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The truth is that there was no way for unfallen Adam to ever experience death except through disobedience.
He had to exercise His divine power to change the human nature He had assumed, in order to escape the limitations it imposed. 3.He had to exercise His divine power to change the human nature He had assumed, in order to escape the limitations it imposed. Cover your mouth when you cough, don’t respond to a paragraph long text with a single emoji, and never double dip in the communal guac. These ten commandments aren’t in many cookbooks, but, like most good things, they have been passed down from one adorable Italian grandmother to the next. When it comes to Italian cuisine, the only thing worse than a bad wine pairing is a bad pasta and sauce pairing.
Sure, cutting your angel hair might be less messy, but getting a little sauce on your mouth is part of the genuine ~pasta experience~. Sure, their fettuccine alfredo and breadsticks are on fleek, but please don’t assume that all Italian food tastes like good ol’ OG. No matter what, you shut up, eat it with a smile on your face, and tell her it’s the best damn thing you’ve ever put in your mouth.
Like our “Spoon Health-ier” Facebook page because nutrition labels shouldn’t count as a foreign language. Baha'u'llah never visited Jerusalem, but His Firstborn Son 'Abdu'l-Baha (awb-dull baw-HAW) did.
Some believe that the Souls of the Prophets and Chosen Ones are not "human" and thus can "return". Shaykh Ahmad-i-Ahsa'i, the Shi'ite Muslim Seer who had visions and prophesied of the coming of The Báb, taught that the Souls of the Manifestations of God and the Chosen Ones were not human but Divine, and thus could "return" in every Dispensation. Do Bahá'ís believe that God is the Father of our spirits, and in a Heavenly Mother?
In the Lectures on Faith (once the "Doctrine" in the Book of Doctrine of Covenants, but removed from the D&C in 1904), Jesus is identified as the "Son of Jehovah". 6) Temple will be built in Jackson County, Missouri, before all those living in 1832 have died (no temple has been built by the LDS Church in Jackson County to date).
The Faith has no "Priesthood" (meaning special class that stands between God and the Believer), but an "Administrative Order" to which both men and women belong except for the Universal House of Justice--the Governing Body of the Faith worldwide--which is all male. 3) God allows the Lamanites (dark races) to "utterly destroy" the Nephites (white race) exactly 400 years after Jesus visits them because the Nephites had become "proud of their skins" and because they had forgotten God and practiced "whoredoms" and became very nationalistic and militaristic and materialistic. But 'Abdu'l-Baha refused to be known by the title of "Christ"; saying that He was only to be known by the title "Servant of Glory". The Man called "Adam"--apparently--was a special creation by God, and did not "evolve" nor was He born of a woman.
When the year 1891 came and went, and Mormon leaders did not see "The Kingdom" being established, they concluded that the LORD had delayed His coming! The Sun becoming black is known as "The Dark Day" and that occurred on May 19th, 1780; when the Sun became black all over North American, and the Moon appeared blood red on that night. Next was a vision of the stars falling as thick and fast as late-ripening figs fall from a tree when shaken by a strong wind. According to Mormon writer Philo Dibble, Joseph prophesied (praw-feh-side) of the Night of the Falling Stars over a month beforehand. Such an event would certainly be very unusual and improbable to the natural man, and the skeptic wrote the words as a sure evidence to prove Joseph to be a false Prophet. Clearly, Mormon leaders used to believe that the "signs in the heavens" (Sun becoming black as sackcloth, moon turning to blood, stars falling from heaven) had all occurred by the year 1833.
Mormon leaders today see the "signs in the heavens" as something that has not yet occurred and will not occur until sometime in the unforeseen future. Also in that book, 'Abdu'l-Bahá said that the disciples "saw Christ living, helping and protecting them" after His death (SAQ 106-7).
