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JOIN DOZENS OF AUTHORS (FICTION & NON-FICTION) WHO HAVE JOINED MY PROGRAM AND ARE NOW BEST SELLING AUTHORS! Nancy is a talented writer and has traveled around the world!  She started doing research online and came upon my Amazon Best Selling Author program and after our talk, Nancy decided she was ready to be a Best Selling Author and to create a passive income stream. As I mentioned in my audio at the top of this page…you are INVISIBLE TO AMAZON until you get on their BEST SELLERS LIST!  Once you do…then Amazon is happy to start promoting your book!
Click here if you would like to read how I left my 17-year legal career after meeting Billy Ray Cyrus to follow my dreams and create my dream life! I started out 10 years ago making zero dollars online and grew my business from a part-time hobby for many years to a full time income since 2011 making 6-Figures+! I published my first ebook on Amazon, and without doing any promoting or marketing I made ZERO Sales!  I thought publishing an ebook on a topic that people were looking for was enough to make some sales, however, that’s not the case. I learned that you can “stack the cards” in your favor by making some adjustments and that if you follow a step-by-step PROVEN STRATEGY, that you can become an Amazon Best Selling author in a very short period of time!
Here are 6 Case Studies of the books that I’ve been able to get to the Amazon Best Seller’s list!
Here’s another screenshot from a software program I have that analyzes book sales and rankings on Amazon; this screenshot shows that Nancy Hartwell is making over $2300 a month from her book, Harem Slave, on Amazon since joining my Amazon Best Seller program and her sales rank has been as low as 10,431 in all of Amazon (Amazon has over 2 million titles)!!! Michelle Kulp’s program on how to become an Amazon best-selling author is, to put it mildly, the best MONEY I have ever spent!
I’ve been writing my entire life, but am utterly clueless about the whole e-publishing world. If you write, and you’re ambitious, this program is for you!  Michelle is an expert about publishing on Amazon and really taught me so much about sales, promotion, marketing and what it takes to actually make money on Amazon.  Within 9 months of taking her program, I am now earning over $2000 per month consistently from my ebook sales on Amazon! CASE STUDY #2:  Diana Cachey — Attorney, World Traveler and now a 3x Amazon Best Selling Author! In October 2014, I was extremely frustrated and decided to hire Michelle to re-launch my novel, Love Spirits, Kindle Edition and I can’t believe the results! When Michelle did the re-launch of my novel, I was actually vacationing on the Hawaiian island of Kauai to chill; so I wasn’t even at my computer.
The great part is that one month later, Diana’s book remains on the Best Seller’s list!  She has also published 2 more books in the series and all 3 of her books are now on the Amazon Best Sellers list! Jen is a straight talking truth bomber and the bestselling author of  ‘Think Create Jump’ which is a book about overcoming the limitations of your mind. Jen is so thankful that she can now officially say she is an “Amazon Best Selling Author” and the sales of her book have wildly exceeded her expectations!
CASE STUDY #4 – Glenn Stevens– Self Defense Instructor, Coach, Speaker and NOW an International Amazon Best Selling Author! Glenn is ecstatic that he can now officially say he is an “Amazon Best Selling Author” and the sales of his book have grown exponentially!
Michelle was instrumental in getting me over 2300 downloads of my new book, Don’t Be a Victim!  It became a triple, International bestseller within 48 hours of going live.
CASE STUDY #5 – Adley Stump, musician, actress, speaker, and now an International Best Selling Author! Since being on the show The Voice, Adley has worked harder than ever.  She is an entrepreneur at heart!  She has developed a line of clothing, has her own web series (Get Stumped with Adley Stump), is launching a new television reality show and through my Amazon Best Sellers program, has published her first book, How They Sell Music: Lessons from Celebrities On Creating Your Own Success! Her book remains an Amazon Best Seller and she is now using that “best seller” status for other business opportunities and to grow her business! Case Study #6 – Sonia Ross, Writer, Teacher, Blogger, and now International Best Selling Author!
We launched Sonia’s book in June 2015 and her book remains on the Amazon Best Sellers list!
I contacted Michelle looking to take a tentative step towards pursuing a lifelong dream of being an author.
Due to her years of marketing experience, Michelle has thought of and researched exhaustively so many little details that the average person doing it on their own would not have been able to consider. Maruti Suzuki Alto was the best-selling model in the country last month, with the same story being repeated almost every month. Ever since its launch in 2004, the Swift has always been one of the best-selling models in the country.
The overall second best-selling car in August 2015 after fellow stablemate Alto, the Swift Dzire is far ahead from its rivals in the same segment.
