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In early spring, there's nothing quite like getting one's hands dirty, planting flowers, fruits, and vegetables to mark the beginning of the season. The Christian Science Monitor has assembled a diverse group of the best personal finance bloggers out there.
Over the years, I've consistently and repeatedly urged people to grow their own food, and I've explained over and over again why you need a home-grown self-reliant food supply when the food collapse arrives. That story, which is already 24 hours old by the time you read this, says that grocery shortages are just around the corner, and that the only thing keeping some groceries in stock is the fact that nobody can acquire enough cash to buy them! Cash, of course, is also disappearing across Greece as the debt-based cash injections grind to a halt. Some Greeks are already dumpster diving for food, and one citizen told The Telegraph, "Sometimes I'll find scrap metal that I can sell, although if I see something that looks reasonably safe to eat, I'll take it.
In Athens, one group of so-called "anti-establishment groups" raided a grocery store, stole the goods and fled on foot. In the midst of this food collapse, the Associated Press has suddenly awakened to the very same idea Natural News readers have practiced for years, calling home gardening a "secret weapon" in the fight to avoid starvation. The AP article quotes Greek citizen Ilias Mathes, who grows vegetables alongside raising chickens and goats.
During those few months, other Greek citizens who don't have home gardens may be starving, rioting in the streets, and bartering anything they can get their hands on for food.
City dwellers, in particular, usually don't grow their own food, relying on factory food companies to keep the grocery store shelves fully stocked. Anticipating all this, I created the Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow System last year, and I posted DIY videos online of how you can make your own.
I'm currently working on several key improvements to the system, by the way, including an aggressive simplification of parts that attempts to eliminate the float valve altogether.
I'm also scaling up the grow systems to be able to grow larger volumes of food with the same minimal effort. Subscribe to the email newsletter at to be kept informed of these announcements.
One day soon, you will thank yourself that you paid attention to the importance of growing your own food at home.
I didn’t know Betty Balcombe personally, but I had heard stories about her through an online friend that knew her very well.
I just want to introduce you to David Topi, if you have not caught his articles on transients in the past.
Weeder Commonly called a dandelion weeder (or a dandelion killer), this tool looks like a screwdriver with a large, flat head. A garden hoe is a great tool for digging up weeds in larger garden beds or in the rows between plants in the garden. To make sure you receive our emails in your Inbox, drag them from the new Gmail Promotions Tab over to your primary Inbox.
As far as gardening tools are concerned, even a glance into the garden section of your local supermarket will show you how many such tools are available. Make sure your shovel handle is appropriate for your height and that you can use it comfortably – you will be using your shovel a lot and you should not have to strain to do so. Shears are also extremely handy for jobs in the garden such as pruning, harvesting, cutting flowers and so on. The tools mentioned here are the fundamental tools you will need to get a beautiful garden going – get your shovel, shredder, shears and cultivator – and start growing those plants!
One way of making sure you have all the tools you need is to get yourself a complete gardening tool set. When you are choosing your own gardening tool set for the first time, you can ask for advice from the experts at your garden center.
Your future self will ultimately thank you after you've prepped new blooms, vegetables and fruits, so get out there and get ready to dirty those hands. Whether you have an actual yard, a patio, a balcony, or maybe even just a windowsill, the options are limitless when it comes to growing a garden of your very own. Even if you're a gardening newbie, your foray into the fields (or onto your fire escape, if you're a city dweller), can be a breeze provided you equip yourself with 10 essential gardening tools.GlovesBefore you get down and dirty, you'll want a trusty pair of gardening gloves to protect your hands.

They too come in bypass and anvil configurations, the former featuring a hooked blade to hold the branch in place so it doesn't slip away while being cut. Look for a hardened carbon steel blade for long life, and keep it oiled between uses to reduce rusting. Our guest bloggers are not employed or directed by the Monitor and the views expressed are the bloggers' own, as is responsibility for the content of their blogs. With cash disappearing, grocery store shelves are on the verge of being stripped bare across the country, and some citizens are beginning to raid grocery stores in desperately thefts to acquire enough food to prevent their own starvation. But when the cash disappears, even grocery stores aren't able to purchase inventory to sell.
Once these plans are complete, I'll be posting them on and giving them away to the world for FREE.
Just as the citizens of Greece are now learning, finding yourself with no cash, no food and no options is now a very real possibility. She also has an extreme fondness for the world of spices and hot foods, and is an avid storm watcher and photographer. These loppers are used to cut thicker branches, and the longer handles give the leverage needed to reach higher spots and cut into the thicker branches. It has advantages over a weeder because it has a larger surface area and can remove tough grasses easier. These can get pretty complicated and really they need to be used only for detailed specialized gardening. One of the more advanced gardening tools, the cultivator has patented tines that are extremely useful to neatly cut tough, packed down soil. This is a simple, convenient method of getting all your equipment at once with the minimum effort and time. They will be able to explain the advantages and disadvantages of various options and help you find the gardening tools that are perfect for you and your needs. Okay, maybe lounging poolside with a book is higher on your list, but if you're the type that appreciates a good project or activity, gardening is one therapeutic and rewarding hobby. Of course, we are big proponents of getting the job done while rocking some amazing accessories, so check out these eight gardening essentials. Leather gloves are certainly durable, but tend to stiffen and contract when they get wet and then dry out. Longer handles increase leverage and make for cleaner cuts, which can make a difference in the health of your plants.
Scared urban dwellers quickly panic because they have no knowledge of how to grow their own food (i.e.
They even behave like scissors, with blades that slides past each other when squeezed together. They work much the same as hand-held pruners, but they generally can cut thicker branches, some up to one inch or more. The weeder is used to get down under the roots of dandelions and other invasive weeds in garden beds. It helps to have a level-head rake to help flatten down the soil in a garden bed before planting. If you are just beginning to bloom as a gardener, you will not need more than a few basic tools to create a garden that rivals any using the most advanced gardening tools.
A shovel comes in handy for all sorts of things when you are gardening – this wide variety of uses makes a shovel invaluable to a gardener.
This is another flexible tool that you can use in many ways and will be among your most useful gardening tools. You will find a cultivator particularly beneficial when you are working in a part of your garden that has been left untended and has hard, resistant soil that is difficult to turn over.
And when you find the right tools, look after them well – and they will look after your garden. Gloves made of new composites and man-made leather last longer and offer better protection. And unlike the rock, the scoop is sometimes marked with a scale to aid in planting seeds at a specific depth.

It will form the basis of your equipment, and you can use it to dig up and lift soil and move heavy stuff such as compost around. You can, for instance, use them for chopping up pruned leaves or material for your compost heap. A narrow trowel is good for planting bulbs; a wider model is suitable for digging holes for plants. Bypass pruners come in different sizes, usually according to the thickness of the plant being cut. Usually, garden shredders are equipped with a silent crushing system and a motor with high wattage, making them quiet to run despite their power. When picking out a trowel, look for good steel and a comfortable handle, as this tool will probably be with you for a lifetime. It can be used to dig a new garden bed, or to shovel new dirt into holes or the garden bed. Just look for pruning sheers made with fully hardened steel, which can be resharpened, and a non-stick blade coating. Look for a rake with steel tines ("teeth") that spring back completely when spread, and a handle that fits your grip. The Fiskars 9124 Professional Bypass Pruners ($19.21 with free shipping, a low by $2) features adjustable blade tension that gives the user increased control over desired cutting force and precision. The Lewis Lifetime Tools WHR-6 Yard Butler Whisk Rake ($14.99 with free in-store pickup, a low by $3) has a durable, all-steel construction, a cushioned grip, and at 18", extends your reach to maximize efficiency. It also carries a lifetime warranty.Bow RakeIf you'd rather not spend time tending to your garden on all fours, the bow rake is an important tool.
But in the past, wheelbarrows were made of metal, making them extremely strong and sturdy, but quite heavy.
Look for a model with a sturdy steel head and 12 to 14 tines to do maximum work with minimum effort.
Garden Cart Sometimes called a garden wagon, the garden cart is another great item to have in the garden.
The garden cart allows you to carry all of your tools and other necessary gardening items around with you. Look for one made of forged steel for better strength; stainless steel is pretty, but not necessary if you simply keep your shovel dry between uses. A longer handle gives you more leverage, and the common wood handle should last a lifetime if you treat it with linseed oil occasionally.
This helps organize the tools so that you aren't fumbling around or looking for the right tool for various garden jobs. Some gardening tool belts even have separate accessories such as an attachable pocket or pouch for seeds. Wider models move more soil, but result in heavier loads; if you don't want to do much heavy lifting, consider a narrow-bladed spade. Make sure the spade handle is comfortable in your gloved hand, and invest in one with a non-stick coating, which minimizes dirt clinging to the blade. The bottom of the hollow rectangular blade, shaped like a stirrup, slips beneath the surface when used in a push-pull action, cutting young weeds off at the waist.
Look for a stirrup hoe with a steel blade (rather than aluminum) for an extended tool shed life.
The result of your smart shopping and diligent labor could result in something delicious, fragrant, and beautiful. When you have the tools to begin your adventure of gardening, you can make your garden the best it's ever been.

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