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By Guest AuthorAllergy syndrome can well be regarded as one of the common medical conditions that almost every individual encounter once in a while.
Allergy syndrome mainly refers to any type of negative reaction that human body highlights when exposed to some external substances in the environment. Allergic reactions may or may not happen instantly after inhaling particle allergens or ingesting some specific food items.
To counteract any type of allergic effects, doctors mostly recommend antihistamine medications to the patients. It is very important to learn about the type of food products and fruits you are allergic to. Considered to be the most common form of allergy, it happens mainly due to intake of fresh vegetables, nuts, and fruits.
Modern day pathologists have identified numerous connections between foods rich in homogeneous proteins and pollen.
Conjunctivitis is inflammation of the conjunctiva, the transparent membrane that covers the eye and lines the eyelids. The signs of an allergic reaction to pistachios can include coughing, sneezing, and itchy eyes. Sometimes, the signs of pistachio allergies involve the skin, as some affected people develop hives as a reaction. Some people also develop gastrointestinal symptoms, and may experience cramping and diarrhea. I ate a pound full pistachios instead of dinner and the next day I was itchy and scratchy all over my back and upper chest. You should be also be careful with mangoes and cashews as they are of the same family (Anacardiaceae) as pistachios and (ready for this?) poison ivy!I'm very allergic to poison ivy and eight years ago found out I cannot eat mangoes.
I know with peanut allergies, you're allergic to the fungus on them and pet hair allergy is allergy to the dander and dust allergy is allergy to the dust mite feces so maybe if I go back to buying them raw and organic my tongue won't burn and blister. However, for some individuals, they may be allergic to mosquito bites and have a significant reaction. However, it should be learnt that no allergic reaction will take place because of ingesting only one specific type of food. In fact, this type of a treatment procedure also helps in avoiding any type of food that can be the cause for such allergic reactions.
Oral allergic syndrome is most common and can lead to some serious conclusions, if not treated properly.
Allergic conjunctivitis is common, and can be triggered by factors such as cosmetics, contact lens solution or pollen. These symptoms are characteristic of bacterial conjuntivitis, by pathogens such as Staphylococcus and Streptococcus. For example, a person who is allergic to these tree nuts could develop itchy eyes and sneezing after consuming them. Hives are itchy, raised bumps that develop on the skin as a result of an allergic reaction.
If an individual who has asthma also has a pistachio allergy, he may experience an increase in asthma symptoms in response to exposure to the nuts. I'm kind of depressed because I have had horrible burning and itching in the throat since four to six years ago and I'm thinking I may have developed an allergy to them.
A few weeks later, some cloudy spots appeared on my back that turned into red and painful spots, and every time my muscles get scratched I have very unbearable pain.