The ascension of Christ into a cloud on the top of the Mount of Olives was not a "physical" event. According to the Tibetan Book of the Dead, the dead exist in a "Bardo" (trasitional) body for 49 days after death, and this Bardo body has all the wounds and scars of the recently dead physical body. 1 And as they went on their journey, they came in the evening to the river Tigris, and they lodged there. 2 And when the young man went down to wash himself, a fish leaped out of the river, and would have devoured him. 4 To whom the angel said, Open the fish, and take the heart and the liver and the gall, and put them up safely. Even if a physical body can be raised from the dead (such as Lazarus), physical bodies always turn back into dust. The Holy Writings do not tell us "why" these "satanic deeds" retard the progress of the soul, nor do the Writings tell us "why" some people are "apparently" born homosexual.
Some have speculated that the phrase "do not go beyond two" means do not divorce more than once. Polyamists who wish to become Baha'is are told not to divorce or abandone their wives, but they are forbidden to take additional wives once they become Baha'is. Believers who cannot abide by the Ordinances are not "Baha'is" but Hypocrites and should resign from the Faith. 6* Teaching the Faith to Non-Believers either by becoming a Pioneer or a Travel-Teacher or appointing a deputy to teach on our behalf. 8* Going on a Pilgrimage to the Holy Shrines if you can afford to and are in good health and you are over the age of 15 but under the age of 70. 9* Fasting during the daylight hours during the the Baha'i month of 'Ala (19 days) if you are in good health, not traveling, not pregnant, over the age of 15 and under the age of 70. Baha'is are encouraged to attend a 19-Day Feast with other Believers on the first day of every Baha'i month, but this is not obligatory. Baha'is have a "Christmas" like celebration that lasts for 4 or 5 days (February 26th to March 1st) which are called "Ayyam-i-H´" ("The Days of H") where presents are exchanged.
There is a Baha'i Pilgrimage Rite to the Holy Shrines (tombs) of The Bab and Baha'u'llah in the Holy Land. All Mormons who have been through the Endowment Ceremony know that there are "four marks" on the veil.
I believe Joseph Smith was an inspired Seer who was preparing his Holy Order to "recognize" Baha'u'llah when He appeared, and used symbols from the Masonic Lodge to do this. Baha'is are not required to believe that The Book of Mormon is historical, or even an inspired parable. I bear you my testimony that I believe that Joseph Smith was an inspired Seer who prophesied of Baha'u'llah in the capacity of a Seer. You are invited to attend a Public Information Meeting (called a "Seekers Meeting" or a "Fireside" or a "Devotional") about the Faith near your home. Please return this booklet to the Believer who gave it to you so other Seekers may read it. In various ages of history, he has raised confusing questions about the nature of Christ's sacrifice on the cross. Any doctrine that would make it impossible for Christ to live a perfect life in the flesh, or to die as a substitute for man, must be considered an enemy of righteousness.
Most of those who are deceived on this matter actually believe that they are honoring Christ by holding their view. It was the Saviour's entrance into the human family that laid the foundation for the entire redemptive process. Those who believe He took Adam's unfallen nature, before the lapse into sin, are called Prelapsarians. Because they, like Adam, had been created with a conditional immortality, and were not subject to death unless or until they sinned. Had Christ taken the pre-fall nature of Adam, He could never have suffered the required death for our sins unless He had first sinned, and sin would have disqualified Him from being our Saviour. Jesus made it very clear that He was submitting to live in this world as a man and not as God. If Jesus possessed Adam's unfallen nature, it was not possible for Him to die except by sinning or by changing those rules under which He had submitted to live His earthly life. Whatever human nature He had experienced for 33 years was still with Him, and He carried it to the cross with Him. I'd like to suggest that only those who believe in the pre-fall nature project such a distorted view. Consequently, in an abortive attempt to remove Him from being subject to sin, they remove Him from being subject to death! Jesus simply chose something before His birth that we are only able to choose after our birth. In the doctrine of the pre-fall nature of Christ, we not only lose the encouragement of having even one example of victory over sin in the flesh, but we abolish all possibility of Christ being our divine sin-bearer. They propose that He had the spiritual nature of unfallen Adam and the physical nature of post-fall Adam. Scriptural truth has always been in favor of a unified understanding of human nature, with body and spirit interacting together to produce total mental and physical health.
