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Swelling in the feet and the ankles is a common occurrence especially if you have been sitting or standing for many hours at a stretch. Diseases of the joints, pregnancy, injuries and fractures, stress, kidney problems, high uric acid in the body and nervous problems can also contribute to swelling in the feet and ankles. Normally swollen feet should not be a concern for many of us whose job involves standing or walking for long time. Lymphedema: There will be accumulation of lymphatic fluid when there is some problem in the lymph nodes or lymph vessels. Insufficiency of veins: This is a condition in which blood randomly moves in the veins in the region from legs to feet and up to the heart. Presence of blood clots in the veins of feet may reduce the blood-flow from the legs to the heart.
Prolonged use of contraceptives, repeated hormone therapy like estrogen can cause swollen feet.
Some doctors prescribe calcium blockers like cardizem, dilacor tiazac and plendil for certain types of hypertension, may cause inflammation. Do exercise regularly, drink plenty of water, stop using laxatives, cut down salt intake, and avoid standing in the same position for long time.
Women can experience swelling due to birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy or due to the monthly menstrual cycle.
Also take equal quantities of warm water and apple cider vinegar and pour it into a bucket. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

There will be continuous movement of lymphatic fluid in the bloodstream and due to any reason, if it gets blocked, it may give rise to lymphedema. Here the veins flow the blood moving in one way direction thus keeping the blood flow insufficient. They would get nerve problem called diabetic neuropathy causing foot infection leading to formation of sores and blisters causing nerve damage.
There is every chance for fluid accumulation in the feet when kidneys are not functioning properly or when there is leakage in liver or when there is sudden heart failure.
Using antidepressant drugs like norpramin, aventyl, amitriptyline, endep and nardil can cause swelling of feet. The fluid buildup brings a rapid increase in the weight and pressure and this results in swelling in the feet, calves and ankles.
Antidepressants, steroids and blood pressure medicines also cause swelling in the feet and ankles. The warming and anti-inflammatory properties of mustard oil will stimulate the blood circulation and will disperse the accumulated fluid. Salt has powerful anti-inflammatory properties which will bring down the swelling instantly. In case of abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting symptoms, then you should consult your doctor immediately. Sometimes, the ligaments may not sit properly when stretched beyond its limit for some reasons. Due to this process, the valves get damaged and in turn blood drains down the veins causing accumulation of fluid in lower legs, causing swollen feet.

They would not feel any sensation in their feet and hence swollen feet during diabetes is truly a matter of concern. You need to consult your doctor when you have symptoms of fatigue, loss of breath, sudden weight gain and loss of appetite along with swollen feet.
The swelling can be accompanied by pain and numbness and can make walking difficult and arduous.
The anti-inflammatory properties of apple cider vinegar will soon alleviate the swelling and will bring relief in the pain and numbness. Sometimes, this condition can become fatal if there is no absolute blood flow from the heart to the feet area. Mustard oil will also improve the health of the blood vessels and keep the joints and muscles well toned and in good shape. If your swelling is due to high levels of uric acid then mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into a glass of water and drink twice daily. You can also apply ice packs or keep the leg in elevated position for reducing inflammation. Home treatment for benign causes of leg swelling should be tried before drug therapy under medical supervision. Prevention Avoid sitting or standing without moving for prolonged periods of time.

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