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So if you are like me and enjoy a lack of quality in your SF book covers, you will be giddy with anticipation as Orbit Books atempt to create the worst science fiction book cover of all time. Science fiction wallpaper 16You are viewing the Science Fiction wallpaper named Science fiction 16. Tweet19 Share89 Stumble49 +12 Reddit EmailShares 159Some sci-fi books are truly incredible.
A great science fiction novel will take you to places you’ve never been before, instill unique ideas about the future or the unknown, or shed a new light on space in an exciting way. It all started with The Atlantis Gene, which went on to sell over one million copies and is being made into a movie. The second book in the series, The Atlantis Plague, is about human survival when faced with extinction, and it’s the perfect example of how a sequel should be written. The third novel in the series is The Atlantis World is the most exciting, and takes place across Atlantean science stations throughout the galaxy as the team of scientists delve into the past of the mysterious culture in hopes to find the origin of humanity. I’m sure we all remember the movie I, Robot starring Will Smith, and that movie was a fun Hollywood ride, sure. Glen Runciter runs a lucrative business—deploying his teams of anti-psychics to corporate clients who want privacy and security from psychic spies. Another bit of hard sci-fi, Ringworld is about a ring with 6 million times Earth’s surface that had been built by beings that no longer inhabit it. Science Fiction is a creative genre so the cover of a science fiction novel has to be equally imaginative to be able pull in the reader.
The title on this cover threatens to blend into the background, until the actual words are read. This is another classic novel with another incredible cover, without the aid of digital art.
For science fiction enthusiasts, the name Vernor Vinge may be a huge name in this particular genre, which makes the huge print of the author so eye-catching.
About UsFrom targeting your audience and marketing strategies to bringing your book cover vision to reality, Adazing is here to guide you through the process of making you book a hit. Testimonials"I recommend Adazing for any author looking for a highly skilled team to design their cover. This book takes elements from many different parts of science: the lost city of Atlantis, alien technology, apocalyptic scenarios and adds in a dash of conspiracy.
The novel revolves around alien probes that visit Earth, and our need to get to the bottom of who exactly they came from.

The story follows Arthur Dent in his travels about the galaxy with his intrepid friend, Fred Prefect. But when he and his top team are ambushed by a rival, he is gravely injured and placed in “half-life,” a dreamlike state of suspended animation. Of course, the aliens in this novel are described as large feline-like creatures, so there’s that. But when the mind catches up with what the eyes see, readers will see strange land with a single occupant, looking up into what appears to be an alien sky. Ray Bradbury’s name takes front and center because people are more likely to recognize the name than any artwork that may grace the front.
Even for those that may not be familiar, it’s hard to miss the large red letters of the name that dominates the top part of this cover.
His family owned a small bookstore throughout his early childhood, and he would spend weekends flipping through book after book, always sure to read the ones that looked the most interesting.
We are the creative team behind authors of New York Times #1 Bestsellers, USA Today bestsellers and virtually every other bestsellers list on the market. As an indie author I understand how hard it is to stand out amongst professional covers of traditionally published authors. It’s tough to explain without actually spoiling it, but The Atlantis Gene revolves around human history and evolution, and it contains a great mix of action, thriller and science fiction.
Scientists decide to dispatch an ensemble cast of explorers, including a linguist with multiple personality syndrome, a cyborg biologist and a sort of vampire (not the glittery kind). Soon, though, the surviving members of the team begin experiencing some strange phenomena, such as Runciter’s face appearing on coins and the world seeming to move backward in time. But the novel has some brilliant ideas stuffed in its roughly 350 pages (which makes it a quicker read than most science fiction books). In this new world — in which he’s an oddly young-looking seventy-five year old man — he has to find his new place among the high-tech lifestyle. Then on even closer inspection, readers will see that it is the person that is on some metal landscape, and what looks like a planet, maybe even Earth, looms overhead.
Two young people, obviously in the medical profession as the woman has a stethoscope around her neck and the man is carrying what can only be described as an old-time doctor’s bag, stand in field, far from what appears to be a desolate city in the background. On the bottom, only in slightly smaller print but still taking over a third of the picture, is the name of the book. Not much has changed since then, except now some of those interesting books he picks off the shelf were designed by his company!

But the sci-fi book landscape seems to be growing in popularity, as we saw with this month’s new books to read (the most popular of which were sci-fi). The novel contains stories of robots gone mad, robot politicians, and robots who secretly run the world.
As consumables deteriorate and technology gets ever more primitive, the group needs to find out what is causing the shifts and what a mysterious product called Ubik has to do with it all.
There was a graphic novel adaptation of this, but the novel is 10x better as it tells a more complete story. Ringworld is a fascinating idea.
When the title is finally read and realized, there is a jarring sensation about what this novel may actually be about. It is only with a second glance that the reader sees that the man is made from paper, and not just regular paper at that. Like the red of the author, the golden yellow brightly contrasts against the pale blue background, making it another eye-catching effect.
Instead of being spelled unearthed, as in taken out of the ground, the title has been spelled UnEarthed, as in taken off the planet entirely. The paper has words and writing on it; they are pages from the books that are burned in the dystopian future. Every part of this still image is incredibly captivating and sparks an intense curiosity about the novel. It makes a powerful statement about the novel itself; that by burning and destroying the books, these people are actually in fact destroying themselves.
There is a highly contrasting juxtaposition of person with a pack of wolves that seems like something from the past, with the flying, balloon-like ship in the background that seems like something from the future.
One last thing that makes this cover so enticing is the small print at the very bottom, stating that particular addition, complete with original artwork, is fifty years old. The image itself is beautiful and alluring and only adds to the overall success of this book cover. With these questions looming and the strange image that appears on the front, this is an outstanding cover that will entice people to read.
It invites readers to see how the author saw the future, and how right or wrong he actually was.

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