Are we trying to say that Christ's physical weaknesses had no impact on His spiritual nature? He had no inward response to temptation whatsoever, and surely there is no one who will assert that our fallen natures are not strongly tempted from within. You won’t find these life rules written in any book, but failing to abide by them just ain’t cool. I recently traveled to the land of pizza and Nutella, and despite spending two weeks gorging myself on copious amounts of caprese salads, gelato, and wine, I did manage to learn a few of the unspoken rules of cooking and eating the quintessential Italian dish- pasta. Which brings us to another unwritten life rule: grandma always knows best (especially when it comes to food).
As a rule of thumb, short, tubular shapes with ridges (like penne or rigatoni) are great for soaking up the flavors of a heavy ragu, while long, thin pastas work best with lighter sauces like marinara or pesto. Not only does the salt season the pasta, it also prevents it from becoming a sticky and gummy mess. How could Bahá'u'lláh be the Spirit of Truth, or Holy Ghost, when the Holy Ghost must remain a Spirit or He cannot dwell in us?
Do Bahá'ís believe that Jesus will return as well be descending from a cloud and landing upon the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem?
Do Bah´'ís believe they can become Gods and Goddesses and create their own planets and rule over them as Mormons do?
However, according to the Holy Qu'ran (which we believe is the infallible Word of God), the Mo'men (Faithful) shall inherit "Gardens of Eden" with rivers flowing underneath, and be "wed" and have their Mo'men (Faithful) relatives and children with them, recliding upon thrones, eating delicioius fruits, drinking delicious nectar, and being served by Hooreezz (female servants) and Ghoollawmzz (male servants) for all eternity.
Do Bahá'ís believe that they will beget spirit-children in the Afterlife as Mormons do? Not even the Manifestations of God can enter the Realm of the Essence of God (ALLÁH).

Do Baha'is believe in a literal Hell where the Sun burns our skin and there are demons which torment us for all eternity?
The place where wicked men ("demons") kill, rape, steal, injure, deceive, oppress the poor, and use us as pawns for their wars.
The Holy Writings do mention the Spiritual Realms (listed above), and there are four of them; two or three that human souls can access "if" the Holy Spirit transforms their human souls into angelic souls (Malakut), or powerful souls (Jabarut), or Divine Souls (Lahut). How can the Qur'an be true when it says that God has no consort (wife) and no Son, and the New Testament calls Jesus the "Son of God"? But, today, Mormon leaders teach that Jesus is Jehovah incarnate; the opposite of what Joseph Smith taught. But The Brethren (Mormon leaders) have taught us that Jesus is the Son of God the Father, not the Son of the Holy Ghost. They were "less valiant" in the pre-earth 'War in Heaven' when they fought as spirits against Lucifer. Do Bahá'ís believe that Hell is a literal place and that Satan is a literal being? The "House" is not a building, but a council of nine men elected by Baha'i delegates every five years. Do Bahá'ís believe that a black skin is a sign of a curse of God as Brigham Young and other Mormon leaders taught from 1848 until 1978?
Do I have to believe that Joseph Smith was an inspired Seer in order to become a Bahá'í? Most Bible scholars believe that The Book of Jonah (Jonah and the Whale), The Book of Job (which is an ancient poem), and The Book of Esther are not "historical" but "inspired stories".
At that time, the white race of the Americas will be--like the Nephites in The Book of Mormon--a very small minority. Again, this view is a Personal Belief, and in no way, shape, or form is it to be considered Accepted Doctrine in the Faith. Do Bahá'ís believe that the Garden of Eden Story is literal history, or do they believe in divinely-guided Evolution? One school of thought says that Adam was an Angel with an ethereal body who, upon eating material fruit, became "mortal" like us.
