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I am by no means an expert on knives, I don't even play one on TV In fact you'd be fair in saying that I know very little about knives. My two favorites for the past 20 years have been the Blackjack Knives AWAC, and the older Cold Steel R1 Military Classic, which is a copy of the old Randall Model 1. My step father in law was instrumental in helping design and refine the TOm Brown Tracker knife. Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade Knife, MTech USA Fixed Blade Hunting Knife and the Combative Edge CBE00402CB SR-11 Folding Knife. Bring the KA-BAR Becker Companion Knife and Tool along on your next hunting or camping trip. A good survival knife is hard to find, especially one that stays sharp and doesn’t overload the user with useless gimmicks.
The concepts brought up by the Brite Strike BSTLSK-100-CE and the Tool Logic SLP2 are not at all bad, if they can eventually catch up to the quality of the Bucks and Top Knives offering.
The first knock would be the limited warranty, the second knock would be the nylon case, and lastly the third would be the handle itself which is going to be a hit or miss for experienced knife handlers.
The first folding knife on the list comes from BlizeTec, and although pretty standard fare, still is a nice number 2 option as a survival knife. If there was a complaint to be made it was that it ships with a glass filled nylon sheath rather than a functional Kydex or Leather sheath.
This is definitely going to be a toughie, as this multifunctional Tool Logic is one of the most unique survival knives on the list by a long margin.
Cold Steel strikes again with the Cold Steel SRK San Mai III, a small light 6 inch knife that’s pretty light to the touch, yet still has the durability of knives twice its weight. The knife itself is moderately priced and surprisingly light and strong, which is something to keep in mind since the sheath is a bit of a letdown and dulls it over time. One of the most well reviewed knives on the list is the 11 inch Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife Fixed Blade Knife.
With the look of a compact folding knife, this Buck Knife is actually an 11 inch (5.62 blade) fixed blade knife made out of high carbon steel with a powder coat finish. If looking for a sleeper in the list of best survival knife, then the first one that comes to mind is this 6 ? length Tops Knives Mini Tom Brown Tracker Fixed Blade. This is a highly regarded survival knife that even has a Hollywood presence and backing of many knife collectors.
Unlike other multifunctional knives on the list, although the blade and handle are not of the highest quality, the handle is pretty comfortable and made of MILS SPEC 6061 aluminum with a hard anodized finish.
Remember that these are only several of the survival-related features that a survival knife can be used for.
Size: if you ever ask yourself about the size of your survival knife, this is indeed probably one of the most important features. Fixed blade: it is considered that folding knives are not as professional as fixed blades which are more reliable and durable.
Full tang: besides fixed blade, your survival knife should also be full tang that indicates that your tool has been made of one continuous metal piece. Sharp pointed tip: the truth is that there are a lot of reasons why your survival knife should have a sharp pointed tip. Solid pommel: lastly, another important aspect related to the right survival knives that meets your needs and purposes is represented by the pommel.
Now that you have understood what survival knives are and what their key features are to consider, when ready to purchase one, there is still a lot more to find out about these excellent and helpful tools. When you want to understand what the difference between survival knives and hunting knives is, you need to know how hunting knives differ from other types of knives. Furthermore, for being able to make the difference between the two types of knives, there is even more to find out.
Learn more about hunting knives in this review of the best hunting knives available in 2016.
Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife: if you are looking not just for surviving but always feeling safe in wildlife, this is the right survival knife for you to choose. ESEE-6 Plan Black Blade: ESSE is a well-known brand because of its survival knife offers and this model is included in this category of fantastic knives.
Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Companion: is one of the most popular models of survival knives on today`s market.
Even if the top-quality survival knife brands might seem to require high costs, you need to understand that if you are willing to purchase a practical and professional knife, you also need to invest in it.
Poking things: survival knives are made to be strong on only one of their directions, but this is not valid for their opposite side. Skinning or hunting: a big survival knife is definitely not the right tool to use for cutting through joints or removing skin or guts. These are all important things to keep in mind because you are definitely willing to protect your survival knife and never use for purposes for which it is actually not recommended to use.
Self-defense and rescuing people: owning a survival knife for self-defense purposes is a wise thing for both males and females.
Making shelter: is a very easy task and can be efficiently done, if you follow the right way.
Hitting things: you can hit things that need to break with the pommel or the handle of your knife.
Digging: it is not the best idea to use your knife for digging purposes, but if you forgot to take your plastic shovel with you and really need to dig, a big and strong survival knife will indeed do the job. As you can see, there are indeed a lot of ways to use your survival knife that is your help in any case.
Whetstones, sharpening rods, mouse pads and stropping are the most common ways to sharpen your knife. For me, I almost always carry a folder or two along with a multitool (Swiss Spirit) or SAK (Outrider is my preferred model). Horizontal sheaths are also quite comfortable for me and often my preferred method of carry. Regardless of which knife you have in hand a survival knife will help you survive any gruelling situation. Hunting knives are known to be strong and reliable but they still cannot be compared to survival knives.
While both knives are known to provide optimum performance, a survival knife is known for its superiority. Handling a huge knife while hunting and just the appearance of waving one might impress others but in essence large knives are not effective for hunting.
Remember that the size of the hunting knife you choose will determine the type of game you will be hunting. One key element to purchasing hunting knives or survival knives is the handle.  Bone, leather and wood handles are known to give hunters and survivalists the best performance. The 154CM High Carbon Stainless Steel has a superior resistance and its toughness keeps that polished edge.
The VG 10 is almost similar to the 154CM but provides an exceptional damage resistance and also offers a larger edge. If you are looking for a hunting knife, do your research, and find the one that is right for you. I’m an outdoor enthusiast who’s been in some tricky survival situations before and the one thing that has helped me survive and kept me alive is a good survival knife. Everyone will have their own take on what the best survival knife should be like, so I thought of creating this ultimate resource of helping people out through detailed reviews and objective analysis of all the top survival blades in the market.
This will not only save you hours of research time, but you can be rest assured that these have only been chosen and put on this list after thorough personal testing and discussion with other knife experts.
One of the most popular survival blades out there in the market these days is the Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Companion and its popularity can be judged by the fact that this knife’s got over 500 positive reviews on Amazon which means that not only me, but other knife enthusiasts, too, have used this survival knife and appreciated it.
I’ve used this knife personally for skinning fresh meat and the 1095 Cro-van steel is perfect for the job. Another reason why I loved the Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Companion knife is that’s it priced very economically. If you’re looking for the best survival knife in the market, then another one that fits the bill perfectly according to me is the Spyderco Bushcraft G-10 Plain Edge Knife. I didn’t face any problems while sharpening this on a whetstone and the sheath works well for holding the blade.
All in all, this knife truly deserves its place in this list and the best part is that currently, Amazon is offering a huge 48% discount as well on this beauty!
Top on my list of the 5 best survival knives is the Marc Lee Glory Knife that literally takes your breath away in a single look. I personally love the balance of this survival knife and can appreciate the amount of hard work that would have gone into making the design and quality top-notch. At #2 on this list of the top 5 survival knives is the Tom Brown Tracker #2 which is literally like a mini-axe in your hands!
The blade is made of high carbon steel and is 3.5 inches in length and comes with a nice Kydex sheath with 2 rotating steel spring clips to keep this beauty in place. This full tang knife is a true outdoor knife and I’ve personally used it in so many situations like filleting fishes or gutting out game. One of my personal favorites based on the sheer size and quality of the blade is the ESEE-6 Plain Black Blade with Grey Removable Micarta Handles. However, the bigger length means that the ESEE-6 is very handy when it comes to chopping wood or clearing overhead foliage and one sharp swipe of the blade is enough to do the job.
This one’s priced a little on the higher side for $160; however, you’re ensuring that you not only get an amazing fixed, full tang blade but one that’s been thoroughly tested and appreciated for its quality. All of the knives above are more modern and have years of use and expertise put into their design.
Keep in mind that the leather handle and leather sheath versions look more historic, but require a lot more maintenance.
For all those who love hiking, backpacking, camping or any strenuous outdoor environmental activity, one of the most essential tools that can mean the difference between life and death is a survival knife. Survival knifes are generally of two types: a fixed blade (or called full tang) and a folding knife (also called partial tang). These days it’s become a popular choice to own at least 2-3 good survival knives and even Hollywood is making people aware of this fact. This table includes both fixed and folding knives and although a lot of experts tend to prefer fixed knives, my personal preference is to have 1-2 folding knives in your kit as well. I’m pretty much sure that you would have decided which the best survival knife is for you after going through my list of the top 5 survival knifes and also seeing the detailed chart above. However, I’m really sure I must have missed at least one great survival knife that’s out there and in case you know of any; please let me know via the comment box below. Just a small nitpick, but all fixed blade knives aren’t full tang knives as you imply.
