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While the demand for qualified health-care workers is dire, many supplies are necessary to protect those workers from infection. Despite being one of the few people thought to have received the limited, experimental drug to try and treat the Ebola virus, a Spanish priest who contracted the disease while serving in West Africa died Tuesday.
A spokeswoman for Carol III Hospital in Madrid said 75-year-old Miguel Pajares, who was evacuated from Liberia last week after testing positive for Ebola, died as a result of the symptoms caused by the virus. Workers and doctors transferred Miguel Pajares, a Spanish priest who was infected with the Ebola virus while working in Liberia, last week from a plane to an ambulance as he leaves the Torrejon de Ardoz military airbase, near Madrid, Spain. This Ebola outbreak, according to the World Health Organization, has infected more than 1,800 people in West Africa and killed more than 1,000.
Though the hemorrhagic fever does not have a known vaccine or treatment, experimental drugs are quickly ramping up efforts to begin human trials and some exceptions are being made for people to receive doses of the scarce drugs that may or may not actually work.

Medical ethicists with the WHO gathered Monday to debate the use of experimental drugs before they have been clinically tested and ultimately decided that it thinks it is ethical to use unproven Ebola drugs and vaccines in the outbreak in West Africa provided the right conditions are met.
Ebola began as a handful of cases in Guinea in March but quickly spread to neighbouring Sierra Leone and Liberia. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Map shows Ebola Treatment Units (ETU's) with the status and the cumulative case numbers by county as of 30 Sep 2014.
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A Doctors Without Borders clinic with 125 beds requires thousands of gallons of water and bleach to constantly sanitize surfaces.

The virus, which can ultimately cause vomiting, diarrhea, kidney and liver failure, internal and external bleeding, has a fatality rate of up to 90 percent, according to the World Health Organization. The Madrid hospital on Tuesday would not confirm that the missionary priest who had been working in a Liberian hospital was treated with the drug, but his order said earlier he would be. This practice though has raised significant debate over who should receive what is available of the possible treatments. But the Liberian government said Monday that it receive some doses of the experimental Ebola drug to treat doctors. It was unclear how much of ZMapp would be sent, but Mapp Biopharmaceutical Inc.

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