Could the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints also be a Living Prophet? Today, Mormon leaders declare that "The Church" and "The Kingdom" mean the very same thing! Shoghi Effendi (shaw-khee ef-fen-dee), the grandson of 'Abdu'l-Bahá, and the infallible Guardian of the Faith, spoke of the "New World Order" replacing the "Old World Order". A few Christians, the Seventh-day Adventists, and a few others, believe they already have occurred.
First the earth shook mightily--this was commonly called the Lisbon earthquake of November 1, 1755.
Early Mormon leaders believed that "The Church" was set up to "prepare the way" for "The Kingdom"; which would be established somewhere on earth in the year 1891.
If Jesus' physical body was never raised, then why was the tomb empty, and why did Jesus show His wounds to Thomas, and how could Jesus eat fish and honeycomb after His death?
According to an ancient Christian Gospel called The Gospel of Peter, several hours before the disciples came to the tomb and found it empty, two "men in white" appeared at the tomb and removed the physical body of Jesus. Perhaps this is why Jesus still had wounds in His hands, feet, and side, that He showed to Thomas. We obey Baha'u'llah because He is the Spirit of Truth, and we believe He is from God and God knows better than we do. As long as a Baha'i keeps his or her private sexual life absolutely private then that is between them and God. Perhaps new translations will contain clues as to why some people are born gay (or feel they are born gay), and why even the most "loving" monogamous homosexual relationships are still damaging to the soul.
Under the Holy Law in the time of Christ polygamy was allowed, and this was true under the dispensation of Muhammad; Who had eleven wives and authorized Muslims to take up to four wives. Others speculate it means that if a wife becomes barren or goes insane, a man can marry again without giving up his legal responsibilities to his first wife (such as providing for her care). Also, they must teach their children that Baha'u'llah has forbidden plural marriage (except perhaps in very rare cases---which cases will eventually be decided by the Universal House of Justice). The Believers do not celebrate any holidays except for the Nine Holy Days, and Christmas is not one of them. The Arabic letter "H" (Ha) is the fifth letter, and there are 4 or 5 days in Ayyam-i-Ha; 4 in regular years, and 5 in leap years.
Most Baha'i parents encourage their children to study other religions, and make up their own mind what religion they wish to be; instead of blindly following the religion of their parents. These include the reciting of specific prayers at specific times and places and the circummabulation (i.e. Do Baha'is really believe that the Endowment Ceremony as authored by Joseph Smith points to Baha'u'llah? How can you believe that Joseph Smith was a true Seer when science had proven that American Indians have no Jewish DNA, and that Joseph Smith lied about being a polygamist? He was arrested and brought before the Jewish Council (Sanhedrin), and was asked if he was a Christian. But I do beleive it is an inspired prophetic parable; like the Book of Jonah or the Bhagavad Gita. Is there "one book" that Seekers can read and pray about in order to discover if the Bahá'í Faith is true or not? The Holy Writings do mention the Spiritual Realms (listed above), and there are four of them; two or three that human souls can access "if" the Holy Spirit transforms their human souls into angelic souls, or powerful souls, or Divine Souls. The demands of the law against the transgressor were fully satisfied by His voluntary acceptance of our punishment. Early Christian records reveal that certain groups did not believe in the full deity of our Lord. Secondly, He would need to assume man's guilt for breaking the law and suffer the penalty of death demanded by the law.
According to the Scriptures, He had to be born of a virgin, live a sinless life, and die for our sins.
Death and separation from the tree of life was decreed for man only on the condition of his sinning.
