Patients Denture Bearing Areas and Ridge Relations[9. Building Rapport: The Art of Communication in the Management of the Edentulous Predicament[12. House mental classification revisited: Intersection of particular patient types and particular dentist's needs, J Prosthet Dent.
Identification of Shape and Location of Arch Form: The Recording Base and Occlusion Rim[16. Biological and Clinical Considerations in Making Jaw Relation Records and Relating the Patient to the Articulator[17. Transmissible disease- suitable precautions can be made to decontaminate the operatory as well as prevent its transfer.
DEBILITATING DISEASE Diabetes Tuberculosis Blood dyscrasias Diabetes - use nonpressure impression technique - occlusal correction should be made -periodical adjustment Tuberculosis - diet important so efficient dentures - irritating projections removed -protect himselfPowerPoint Presentation: 2. Potential hazards in the prosthodontic phases of treatment are: Contamination of impression trays and material during impression making. Pumice and pumice pans as well as grindings from patient’s prosthesis cause aerosols contamination.

Short appointments with premedication - in patients with history of angina and cardiac arrest.
Patient questioned about feeling dizzy or weak and not allowed to leave the office unaccompanied. PRE-EXTRACTION RECORDS Pre-extraction photographs, radiographs, casts and facial measurements.
Due to difficulty in mouth opening and closing, recording of the jaw relation is difficult. Class III- tongue retracted and depressed into the floor of the mouth with the tip curled upward, downward, or assimilated into the body of the tongue.
May be associated with a tapered arch Flat or shallow vault - Reduced resistance to lateral and rotatory forces. Flat palatal vault associated with class I or class II soft palate Gain improved posterior seal to compromise for the poor palatal shape.

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