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The M4 Tactical comes standard with a Picatinny rail for optics, a fully adjustable ghost-ring rear sight and fixed-blade front sight and a black synthetic pistol-grip style stock. Randall 18 - Great knife and gift from the special lady in my life, so of course it's a favorite piece of gear. Small pillow my sis in law made for me, tiny and really makes sleeping on the hard ground alot easier.
Silva Ranger compass, currently MIA, dammit - More compass than I usually need now that I live in the eastern woodlands, but a great piece of gear I really hope turns up. SAK Compact - Love the Farmer, but for most folks (including me about half the time) I would recommend this as the best EDC SAK. Nylon mesh scrubby thingy, also ancient - Back when I was in scouts, my Mom made a batch of these for me and other guys in my patrol. Instead, you need to be prepared to survive without any electricity in a cold and potentially hazardous environment. There’s nothing so comforting as a warm meal after spending too much time in the dark. Flashlights are the common illumination of power outages, but they are difficult to use in tasks that require two hands. Rope is one of those scraps of tactical gear that is often forgotten but has a million uses. When gasoline is in short supply, there’s nothing like the sun to provide a constant stream of steady energy. LaurenAugust 25, 2012 at 1:46 PMI also have granola bars, asprin, and dark chocolate (with raspberry)! 7, 2014 13:00One Piece “Tears” Best 10 - A Compilation of Moving Chapters Chosen by FansFans Choose One Piece “Tears” Best 10!! Smith - Your Survival Guy Number 3 on our top 10 tactical shotguns list is the Benelli M4, tough enough for the U.S. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.
MSR Pocket Rocket - mine is gone now but I had it for many years and always loved its rugged simplicity. This was a purchase from my vet along with a water bottle holder which is also being used with my pack. A tie (is that allowed?) - the USGI MOLLE II Assault Pack and the Frost River Summit Expedition. It's ability to get into dry wood and process for fires when it counts has been priceless.
After the devastation of the Northeast left behind by Hurricane Sandy, and with the threat of more snowy storms to follow, many American families are wondering how to be better prepared for next time. These are the 10 most essential pieces of survival gear to have on hand when a new storm is bearing down on your home. A small, lightweight means of cooking food is a useful, though not critical, part of disaster preparedness plans.
During floods or after an earthquake, water may no longer be safe to drink and should be treated before drinking. Every professional from the special forces to the military reserves is taught to carry and use medical supplies, and it’s a skill every civilian should have as well.
A lantern is a sturdier and often brighter choice to keep your home lit without the inconvenience of carrying a flashlight with you wherever you go. Water is the most pressing of the three in all but the most dire circumstances, but food cannot be ignored. A rogue tree branch or rapidly rising waters can turn a routine storm into a disaster, at which point help needs to be brought in. It won’t power your whole house, unless you have an entire solar panel system on your roof, but a solar charger can fuel a phone or other small electronic devices in a pinch and is one of those pieces of survival gear that is useful even under normal circumstances as an energy-saving measure.

A bug-out bag contains most of the survival gear above as well as a few other items tailored for life outside the home. Please include the button above or a link back here so that your readers can easily find everyone else's posts. Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate - Something nice and hot to sip on while answering e-mails or grading papers hits the spot. Extra Contacts & Saline Solution - After that afternoon I had to teach with one eye after my contact ripped in half - I always keep an extra pair on hand.
Tide To-Go Stick - As I've mentioned before, I am super klutzy, so having this on hand is helpful. Aspirin - I typically get headaches on the first day of anything new, so this is essential and having it right in my desk avoids a trip to the nurse. Nail Clippers & Nail File - I can't stand having jagged nails - they always seem to catch on everything - I've ruined some great sweaters that way.
Wisp Mini Disposable Toothbrushes - Perfect when you have a parent conference or a meeting with your principal and your sub sandwich breath just won't dissipate.
I love to read your comments and usually reply through e-mail, so check your settings to make sure you have that option available.