The most sworn by MPV in our country, the long serving Toyota Innova has been the king of the segment since forever. Considered as one of the best mid-size sedans in the country, the Honda City has trumped its rivals ever since the new model (fourth generation) was introduced in our country.
The recently launched Creta created quite a fan following in the country even before its launch, stacking up more than 30,000 pre-launch bookings. Once ruled by the Hyundai Elantra, the 11th generation Corolla Altis stole the show ever since Toyota launched it in India. The Fortuner is the most popular premium SUV in our country only due to its macho design characteristics and Toyota nameplate. Himanish Raghunath is a big time racing fanatic who has been following F1 and MotoGP since forever. More people want to achieve a better lifestyle and financial independence, and they are looking for a legitimate way to start their own business. For a small startup fee, one can start their home based business in the network marketing arena, they will provide you with all the starter tools you need to be successful. The other successful way to make money online nowadays is as an affiliate marketer mostly NO cost at all, but also difficult, if you don`t have the right mentors that teach you everything about the different methods, you can use in affiliate marketing. With literally thousands of direct sales companies and affiliate companies offering their products, you can choose whatever you want to sell from diamonds to lose weight products.
While affiliate marketing in most cases only provides you with a one-time commission on every sale you make, network marketing provides you with a residual income that pays month after month.

If you don`t like to contact people and don?t want to go to hotel meetings, you`re probably better off in affiliate marketing. Whatever business you decide to start in, you need to be persistent and have the right attitude otherwise you will not make any money at all. If you decide for network marketing  then check out the list of direct selling companies and reviews so you  have an idea about their products and pay-plan. Compiled by experts from music industry figures, the Top 100 Best-selling Albums app features the 20 biggest-selling releases for each decade from the 1960s to the present day. In just 24 months, Mureta created and sold three app companies, generating millions in revenue. Using the The 4-Hour Workweek approach, Mureta built everything with his iPhone — working less than five hours per week. As with any business, your success will directly relate to your understanding of the marketplace.
Mureta created an app that not only enabled the Emoji keyboard, but also contained an additional 450 emoticons within the app itself, which could be shared via SMS, email, Facebook and so on. He developed the Emoji app in two weeks and followed the freemium model (free with an in-app purchase option). To make the design process easier, Mureta looked at certain apps in the App Store and used them as references to show programmers what he was looking for. The clearer you are, the fewer misunderstandings and problems you will have once it’s time to hand off your drawings to a programmer. Once you have a sketched-out idea, you need to sign up as a developer with the platform for which you’re looking to create apps. For your first app, Mureta strongly suggests developing for Apple iOS, rather than Android or Blackberry. Most of these programmers will be located overseas, which can present issues with communication and time zone differences. You must protect your ideas, source code and any other intellectual property, so have each potential programmer sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before you hire him.
Establish milestones and timelines during the quoting process, and break up the app into several parts. Rather than haphazardly jumping into a full-fledged project, Mureta prefers to gradually ramp up his programmers' workload by starting with a couple of smaller tasks.
App Delivery — When your programmer is ready to show you a test version of your app, he or she has to create something called an “ad hoc” (a version of your app that can be delivered to and run on your iPhone, without the use of the App Store).
The time you spend on testing is crucial because you will see how consumers use your product.
At this point, you’ve had your friends and family test your app, taken into account the best feedback and wrapped final changes. The amount of time Apple will take to review and approve or reject your app will depend on whether you’re submitting on behalf of yourself or a company.
The App Store is filled with thousands of great apps, so to be successful, you’ll need to break through.
Focus on a few key areas to effectively market your apps, allowing customers to discover and download them. Just as your app will always need refinements due to consumer demand and competition, so will your marketing. I am proof that simply publishing a great book with great content is not enough to make sales and definitely not enough to get to the Best Sellers list on Amazon. In fact, I had very little internet service where I was, however, Michelle was in constant contact with me during the re-launch! I have already referred people to your site and will do more once I am back in the real world. Sonia is ecstatic because she can now officially call herself an “Amazon Best Selling Author” and the sales of her book have grown exponentially! After my initial strategy session with Michelle, I felt fully understood and decided to make an investment in myself by pursuing this program. She was true to her word and when my book launched on Amazon Kindle it made it to seven bestsellers list including international lists! As a result of this, majority of car manufacturers in the country were finding it difficult to get vehicles rolling off their showroom floors.
The two Alto models - K10 and 800 are powered by 1.0-litre K-series petrol and 796cc petrol engines, respectively.
The hatchback has a massive fan following in India mainly due to its sporty looks, good driving dynamics and the Maruti Suzuki badge. Powered by a 1.5-litre petrol and diesel engines, the City comes with a very good equipment list which includes air vents for the rear passengers.
