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One of the first things that people learn about when it comes to safety in the case of a tornado is that they should look for a shelter underground, since that’s usually the safest place to be. The tornado is one of the most destructive forces of nature, capable of destroying entire towns, leveling houses, businesses and throwing cars at long distances. While hurricanes give you plenty of advance notice, a tornado can appear in just a few minutes, as long as the conditions are the right ones.
The term Tornado Alley is usually given to a certain area from the US which is often visited by tornadoes. To ensure their effectiveness, above ground tornado shelters are tested to withstand the high-force wind and debris impacts consistent with EF5 tornadoes. our shelters are over-engineered to meet not only FEMA, but every single standard in the industry, both private and public, in the United States. It is important to choose a storm shelter that is properly engineered and professionally installed. Family SAFE has over sixteen years experience designing and manufacturing above ground storm shelters.
We exclusively use premium HILTI anchorage to secure the shelter. We are the only company in the US to have a letter from the HILTI anchorage company proving that we are not only endorsed by them, but that HILTI and Family SAFE worked together in anchor selection and placement as well as trained all FamilySAFE installers on proper selection and anchoring techniques for our saferooms. Dean Dye looks over a storm shelter in a home destroyed by the May 20 tornado in Moore, Oklahoma. Oklahoma's tornado safety guide recommends going into an enclosed basement or underground shelter if a tornado is imminent.
But many suburban homes built in so-called Tornado Alley don't have basements due to rocky soil conditions and high water tables, which often make building basements impossible. On Wednesday, the mayor of Moore, Oklahoma (map)a€”the hardest-hit town in this week's storma€”announced that he was planning to propose an ordinance that would modify building codes and require all new homes built in the town to have either a reinforced storm shelter or safe room installed. A storm shelter is a structure designed to protect people from tornado-strength winds and flying debris. Underground shelter: It's an updated version of what you might remember from the movie The Wizard of Oz. Part of the house: Depending on the water table in your neighborhood, it might not be possible to build an underground shelter where you live. Prebuilt shelter: Homeowners can also purchase a prebuilt structure to install inside an existing home. FEMA estimates that the cost for a steel-reinforced 8-by-8-foot room is between $6,600 and $8,700. Many local municipalities in Oklahoma have applied for federal rebate money to offset the costs of building shelters. If you do build a home storm shelter, it's important to make sure the product has been tested and approved for use during tornadoes. Tanner and team test aboveground shelters as well as doors created for belowground shelters. Tanner says it's better to build a safe room in a closet or interior area rather than designing a completely tornado-proof home. Both FEMA and Texas Tech recommend outfitting a safe room with a flashlight, a first-aid kit, an emergency radio, batteries, basic tools, blankets, some water, and dry food.
Tannera€”who is planning to install a storm shelter in his own homea€”says it's extremely important to have a plan for shelter in the event of a tornado warning.
Since the devestating tornado seasons of 2011 and 2012, Tornado & Storm Shelter sales in the United States have continued to increase each year. See the multi-layer, storm shelter market leading door undergo not 1, yet (2) FEMA related debris impact tests, both FEMA 320 and FEMA 361 testing, with the SAME DOOR! Fox 19 news (Cincinnati, OH) covers the Granger ISS, America's leading Underground Storm Shelter and it's tremendous increase of sales during Tornado Season. Cincinnati, Ohio's CBS affiliate, WKRC covers the Granger Plastics Company's rotational molding innovation, the Granger ISS Storm Shelter.