Mine is long gone but when I had it it went every where with me and seen a lot of field time. The original Junglee, before they went bankrupt and somebody else took over their name and production.
A week without electricity in the summer is bad enough, but in winter it can be outright deadly.
A propane or gas grill is easy to set up, even easier to run and functions just the same as any other stove top. A portable grill can boil it, but purifying tabs or a filter should also be applied for the sake of certainty.
When transportation to a hospital is limited, a quick gauze bandage or some backup allergy medication may mean the difference between life and death. They can be powered by battery, solar charger or mechanical operation and can also be hung, placed on a flat surface or carried as needed. Keep at least 50 feet of durable rope, preferably of a stout material such as nylon, as well as a sharp knife to cut it.
Although people can go without it for weeks if necessary, the experience is a miserable and crippling one. Signals like flares or spotlights may be the only way to alert authorities to your presence and need of assistance.
Keep a well-stocked bag in a closet or hanging up by the door to grab on the way out, and you will never be unprepared for the worst life has to throw at you.
Thank goodness we now have whiteboards - I was always the one with the chalk hand print somewhere on me. Marine Corps went shopping for a shotgun, they bought the M4 — the 12-gauge shotgun that functions the first time, every time.
He grew-up worshiping Neil Peart of the band Rush, and loves the song Tom Sawyer—the name of his family’s boat, a Grady-White Canyon 306. It hangs comfortably around my neck all day like a dog tag, but is built well enough to handle the toughest tasks.
Much more convenient and portable than a two-piece jacket and pants combination, but nearly as protective. This is just such a versatile little axe, with a broad edge, rubber scales on the end of the handle, and finger grooves for a choked position - which works really well with such a broad head, sort of like a ulu knife.
The thing that sold me about the Woodsman was this short desc in the catalog (probably Campmor) about how it was good for everything, from serious skinning and camp chores to getting the last bit of peanut butter out of the jar. It can be used to consume perishables remaining in the fridge before they spoil, heat water for a quick shower and provide valuable warmth when the nights get frigid.

At the same time, keep several gallons of water stored for emergency situations when you have no access to it at all.
You never know when you may need a trusty rope, but in a true disaster it’s almost certain to come in handy. Non-perishable foods such as soups are useful, but so are dehydrated and specially formulated rations that are even less work to prepare and offer a more complete nutritional balance. They should be used sparingly and with careful consideration, but they could be the deciding factor in whether it takes rescue crews minutes or days to locate you. Wool in particular has strong insulating properties, and the higher-quality clothes are nearly water-proof. In any case, every once in awhile okay - nearly every day, a piece of chocolate is just what I need.
I had really liked those Folger's single serve packets, but my new school has a KEURIG - yippee!  Also - I must have a packet or two of Land-o-Lakes Mint or Raspberry hot chocolate. He writes to you sometimes from Key West or Mattapoisett, MA (where he grew up), but mostly from Newport, RI or his family’s log cabin in the “Live Free or Die” state of New Hampshire.
This can be old and trusted pieces that have gone every where with you or some gadget that makes camp life so much easier. Keep at least one week’s worth of food stored away, but a month or more is preferable.
A pair of gloves, coat, hat and scarf in the proper sizes should be waiting for every member of the family.
15, fans will be able to thoroughly enjoy popular chapters of this national treasure.Popular chapters were selected for Fans Choose One Piece “Tears” Best 10!!
The M4 can be broken down by hand, and its sights can be adjusted easily using only the rim of a 12 gauge shell casing. I hate chemicals like bug spray, and they don't even work to the extent that I need anyways. Besides smelling unnatural, I just don't like things that are limited in use when I could use something re-usable.
Fans can look forward to such scenes as Ace’s final scene and the scene where Zoro sacrifices his body to shield Luffy.
The prefatory section of this book will be an interview with Hide, who seldom appears in media, from the music group GReeeeN and 92-san.
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