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Pitted scars, also known as boxcar scars, pockmarks and ice-pick scars, represent the most common type of acne scar. Over-the-counter treatments can make shallow, saucer-shaped acne scars appear less prominent.
Other options for treating pitted acne scars involve procedures that strip off the top layer of skin, making the deepest pits appear shallower and potentially removing any shallow pits.
Surgery and other physical procedures used to treat deep acne scars and pitting require significant recovery time, and you likely won't see immediate improvement in your scars, the Academy of Dermatology warns. Acne scars often are difficult to treat, and the Mayo Clinic says no one treatment works for everyone.
It started off itchy and looked brownish like dry skin and the pharmacist told me to moisturize. I dont know of I have PK but I would like to upload some pics to figure out what it is I have on the palms of my feet. I have uploaded 2 pics of my feet (last 2 images on here) I work long shifts in safety boots! Doc said it was fungal and prescribed anti fungal tablets fluconazole and a anti fungal cream.. Hi, I`m jennifer and i have a very mild case of pk that i know from looking it up once i discovered it. My other half suffers with this a mild case of it, to which he is on his feet all the time he wears boots for work which i would understand can cause so much sweat, he wears cotton socks to which the doctor told him to wear that could help and gave him some roll on stuff but this doesn’t seem to be working if anyone has anything in mind they could tell me about to help it would be much appreciated! Hi ive had this awhile and its really bad atm I went doctors and they told me it would go but its got alot worse and is getting painful I change my socks twice at work and even my shoes at lunch no positive affect what do you recommend can I go to a specialist or anything?? I have had this on and off for years, I work outdoors in all weathers wearing not very waterproof shoes and this always comes up when I get wet feet and don’t change into dry socks and shoes straight away. Pitted keratolysis is not a fungus, so I used anti-bacterial face wash( for the bacteria) on my feet when I showered and blow dryer them afterwards, then I DOUSE my feet and toes in baby powder while they are still pruned from the water, and use white cotton socks only, I swap my shoes every day and KEEP MY FEET DRY, so far my PK has reduced and is returning to healthy skin! My husband has been having mild pk and I tried crushing a few garlic and rock salt in a bucket filled wit warm water jus till it Covers ur feet and then soak it for 10 min. Then I towel dry his feet and again blow dry it jus to make sure its fully dry and then I apply some anti bacterial powder.
The day i saw pics on this website, i was upset especially when i read others are suffering for years even a decade!

Use of images for any purpose including but not limited to research, commercial, personal, or non-commercial use is prohibited without prior written consent. The American Academy of Dermatology says some 85 percent of teens suffer from some pimples. Dermatologists aren't certain why some people develop scars, but family history and genetics appear to play a large role, as does acne severity--if you have severe cystic acne, you're much more likely to develop pitted scars. Dermatologists use laser beams, dermabrasion tools and strong acid chemical peels to remove this layer of skin; the treatments have the advantage of diminishing wrinkles and making the new skin appear younger, as well.
Side effects from the procedures vary, but most cause visible wounds, which you'll need to treat at home.
It's impossible to completely erase pitted acne scars, although treatments work well to minimize them. This way, others may be able to learn from the various looks and stages of Pitted Keratolysis. I went to a foot doctor and he told me they were warts however it looks like it could be PK.
It only seems to come on in summer when i wear thongs and i am thinking that it may be the rubber of my thongs or synthetic shoes.
Did multiple courses of antibiotics, tried the apple cider vinegar, and even used a knife to scrape off all the dead skin. I had this condition on the soles of both feet for at least a year when I was about 15 years old. Prose, Leonard Kristal Copyright 2008, 1998, 1990, 1975, by the McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Acne scars can be difficult to treat, but dermatologists offer an array of treatments for pitted acne scars.
I work a 10 hour shift at a drug store every night, continuously on my feet walking around. In this surgical procedure, the dermatologist either cuts out the deep scars or uses a surgical instrument to separate the upper layers of skin from the scar. If you're considering treatment for your acne scars and pitting, your best bet would be to schedule a consultation with a dermatologist.
I have dry, thick skin under my feet (especially under the metatarsal joints and toes but not sure if it’s PK or something else.

Been given 2 tubes fusidic acid cream and also some 20% aluminium chloride roll on liquid.. One day I git tied of looking at it, so I used a pumice stone and sharp knife to remove all that I could. I was wondering if blood spots on the feet in the infected and surrounding areas are normal for pk? Really worked wonders (putting it under your arms after a shower or bath totally removes bio odour the next day by the way).
My feet would sweat, only in those areas and I would sit for hours with my shoes off while I studied for school, with tissues on the bottom of my feet to absorb the wetness. Once that's complete, the dermatologist may recommend using a filler to finish smoothing out the skin.
I`m worried because i seem to have developed alot of them overnight, some being very noticable.
Some of the bacteria associated with pitted keratolysis are Kytococcus (formerly Micrococcus), Corynebacterium and Actinomyces.
I don’t remember how long it took but ten years have gone by without it ever coming back.
Topical antibiotics such as erythromycin, mupirocin, and clindamycin may be used to treat the condition. I only ask because it only showed up right after the pk did and some of the pictures on here have little blood spots on them too. Now I know, by the way I don’t recommend the sharp knife, and take it easy on the pumice or your feet will be super sensitive.
After I cut the grass, the entire bottoms of my feet were green, I suppose with chlorophyll.I washed my feet and the green came off of my feet, except in the area of the wet, pitted rash areas.
Although I was not looking for this result when I started cutting the grass, I noticed that the areas dried up, the green faded, and healthy skin replaced the wet, smelly pitted skin.

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