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Cold burns are probably not familiar to you unless you have lived in a cold environment for a long time. There are so many types of chemical burns, but we will only summarize on the most common type that comes from natural foods. For scalding water – liquid burns run cool tap water over the burn for 10 to 20 minutes. For electric burns its important that the person is no longer being touching the source of electricity. Burns are a common occurrence in our everyday lives, whether they are caused by a hot oven door, the sun or something much more serious. First degree burns that are large or cover a major joint and second degree burns over three inches in size should be looked at by a doctor immediately.
Skin burns are not to be taken lightly and even if you perform the correct treatment for burns, problems can still arise. A sprain means a stretched or torn ligament, while a strain involves an injury of a muscle or tendon.
If the edges of a cut are separated but will go together, use a butterfly bandage to close the wound.
The hands and feet are exposed to more dirt than the face, so it's best to keep cuts covered. Call your doctor for deep cuts, puncture wounds, or injuries that don't stop bleeding after several minutes of pressure.
Why using a sharp kitchen knife is actually safer, and other tips on keeping your family safe at home. Cool water is not just a home remedy, but it is a necessary first step when you develop a hand burn. This product is very commonly found at homes, since it is one of the major ingredients used in making beauty masks as home. Some other powerful home remedies for burns on hands are sugar water, garlic paste, saffron, tomato juice, mustard oil, potato slices, yogurt, gram flour, banana and egg white. Frankly speaking, fire has become a very important part of our daily lives, and so it is practically impossible to avoid burns. The following are some effective home remedies to heal burns fast, and to prevent the formation of painful blisters when they are healing. One very simple burns remedy is to cut thin slices of potatoes and place them on the affected area. You can also apply pure honey on the burnt area as a quick and easy remedy to solve the burns. Take the tender leaves of the banyan tree and mash them to a pulp in ghee prepared from cow's milk. The following is a nice remedy to deal with the white scars that are left behind after the burn wound is healed completely. In case you want to remove a blister caused by a burn without any pain, you can use the following remedy: Take a single betel leaf and warm it slightly in water. The Indian herb haritaki (Chebulic myrobalan, Terminalia chebula) is very potent in the treatment of burns. Natural remedies for burns - Burn some dried leaves of the mahua plant (Madhuca indica) and collect their ash. If you can get hold of the fresh leaves of a digitalis leaves, it can prove to be a very good home remedy for burns. Make a paste of the leaves of the euphorbia (Euphorbia hirta) leaves and then apply it on the burns. In most first and second degree cases, home remedies for burns are very helpful and easy to apply. Home remedies for burnsVinegarDiluted vinegar works as a painkiller and relaxes your skin tissue. Home remedies for burnsTea bagIn case of first degree burns you can immediately combine the cold water burn treatment with tea bags.
Home remedies for burnsLavender essential oilYou can also immediately put lavender oil straight onto the burned skin. Home remedies for burnsSoy sauceA surprisingly effective first aid for burns, especially the smaller 1st and 2nd degree household burns, is soy sauce.
Home remedies for burnsTooth pasteCoat the burn with a generous amount of toothpaste (not gel or liquid) and leave it on for at least 24 hours. Home remedies for burnsTomato or grated PotatoPut a slice of tomato or some grated potato or on the burn.
How to treat a burnsGet help!Do not hesitate, somebody with third degree burns should immediately be taken to a hospital to receive professional medical care.
How to treat a burnsCold showerPut the person under a cold shower or apply cold wet cloths or in other ways soak eventual clothes with cool water. First of all drink a lot of fluids, water preferablyEat a high Protein, high calorie diet which is rich in vitamins and minerals.

Howtogetglowingskin talks about skin care, skin news, allergies, product reviews and food that help maintain a healthy glowing skin. The site talks about skin care, skin news, allergies, product reviews and food that helps maintain a healthy glowing skin. This type of burn only affects the outer layer of the skin and does not penetrate the skin’s second layer. If the burn is first or second degree and is smaller than three inches it is recommended to place the burn under cold running water for a minimum of five minutes. When skin burns it loses its ability to protect the body leading to a higher risk of infection. For most injuries, first you'll want to clean it with water to get rid of debris and help prevent infection. The exception -- if a blister is in an area where it might get rubbed, such as on the sole of the foot.
Antibiotic ointment or moisture-enhancing bandages, also called occlusive bandages, can do the job. Adults should call a doctor about getting a tetanus shot if they haven't had one in the past 5 years.
However, they can also be caused to other people, irrespective of their age, work and gender. Any other home remedy is always followed by cool water rinsing for 10 minutes. Turmeric is one such effective home remedy for hand burns.
The human skin is very sensitive to temperature and therefore, burns can really play havoc with the skin. But there are some ways in which the pains of the burns and their severe complications can be avoided. If you get a burn while cooking in the kitchen, or if hot oil falls on your skin, then do not panic.
This will certainly provide a quick remedy to the burns, and will also heal the wound very fast. Whenever someone in the house gets a burn, apply some of this powder on the portion of the skin that has been burnt.
Keep these ground cloves on the burnt area, and hold them in place with a long enough strip of cotton cloth. This will certainly sting terribly, but it will ensure that the wound will heal fast and will not leave behind any scars. Make a fine powder of a dried fruit of the herb and then mix it in some oil that has been obtained from an animal source.
There will be a fast recovery from your burn problem and there won't be any blisters formed. This will cool the burn and will hasten the treatment process, and stop the blisters from forming. Small sun burns, steam, a hot iron, or hot coffee on your skin, these burns can be treated right there at homeHowever whenever the burns are more serious you might be dealing with a third degree burn. Cover the burned area with a cloth which is soaked in vinegar diluted with cold water; doesna€™t matter which sort of vinegar. For second degree burns wait until the wound starts to healSoak some black tea bags in cool water for a few minutes. Lavender has painkilling properties, promotes healing and gives you less chance of scarringWhen the burned area is bigger you can pour Lavender oil onto a gauze or clean cloth, and apply it directly to the burn.
When you get burned you lose (trace) minerals like copper, selenium, and zinc etc, these need to be replenished to speed up the healing process. It is important to remember that ice should never be used as a treatment for burns as this can cause frost bite and seriously damage the area. It is important to keep the burn clean throughout the healing process in order to prevent this. In addition to icing the injury, wrap it with an elastic compression bandage and keep it elevated when possible. Each time you remove the old dressing, check the wound for signs of infection, such as increasing redness around the wound, a yellow or green discharge, or an unusual odor.
Bandages that are hourglass shaped or notched so they are shaped like an "H" can prevent folds and bunching. Adhesive strips can be used for small cuts, but be sure to change the bandage if it gets wet or dirty.
It is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. Do not think of rubbing your hand, since this can spread the heat of burn to the surrounding hand tissues as well. Honey slowly mitigates all the side-effects of excess heat accumulation by dispersing the heat.
Burns also take a long time to heal in normal circumstances, and if care is not taken, the burn will heal, but will leave a painful blister behind.

The most beneficial part of this therapy is that it will prevent the formation of blisters on the skin.
Doing this immediately after the burn occurs will ensure that the wound will not become too large and will heal very well without leaving any scars behind. This will stop any blisters from occurring and will also allay the burning sensation of the wound. Apply this ghee-mixed ash onto the burns and keep them there with a cloth tied around the area. Burns ARE serious injuries, so we wona€™t be beating around the bush, this might be an emergency and wea€™ll get right to it! If after treatment for the burn a lot of pain is still present or if there are signs of infection it is important to seek medical help.
For a broken blister that has drained, protect it from infection by covering it with a bandage.
Seek professional care for cuts that are gaping, longer than a half inch, or don't stop bleeding after 15 minutes of pressure. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and should not be relied on to make decisions about your health. Heat above a certain degree accumulates in the affected hand tissues and starts damaging them.
Curcumin makes turmeric a strong anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, anti-microbial and anti-biotic agent. Moreover, inflammation reduction also reduces pain, which is why you don’t have to depend on pain killers.
Making sandal paste and applying it over the affected burnt area immediately nullifies the affect of heat. This will make the burn heal very faster, and the formation of a blister will be prevented. Though these herbs do not heal the burn themselves, they can vastly reduce the painful symptoms of the burns. Within a few hours, the pain of the burns will completely subside and the wound will begin healing. When the leaves get burned indirectly in this manner, take them off and then make a powder of them.
An antibiotic cream or aloe vera gel should then cover the affected area and depending on the area a non-stick gauze bandage should be applied on top. A medical team will know the best way to treat your burn and any complications that have arisen since the accident happened.
Seek medical care if a wound becomes red, painful or swollen, or if it continues to drain, especially if you have a fever. Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on the WebMD Site.
Cold water in place of cool water is not a good alternate, which is against the opinion of many. Santalols are very strong anti-inflammatory cooling agents that specialize in reducing the effect of heat. Hence, it is highly recommended not to take an aid of this home remedy in severe hand burn cases. Then sieve this powder of the leaves and remove any gritty particles that may have come with them. The advantage with digitalis is that it can repair even those cells which are very severely damaged from the burning. Cool water, which rests between cold and warm, is the best home remedy for mild hand burns. The sulfur compounds are highly active against inflammation and infection causing microbes.
If you cannot get hold of digitalis, you can buy an ointment from the chemists' which will contain digitalis as the main ingredient. Therefore, it does not allow infection causing microbes to attack the body via the burn developed over the hand. Also, running water on the burn is the surest way to prevent a blister from forming later on. After a couple of leaves are applied, the blister will rupture painlessly and the matter within the blister will be drained out.
One major benefit of this treatment is that it prevents edema and it also helps in the recovery of lost skin. There is always the possibility that they go into a state of shock, which means fainting, pale skin and sweating.

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