An North Carolina customer of ABS Storm Shelters of Greensboro, NC tells a Triad Region News Channel why they purchased a Granger ISS Underground Storm Shelter.
Watch in the clip above, as a happy customer has her families Tornado Shelter installed with a Triad Region New Channel interviews the family! The Granger ISS by Rotational Molding leader, Granger Plastics Company, is the only patented double wall single family storm shelter that offers industry leading features! Internationally recognized manufacturing leader, Granger Industries has corporate divisions that range from World renown Rotational Molding leader, Granger Plastics to Aerospace innovations with Granger Aerospace Products, America's leading Tornado & Storm Shelters with Granger ISS and Cemetery Vases and Burial Urns with ForeverSafea„? Memorial products, all divisons of Granger Industries, Inc.
Wheelchair accessible, and we can install your new above-ground safe room in as little as an hour.  Find out why we say there’s peace of mind with the FamilySAFE.
In addition, FamilySafe is the only storm shelter ever tested with a person inside during F5 tornado impact testing. FamilySAFE Storm Shelters strives to build the best protection from the storm at any cost, while maintaining a very competitive cost to you.
NewsOK story featuring a Family Safe tornado shelter after saving lives in the deadly 2013 Moore tornado. The federal grants will reimburse a resident 75 percent of the cost to build a shelter, but the total cost of the shelter is capped at $4,000. View full size Anyone who starts building a shelter or safe room, seen here in an undated file photo, before receiving grant approval is not eligible for reimbursement. HUNTSVILLE, Alabama - Storm shelter grant applications are now available for eligible residents who want to build a storm shelter or safe room at their home.
The Huntsville-Madison County Emergency Management Agency made the grant applications available online today. A resident will not be reimbursed if he starts construction of a shelter or safe room before he is approved for a grant by the Federal Emgergency Management Agency. The EMA said in a news release that the grant money may not be available for months, but the application is a required first step. The grants are available for home owners in an area declared a disaster area by the president. AllA eight offer bright white interior gel coat that is easy to keep clean.A  They feature nonskid stairways with a handrail for safe entry and exit. It’s known for its destructive properties and there are hundreds of cases each year where people die as a result of a meeting with a tornado. There are certain areas where these weather conditions take place all the time and that’s where tornado shelters make the most sense. This Tornado Alley region spreads over the areas of the  central plains to the Southeast, Mississippi, the lower Missouri River Valleys and Ohio, generally lowland areas. An interior room or closeta€”often recommended for those without basementsa€”may not be effective when extreme winds or debris strike. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) also encourages homeowners in tornado-prone regions to build safe rooms. Underground storm shelters, made from reinforced steel or concrete, are prebuilt structures that are installed underground in a yard or underneath a garage.
In 2012, Oklahoma launched a program called SoonerSafe, which can give homeowners up to 75 percent of the cost of building a safe rooma€”as much as $2,000. Though FEMA issues guidelines for storm structures, the agency does not approve storm structures or the material used to construct them.
In a different room, a tornado vortex simulation mimics wind speeds of up to 250 miles per hour (402 kilometers per hour).
He suggests that homeowners put storm shelters in a hall closet or laundry room on the first floor of their homes. Homeowners in some locations, like Oklahoma City, can also register their storm shelter with first responders, who will then know to check the structures after a tornado.

After a recent bad outbreak of storms and Tornadoes, Granger Plastics realized a growing demand for its superior quality, underground tornado shelter. Family SAFE offers a variety of fully-tested and certified in-ground and above ground storm shelters. Our above ground tornado shelter was one of the first complete prefabricated steel storm shelters to pass all tornado testing at Texas Tech University, and since then have saved numerous families in actual tornadoes. These units are designed to comfortably fit in your garage while allowing for plenty of space to store your vehicles and other items. Should you decide to change residences in the future you can simply unbolt the shelter and take it with you. Typically these shelters are installed in garages for existing homes, but above ground storm shelters can also be incorporated into new construction as closets and gun safes. Pest control in the Tulsa area with the same level of customer service you've come to know from the FamilySAFE brand. They're slightly different from a basement: Both the walls and ceilings are made from reinforced material. Instead, most of the testing in the United States is conducted at the National Wind Institute at Texas Tech University in Lubbock. He also recommends installing a shelter in homes with partially aboveground basements, which are common in Texas and Oklahoma. Indy Tornado Shelters offers the only patented, single family, double wall Rotationally Molded Tornado Shelter on the market with industry leading features including a Safe Room Quality Door!
Contact us today if you have any questions about installing one of our safe rooms in your home or business.
Our storm shelters meet or exceed every standard in the United States and are even certified and used for several Military Bases across the US.
At a mere 4 feet deep, these units can be easily placed out of the way in your garage or basement. Our shelter was one of the first prefabricated units to pass all testing and certification at Texas Tech University. Underground storm shelters are resistant to extreme winds and debris, but might not be accessible during a storm (it might be dangerous to leave the house and go outside).
The structure is often made using reinforced concrete or wood and steela€”and can double as a closet or storage room.
Last year, 16,000 people applied for the funds and 500 were awarded grants through a lottery. The Granger ISS Tornado Shelter offers an industry leading lifespan and features that are second to none!
The heavy duty roof allows for storage on top of the shelter which helps to maintain the maximum storage potential for your space.
Each shelter offers easy opening doors with a pneumatic cylinder and sturdy three point latching devices.A  You can chooseA either 4, 6, 8, 12 , 21, 25 or 30 person capacity. It should be self-contained and anchored to a home's foundation to resist overturning or lifting up during windy conditions. The 12 person shelter has a sloped entry door option for easier access, and the installation forms a hump for excellent groundwater drainage.

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