My tongue is burning and swelling a bit (not too much, just swollen from the side blisters). This particular allergic reaction is called Skeeter Syndrome.The specific cause of this allergic reaction in a human being is due to the polypeptides that are present in the saliva of the mosquito. Without proper diagnosis, the actual reason behind allergic reactions cannot be sorted out. There will always be a fine blend of other harmful allergens collected from pollen, dust, and grass that have a strong hand in creating such serious allergic reactions. The medication process can also introduce certain new factors that can help in triggering the actual effects of allergy. Once you are aware of the particular types, then avoiding those can help in minimizing the chance of allergic reactions taking place on your body. Then, those who are allergic to grasses and trees can face some problem with the ingesting of carrots, tomatoes, hazelnuts, and cherries.
Treatment includes avoiding any known cause and using antihistamine eye drops to relieve the symptoms.
This condition can be very painful and is highly infectious and is usually treated with antibiotic eye drops or ointments. Ectropion is caused by a loss of tissue elasticity and weakness in the muscles surrounding the eye, usually due to old age. Some people with this allergy may also notice that their throats itch or that they have the urge to cough. They can appear on any part of the affected person's body and can vary quite a bit in terms of size and number, depending on the severity of the reaction.Interestingly, hives can disappear in one area and then come back to the same area or move on to another part of the body. The signs of an asthma attack can include a tightening in the chest, difficulty breathing, wheezing, or coughing. I pretty much stopped eating them recently and never thought it could be tied to allergies. That is the reason why its recommended to consult a doctor once such allergic reactions affect you.
A medical practitioner will conduct series of tests (most commonly blood tests and skin pricking) to determine the type of pollen being causing the allergic reaction. In a severe case, a life-threatening reaction can occur and include chest tightness, breathing difficulties, and swelling of the face and throat.
A runny nose and dark circles under the eyes are also common with an allergic reaction — the dark circles are typically due to the sinus inflammation the allergy causes.
Seconds after consuming a food that has even touched a cashew or pistachio, my tongue begins to itch and my mouth swells. Specifically, an allergic reaction on the skin will be a bruising and blistering of the area in which the mosquito has bitten the individual. Then there are people who face serious problems with intake of fruits like pineapple, grapes, mangoes, and even apple. The main reason behind their occurrence is because the food proteins are mistaken as pollens by the human body immune system. The extent of these and other signs of a pistachio allergy generally depend on the severity of the allergy.
My eyes and nose swell and water and within an hour (I've learned to contain it, somewhat) my body rejects the nut protein and violent vomiting occurs for several hours. Around that area of the skin will be an initial swelling, followed by a red lump and then the appearance of larger bumps and swelling which may appear on other areas of the skin.

The tests are necessary to carry out in order to figure out the direct cause of the allergic reaction in the patient. Those individuals who are allergic to pollen will definitely face some negative reaction when consuming foods rich in homogeneous proteins. My tongue burns, so I ate a whole bunch of pistachios, and the same thing happened last time but I went in denial. There is also a strong possibility that the patient will be advised to stay away from some specific food products for a particular time period. Also, the food needs to be cooked properly in order to minimize the recurrence of allergic reactions.
Any person who experience strong allergic reactions to food or any other pathogen need to be evaluated thoroughly by a doctor in order to receive proper diagnosis followed by appropriate treatment options. Anaphylaxis is the body’s reaction to an allergen and symptoms of breathing troubles, a rash, closure of the throat and possibly death. Angioedema is a swelling of the skin just beneath the surface and could lead to breathing problems with the worst-case scenario being suffocation.Another symptom that is indicative to an allergic reaction could be a case of asthma. It will be better to understand the fact that no less than 70% of the allergic reactions that arise from food products happens to be a cross between inhaled allergens and specific food items.
One other significant symptom to an allergic reaction brought on by mosquito bite is severe itching.
Henceforth, a person need to be absolutely careful before approaching a medical physician when such reactions occur. If the individual continues to scratch this may leave the area raw and open which could lead to infection.Allergic Treatment of a Mosquito Bite Allergic reaction to a mosquito bite or the Skeeter syndrome can be treated through the use of antihistamines and corticosteroids. Remember, time wastage is not a solution and can result in making the scenario more critical. Generally these medications are taken orally and will counter the itchiness and burning sensation that is experienced as well as help to relieve pain.In the event of anaphylaxis it is important that the individual be treated at a hospital immediately. Additionally, during the height of the mosquito season, an individual can take a preventative medication known as Cetirizine hydrochloride on a daily basis.Also, as a homeopathic medicine, an individual can make use of aromatherapy.
Some of those essences that can be utilized as part of this therapy could include lavender, citronella and Juniper Berry. A doctor will able to carry out diagnosis in a proper way and come to a conclusion about the allergic reaction. Proper treatment and right meditation is necessary to get cured from the critical situation. They will help to keep the mosquitoes at a distance.Other preventative measures that can be utilized to prevent mosquito bites include the use of mosquito repellents. Also, as a precautionary action, it would be wise to keep medicines in easy reach that can counter any allergic affects experienced by individuals in a household because of a mosquito bite.And, of course, it is always important to seek medical help if there are life threatening symptoms that household members are experiencing. Those life-threatening symptoms would include difficulty in breathing, blistering of the skin or any swelling experienced on a part of the body.

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