But limiting Himself to the condition of humanity, Jesus could draw from His Father only those powers and advantages which are available to others living in the flesh. Satan constantly sought to goad Him into using His divinity to deliver Himself from certain situations, and it must have been the Master's strongest test not to call upon His own omnipotence during those excruciating final hours of His life on earth. Only the defiling influence of sin entering the heart could bring a change of nature that would make man subject to death. In fact, theirs is the only position that makes it necessary for Christ to sin in order to accomplish the plan of salvation. God forbid that we should dishonor His name by holding such a limited, erroneous view of His substitutionary atoning death for our sins. They feel it is necessary to do this in order to account for Jesus' sinless experience in His years of infancy and youth. If you accepted Christ two years before I did, then you had an advantage over me DURING THAT TWO YEARS. But when we come to the nature of Christ, this wholistic concept is abandoned and some begin to talk in dualistic terms, with part of Christ's nature being sinful and part being sinless. Would it not be true that Christ would be most prone to discouragement or irritation when His body was physically tired? No one would contend that such a blend of unfallen and fallen natures would be in "all things" like his brethren!
Pronounced MOOSH-AD, this is an Italian slang word meaning mushy aka how you feel the morning after after an epic Thirsty Thursday. There’s no real explanation for why Italians have this no-cheese policy, but just know that it’s downright sacrilegious and will guarantee that you get the smallest slice of tiramisu.
Mormons believe that "One Day" the Holy Ghost will live a mortal life on Earth in order to gain a physical body. Baha'u'llah road horses since before He could walk, and His legs became very bowed; making walking difficult. He is the Incarnation of the Holy Ghost Who dwelt "in" Jesus from His baptism to the Cross. Tahirih, the first female follower of The Báb, claimed to be the "return" of Fatimah, the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad.
He taught that if a Baha'i couple become "one" both physically and spiritually, and if both reached "an exalted state" of spirituality in this life, then they could achieve eternal union thoughout all the Worlds of God and their relationship with each other would be "everlasting".
The Faith teaches there is only ONE GOD (as The Book of Mormon itself teaches); so men and women cannot become gods and goddesses. There is nothing in the Holy Writings about the begetting of children, spirit-children or otherwise, in the Afterlife.
All that is necessary is the "Baptism of Fire"; otherwise known as the "Baptism of the Holy Spirit". Most Baha'is view "Heaven" and "Hell" as "closeness to God" and "aloftness from God" and do not go beyond that. But no "Soul" no matter how powerful and exalted can ever enter the Realm of the Essence of God (Hehut); because only the Divine Essence can dwell in that Realm.
Negroes will not hold the Priesthood or enter Mormon Temples until after the Mllennium is over then the Curse of Cain upon the Negro race shall be removed. They are not Prophets nor Seers, but they are believed to be "unders the shadow" of Baha'u'llah. However, it is not accepted as Infallible Scripture; because it was written by a Seer, and not a Prophet. Many Bible scholars do not believe that the Garden of Eden story is "historical" but rather a "parable". How can the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Baha'i Faith BOTH be TRUE at the same time?
Since the time of Moses no period of darkness of equal density, extent, and duration has ever been recorded. But men and women also have an "ethereal body"; which, at death, is released from the physical body like a bird is released from a cage.
Because accounts of miracles can be faked; as is the case in India among some so-called "gurus" who use magicians tricks to deceive the ignorant. These deeds retard the progress of the soul in the Afterlife, and Baha'is are to avoid them. However, if their private life becomes public knowledge, and they are found to be violating a Law of Baha'u'llah in regards to sexual conduct, they can have their Baha'i voting rights removed. To avoid being killed he replied he was "a Pharisee, and the son of a Pharisee" (Acts ?????).

To distort this great central fact about the plan of salvation would weaken the entire foundation of Christianity. Those two thingsa€”His atoning death and perfect obediencea€”could then be credited to all who would accept Jesus as their divine Substitute.
Whichever position one chooses to accept of these two groups, he is locked into the limitations of that choice. But here is the startling truth: If He had taken Adam's unfallen nature, He could never have died UNLESS HE HAD SINNED! Neither could He make atonement as an unfallen Adam, because He could not have died in that nature either.
Repeatedly Christ stated that He could say nothing and do nothing that was not given Him by the Father. Some might suggest that by assuming man's guilt and being made sin for us, