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Swollen tonsils are often caused due to a condition called Tonsillitis; in fact both are used as synonyms to each other.
There are conditions wherein white patches are noticed on the tonsils but no pain is experienced by the individuals.
Tonsils are said to be the primary defense arrangement of immune system which protects the body against bacteria and viruses from entering body through mouth. Tonsillitis is commonly found in children, especially those between preschool age and middle teenage year. People who have not reached their puberty level are prone to tonsillitis as according to surveys it is determined that more children are affected from the condition than adults. There are several complications that may arise due to swollen tonsils such as difficulty swallowing or even breathing. The doctor may perform throat swab tests by rubbing a sterile swab on inflamed tonsils or surrounding region to get specimen of secretion. In case of viral infection the body alone will fight the infection and antibiotics will not work. And now we tell how to treat tonsillitis by alternative means or folk medicine: First of all, check it with your doctor. Make inhalation with concoctions of herbs with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action (chamomile, rosemary, sage, eucalyptus, pine needles).
To prepare a compress you should take gauze or flannel cloth, folded in 6-8 layers, its shape should be oblong (for the posteriolateral surface of the neck) and oilcloth, wool and bandage.
For the overall strengthening of the body and quick recovery you should make hot foot baths before bed (if there is no varices). After I originally commented I clicked the -Notify me when new feedback are added- checkbox and now each time a remark is added I get 4 emails with the identical comment. It? hard to find knowledgeable folks on this subject, however you sound like you recognize what you?e talking about!
This is one of the most common symptoms there is, however, tonsil stones are not the only cause for halitosis. These white patches can probably be debris from crypts, mononucleosis, micro abscesses and remains of candidiasis after an antibiotic based treatment.

The most common type of bacteria that causes swollen tonsils is streptococcus pyogenes which belongs to Streptococcus A Group. This particular function of tonsils may make them prone to inflammation as well as infections.
This specimen will be examined and analyzed in laboratory for presence of bacteria and viruses.
After obtaining the results from diagnosis the doctor will decide and recommend appropriate treatment. In such a case you need to ensure to get enough rest.  Try drinking warm or very cold water to alleviate throat pain.
Therefore it is necessary to understand that there are areas of risk – schools and kindergartens. Dampen a cloth in warm water and squeeze out, attach to the neck so that it covers the back and sides (submandibular) of the neck. You can get bad breath from a myriad of things- ulcer, a rotten tooth, smoking and drinking, or even just from eating a burrito. There are chances that these white patches may be due to tonsilliths which are food particles that gets lodged in tonsil.
After puberty this defensive functioning of tonsils in the entire immune system starts declining. There are chances that these white patches may be due to tonsilloliths which are food particles that gets lodged in tonsil.
But now scientists have shown that removing the tonsils, surgeons destroyed a special barrier.
John’s wort, pine buds, flowers of tricolor violet, horsetail grass and bur-marigold.
This means that tonsils do not play crucial role in immune systems which makes tonsils less prone to inflammation. Some cases of strep throat also include rashes called scarlatina which is also checked by the doctor. This will help in alleviating the symptoms in two to three days from the onset of treatment.

Surgical removal of tonsillitis should only be considered if the patient is suffering from airway blockage, difficulty while eating, tonsillitis is recurrent, etc. They showed, that its function is to protect the body from more complex bacteria, infections and all kinds of micro-organisms.
Although inflammation of the tonsils is not a very serious disease, but it can be with a number of unpleasant complications. Within 8-10 minutes inhale the steam, and then have a bed rest for an hour, avoid talking and eating any food or drinks.
Common viruses are attributed to cause most cases of tonsillitis; however, in some cases the condition may also arise due to bacterial infection.
Some common bacteria and viruses include adenoviruses, Epstein -Barr virus, parainfluenza virus, herpes simplex virus, etc. This will help in determining the type of bacteria causing infection which will make treatment easier to be determined. In any case your attending physician should decide how to treat swollen tonsils, considering the complexity of the disease and the results of analyzes. If there is a chronic tonsillitis – it is recommended to take the medications for 6-8 months. After 2 hours, gargle with herbal decoction, drink a warm drink, make a hot compress, and repeat inhalation. There are different symptoms that are experienced in case of tonsillitis however the most common and primary symptom of the disorder is swollen tonsils.
Tonsils may also become inflamed due to mononucleosis which can be characterized by spleen enlargement.

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