Having a sporty Lexus inspired design, its interiors are among the best in the segment with a first-in-class reclinable rear seat. One of the best-selling models the world over, the Camry comes across as a very practical offering given the acres of interior room and the segment-only hybrid powertrain.
All you need to bring is the right attitude and have a good mentor that helps you to take off and achieve your goal with selling products from home. Well, it depends on whether you’re into network marketing or affiliate marketing, and how much you want to earn. However, building a network marketing business can take a very long time before you see any results. Each album entry is accompanied by the original sleeve artwork and is packed full of facts and recording information, including a complete track listing, musician and production credits and an authoritative commentary by an expert in the field. During a lengthy recovery in the hospital, a friend gave him an article about the app market.
Doing this repeatedly will educate you on successful app design, marketing and various pricing models.

The app (left) is opened once to provide the user with instructions on how to enable the Emoji keyboard (right). The idea is to convey what the app will look like, where everything will be placed and what happens if certain buttons are selected.
Don’t be intimidated by the word “developer.” It doesn’t mean you have to be the programmer. Apple enforces these rules during the review process, and if you don’t follow them, your app will be rejected. Making great hires will help you avoid unnecessary delays, costs and frustration in the future. You should also decide on a check-in schedule that you’re both comfortable with because you'll need to periodically review the work, from start to finish. You need to assess their graphics capabilities, implementation speed and overall work dynamic (e.g.
You will probably have several ideas for icons, so pass them on and ask for a finished 512 x 512 iTunes Artwork version. This ad hoc version of your app needs to be installed on your phone before you can test it.
The user will have questions that won’t occur to you because you designed the app — everything about it is obvious to you. However, do not share your developer account login information with your programmer (or anybody else, for that matter). Your app’s basic elements are marketing opportunities, and that is essential to being successful in the app business.
For most of Mureta's apps, he changes the icon and screenshots three to five times and the title and description between five and 10 times. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. But the coolest thing about the life Jen has created is that she gets to live her dream by helping other people from all over the world build their dreams and become more than they believe they can be! With 30 years experience, Glenn has a huge passion for teaching people how to be safe and he also loves building self esteem in children by visiting schools to talk about and demonstrate anti abduction and personal growth strategies as well as running his own martial arts and self defense schools. She goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable in understanding the process and how to use the best-seller credential to further your initial goals. The most popular car among first time car buyers, Alto perfectly does the duty of commuting in the city comfortably. Powered by a 2.5-litre diesel engine, the Innova is a favourite among big families and fleet operators alike.
Accentuated with the reliable Honda badging and a CVT automatic transmission, the sedan is expected to stay on top of the segment unless the Ciaz SHVS spoils its game.
Equipped with a truck load of features that is generally associated with the Hyundai name, Creta is one of the few vehicles in the segment to be offered with an automatic transmission. Powered by a big 2.5-litre petrol engine, the car has ample power and one of the most feature rich cabins in the segment.
It derives power from a 3.0-litre diesel engine with the option of 4WD and an automatic transmission.
He dreams of competing alongside Fernando Alonso one day and drive the amazingly awesome La Ferrari. Whatever you’re most comfortable with — and whatever will give the programmer the details he or she needs — is the way to go. You’ll always be looking to add new talent to your team, so learning how to quickly and effectively assess programmers is an important skill to develop.
It’s a simple app that opens up and shows a page that displays “Hello, World!” It will take 10 minutes to create.
Get everyone you know to test your app — from your 12-year-old nephew, to your 75-year-old grandmother. Not only do you get the credential, you get her experience to help you scale your business WITH that credential as well. The coaching calls and the step-by-step process that Michelle has developed to get your book to the bestsellers list cannot be beat in my opinion.
So, let’s take a look at what were the best-selling vehicles for each segment (except for the luxury space) in the country last month. With adequate performance and good fuel efficiency, the Swift’s popularity is not expected to die out anytime soon. Toyota will be launching the new Innova in India next year and the upcoming model is expected to carry the impressive sales number forward.
Its popularity is only expected to grow further, thanks to the sheer practicality that it offers, even though it’s priced at a premium. The sedan is expected to stay on top for a while given that the same trend has been following for the past few months. The Camry is expected to remain the best-selling premium sedan in our country in the near future at least. The bullish SUV is expected to be updated next year and looks all set to continue its domination even further. The idea here is not to test his or her programming skills, but to determine how he or she will deliver apps to you for testing. An avid foodie, he loves to travel (preferably by car), play racing games and is also the lead singer of a rock band.

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