I had always though Gerber was the go to for knives of all kinds but it appears there are way better brands according to your reviews.

I wouldn’t brush off a lot of the knives made my Ontario Knife Company, I have the Afghan and I don’t hike without it! At first I shied away from the Grylls series simply because I was skeptical if it was any good (due to the heavy marketing and plastering Bear’s face all over it). You did a great job putting together all this information in an easy to follow format for every survival fanatic. He cut ties with Brown and doesn't do Trackers any more but he does make a hell of a blade.
This lightweight knife features a durable, 1095 cro-van steel blade, perfect for splitting kindling, skinning game, or chopping onions for the campfire grill. The ABS handle features wing walk inserts which provide a superior grip in even the wettest of conditions.
Combative edge is a tactical-grade product maker and training service provider for the Soldier, law enforcement Officer, and the civilian alike.
Survival Knives have been popularized in many movies, and are very important to the outdoorsman.
There are also several on the list that have the incredible knife, but shabby and less than great sheath. The handle material is Grey Micarta Scale and carefully matches the shape and form of the blade, making for a great unison in craftsmanship. The very sleek looking knife has a handle made of glass-reinforced nylon, and a nylon sheath with lanyard with a hook and loop closure (MOLLE attachment as well). But many in the field swear by the SE38-N, and some even have it as their go to knife for survival. That same ruggedness blends its way into the KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife, a unique fixed 7 straight edged blade knife made out of 1095 Cro-van steel. The handle is still one of the best in the industry, but the blade itself is not meant for survival beyond the basics. The lifetime warranted 3.8 inch titanium coated blade is held together by a slipless G10 handle with an included emergency rope.
There are positive reviews all around for the BlizeTec Titanium Folding Knife, but mostly due to its accessible price point. It’s made out of 1095 cro-van steel and personifies durability, while the handle itself was made out of Grivory material. This may bog down the value of the knife for some, but shouldn’t sway those that get custom made sheaths anyway. This list favors survival knives, and although these features are cool to behold, for the experienced outdoorsman they are unnecessary.
Measuring at 10 ? inches the blade is solidly made of VG-1 san Mai III and only weighs 8.2 ounces. It doesn’t seem to contour the knife very well, and nylon strap attached will get a lot of use.
The sheath has some of the best features of any on the list, but is unfortunately the usual nylon fare.
The blade is a multifunctional, short 2 ? black traction Coated 1095 High Carbon  RC 56-58 attached to a Black Linen Micarta handle. This is a folding knife that literally can be tucked away in the side of the sock, and with the detachable features, especially the red light, it has some marketable features that set it apart from other multifunctional knives.
There are a lot of other things that can be managed with a survival knife and a lot of other ways to use such a great surviving tool. Full tang knives are considered to be the best ones, compared to rat-tail tang, push tang or half tang.
The first reason is associated with self-defense because you can use your knife as a weapon. A lot of knives are made of hooked or rounded which is not ideal if you want to use your knife for hammering, as an example.
First of all, the main difference between the two types of knives consists of their fabrication: hunting knives are made with standards and designs that differ from survival knives. It is true that today`s market offers a wide range of survival guides and brands to choose from, but you are definitely looking for the most professional and practical one that can best fit your needs and purposes. You probably so it in a movie how the knife flies and believed that was cool… and probably think that it can happen in real life as well. Poking and prying with your knife are both not good ideas because you risk to totally damaging the tip of it and even more, risk to cut yourself. However, most of the hunters do so, until they totally damage their knife and then just throw it away. Males might be attacked by a wolf or any other dangerous animal that will get scared of the knife once you direct your tool toward it; and your chances to survive are high (it is most likely that the animal will run away). If you are willing to cut some branches, a big survival knife will perfectly do the job for you. What you can`t break with your hand or with a stone that hasn’t got the right shape for this purpose, it is easy to do it with the handle or pommel of the right survival knife. Even if you need to cut wood in small pieces for making fire, a good knife will help you to cut the smallest possible pieces of wood.
All of the above mentioned purposes should not make you feel worried about your knife, because it is most likely that it will not get damaged or defected from these operations.
It is important to sharpen your knife because it is easier to use, unlike a dull knife and you also protect yourself against cutting. If you are not willing to use any of these methods, you can visit the closest knife store and talk to the specialist to have your survival knife sharpened.
I have gutted 2 deer, chopped 4" thick fire wood and dozens of other tasks with mine without resharpening and it will still shave hair. Cutting is pretty normal, but would you consider digging, prying, drilling, battoning, hammering and other non-typical tasks?
For hunting small animals like squirrels, rabbits and birds choose a small knife, one that is lightweight, and fits nicely in your pocket.
No two people will have the same perfect knife so find one that is your ideal match and enjoy your hunting adventure.
A lot of people don’t realize that the difference between a normal knife and a survival knife can mean the difference between life and death but since you’re reading this, I count you among the more intelligent and sensible lot who likes to plan ahead!
However, I wanted to save my readers the trouble of doing all the research on their own and that’s why I’ve included my personal list of the Top 5 survival Knives along with a detailed review of each one.
Apart from that, it can also be used for skinning potatoes especially in those times when there’s no meat around. Considering the quality, durability and craftsmanship of this survival knife, one would expect it to cost over a hundred dollars but that’s the best part about this – you can pick this great survival tool for just around $70!
This amazing bush-craft knife has been designed by the famous expert Chris Claycombe and is truly one of the best full tang knives in the market right now. Since this is made of carbon steel, I personally apply a touch of oil while using it outdoors as it really helps to prevent any rust formation on the blade. I got this as a gift from a close friend of mine and ever since that day, this has become a constant companion on every one of my outdoor jungle trips. This full tang knife has a really sold grip and is scratch resistant while the BK1 coating helps prevent the blade from being corroded when exposed to salt water. Also, it’s a great way to honor those American soldiers who lost their lives in Afghanistan and Iraq because this knife was conceived as a tribute to Officer Marc Lee of the US Navy SEAL. With this super-sharp blade, I’ve myself cut down a 3 inch wide tree without breaking a sweat so this one does wield some superb power. And it’s not just me who loves this knife; the ESEE-6 has received a perfect 5 Star rating from other folks at Amazon as well!
Believe me when I say that it’s your best friend and defense in the world in case you get lost in the wilderness (which I have) and can be used in a number of life-saving situations such as building shelter, skinning food, starting fires, digging pits, clearing branches and a whole lot of other things. A full tang blade is considered by many experts to be more reliable than a partial tang blade simply because it’s less prone to breaking and allows the user to use the blade safely in extreme pressure. I’m sure a lot of you would be aware of the sitcom “Lost” so you wouldn’t have missed seeing John Locke use those amazing Ka-Bar Full-sized USMC and Master Bowie knives in so many situations.
This guide will help you make an informed choice of which knife to choose based on your needs and help you determine the best survival knife for you. Also a lot of new survival knives keep coming out in the market so I’ll also be updating the above detailed chart from time to time but in case you want to inform me before that, I’d love to hear from you!
Finally a place that has all the information I’m looking for in one place…and with honest reviews to back it up.
When speaking about knives, full tang means that there is steel sandwiched between all of the handle material whereas partial tang means that the handle material extends beyond the back of the tool without steel in between. I chose the Ka Bar from your list and its turning out to be one of the best knives I’ve ever used. The steel they use to manufacture their knives is very durable and is trustworthy even under intense use. I like the fact that I don't have to remove the knife from it's sheath to cut say, Paracord, because of the notch in the sheath. Ideal for camping expeditions and survival training, this MTech USA knife features a 7-inch stainless steel blade. Our company believes in creating compelling, realistic design and functionality for the products and Services we offer. Durability is the main thing to be concerned about with a survival knife, and it doesn’t hurt to have a quality sheath and lifetime warranty from a big name brand company.
It’s all a balancing act to find the best survival knife, and even then making a custom sheath or typical sharpening of the blade is necessary to make the purchase worth the buyer’s time. The entire package comes with a Black Molded Polymer sheath, not the worst, but definitely not living up to what the knife itself brings.
The blade itself, right down to the tip, is made of some of the best and most durable material available. The endorsement isn’t just in the name, and as expected this knife comes with a very nice leather sheath and is one of the most popular knife designs in the world. The heavy duty stuff will most likely wear on the blade pretty quick, as it was not built for the abuse that most survival knives today go through. The entire set is corrosion resistant and weather proof, and compact enough to fit in just about any pocket.
Heavy duty work is not something this survival knife can handle, although in a pinch it does admirably.
The durability is one of the highest on the list and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The story would be different if this was on a quality blade, then we would definitely be talking about the best survival knife on the list. The knife is smallish in areas, but the Kraton handle is one of the more comfortable to wield.
Cold Steel does a good job in impressing with the actual survival knife product, but falls short in other areas.

The blade is about ? thick and holds up to a beating pretty well, even in the most adverse of conditions.
The blade has been put through the gamut on both youtube and other testing forums and always comes out on top. It includes the standard full lifetime warranty from Bucks, and boats about a Shock Mitigation System to reduce shock and wasted energy during use. It’s rare that the most impressive quality on a survival knife is the handle, but in the case of the Buck Knives 65 Hood Punk Fixed Blade, that’s pretty much the case. The previous handle in the last review was one of the best on the list, while the blade suffered from quality, in this case the handle and both the blade are one of the best on the list. This is another multifunctional knife that will be more useful to the beginner than the experienced outdoorsman, and favors features over knife quality.
Not the best survival knife on the list, but definitely work a look even beyond the beginner outdoorsman. The size of your knife will depend on the purpose(s) for which you are willing to use it; a big knife might not help with small objects, for instance. People say that there is no benefit of purchasing a half tang over a full tang survival knife. The second reason why your survival knife should have a sharp pointed tip is related to hunting purposes. A solid pommel is vital, so you can add as many options as possible for using your survival knife. Hunting knives are mostly used for skinning and working animals after they have been hunted. This survival knife has been designed and Sweden and was especially thought to use for military and outdoor purposes.
Any of your outdoor adventures can be handled by this great knife which costs only $70 and possible to use for numerous outdoor purposes, including skinning potatoes and fresh meat, cutting or chopping. Even if it is a small-sized knife, it doesn`t mean it is a useless knife that you should not consider buying because it can be perfectly used for processing wood and is made of only top-quality “ingredients”.
If you throw your knife, you will only cause damage to it and then feel stupid and regret your action. Women might also get in trouble because of crazy men who want to hurt them, so a survival knife at hand is always a good friend in these cases.
Fallkniven (all of them), Gerber LMF and Prodigy knives, KBAR Pilot Knife, MORA (small blade knives for precision work) etc.
Most consider minor chopping to build shelters, creating fuzz sticks for starting fires, cutting cord and vines, possibly battoning to get to dry wood and even prying into logs for grubs as appropriate tasks. I’ve found blade lengths from 4-6 inches optimum for me to carry on the belt comfortably. The only tool you have in hand is a survival knife your grandfather gave to your dad whom gave it to you. Expert survivors can agree that survival knives are so strong they can be used like the point of a spear. They can be used as a spearhead, they can start camp fires, and cut through meat and vegetables effortlessly. Survival knives are much thicker and sturdier than hunting knives, yet both of them are structured in a way that they offer an amazing high quality strength and durability. Larger knives, machetes and even hatchets are not effective and efficient for skinning animals and other hunting chores.
If you will be hunting large deer, elk or moose you will need a bigger and tougher hunting knife so that when you slice through the meat and skin you can do so effortlessly. These type of handle materials work well until sweat from the palm of your hands, water or blood touches the handle.
However, a folding knife too has its uses because it’s more affordable than a full tang knife and can be used in a lot of similar situations as well. I noticed there are some knives outside of my price range, but there were a few that I could afford – and they’re pretty nice, too.
This is actually surprisingly common in low end fixed blades as well as some kitchen knives. You can find reviews of some of the knives we tested on our website, and some will be added in the near future.
The comfortable handle is made from Grivory, providing a balanced grip for any outdoor chore. The handle also has a glass breaker on the end making this knife useful in any rescue situation.
Not only are we dedicated to develop a great line of products, but we also offer tested, realistic applications in edged, impact, and empty-hand combative training. The big names on the list are still Buck and Tops Knives, yet there are still some interesting offerings from other companies like Brite Strike that are actually not too bad, even if they don’t meet certain criteria. At the very least, due to its price point the SE38-N has a place on this list as one of the best survival knives. For further reference look at any Hollywood movie where the final fight scene is two guys where the other one inevitably pulls out a knife-yeah, that’s the one.
There is an included nylon pouch for carrying, and even without the pouch, the liner lock feature will take care of any safety concerns.
As far as features go, it has a built in LED flashlight with fire starter as well as loud signal whistle.
Unfortunately the quality stops at the knife, as the sheath which is made of the typical Cold Steel brand polymer. Whether a lackluster sheath will deter users from purchasing this light and wonderful knife is going to be the question.
And not stopping there, this blade also gets a comparable quality Zytel sheath to hold it in place when needed. The price is not a killer and fits perfectly in line with what to expect, and even then, the user still comes out on top in the purchase.
The interesting concept about this is that fixed blade knives are known for their power and durability, although durable, the power in the blade is definitely lack so the Shock Mitigation System merely is reduced to a placebo effect. One of the top five survival knives on the list, it’s easy to see why the Tops Knives Mini Tom Brown Tracker Fixed Blade is admired by many.
Included all in one knife is a seat belt cutter, wire stripper, line cutter, and two detacheable magnetic mini LED flashlights that are waterproof IXP-6.
But for establishing what top-quality performance of a survival knife is, it is needed to keep in mind some of the most important survival knife features. It is considered that the ideal survival knife size is situated between 9-11 inches in length. Thanks to its great construction, durability, size and quality, this survival knife is probably the best one, especially for survival purposes. This tool will definitely control any of the survival situations that might stand in your way.
This survival knife model is now in the top of the knives because of its performance and quality. The worst thing that can happen is that you never know where your knife could stop, if you throw it; and you don`t want to hurt anyone unwillingly! Furthermore, survival knives could even rescue people because if you get blocked in your car and it starts to burn, your seatbelts blocks down but you can cut it with your knife. It needs to able to cut common items, sharpen easily, hold an edge and be strong but it doesn't need the ability to cut through an ammo can. Additionally, it should be a knife that you have carried and used often so you know how to handle for a variety of tasks plus know how to sharpen and maintain it.
Despite of landing yourself in this situation, a knife just happens to be one of the select tools that will become your best friend and assist you in surviving during this desperate situation. These knives are sturdy enough to endure some of the most intense banging and can cut through the skin of an animal with ease. Regardless of how well the knife fits in its casing, your pocket or your hunting bag make sure you are able to hold it with a firm grip, that way it doesn’t slide out of your hand. Synthetic knife handles like Zytel Kraton and ABS provide an exceptional blend of secure grips.
The flat blade is five and a half inches long and the overall length is ten and a half inches. We have an extensive network of professional instructors all backed by a broad range of experience in combative arts. As far as survival knives go, the ESEE 6P-B Fixed Blade Knife is one of the best, if not the best. There’s still no denying that this blade is one of the more attractive on the list, and most feature rich, even if the features are not of the highest quality. The Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife Fixed Blade Knife is a true survival knife, and easily one of the best on the list.
Be careful; a survival knife is not your tool to make yourself look cool; it is your weapon if you are in danger and need to defend yourself, but that`s all! You can do the same thing with others who get blocked in the car and are unable to get rid of the seatbelt.
Before deciding on the knife, I would recommend identifying the tasks you expect that knife to accomplish and once you get that knife, go out and practice them! They can cut through the skin of an animal, they can be used for filleting and hunters even use them to prepare their game meat. The advantage to these synthetic knife handles is that they are extremely durable and reliable.
MTech USA offers a diversified lineup of tactical folding knives, fixed blade knives, archery products, and security items — all at competitive prices.
Even more, a professional survival knife is able to go through the thin metal of the vehicle. For your safety a hunting knife handle must have a finger shield or a guard that will stop your finger and your hand from sliding.
Made in the USA, the Companion knife and tool is tough enough to handle all your outdoor adventures.
Survival knives are considered to be tougher and thicker, unlike hunting knives, while both types might have a full tang construction.
I also prefer keeping a small light weight hatchet for splitting wood instead of batoning a knife. Small handles cause you to over grip the knife and exhausts your forearm and handles that are too big makes controlling the knife very challenging. The Companion works just as happily splitting out kindling as it does prying apart joints and skinning game, not to mention chopping onions for the campfire chili!.

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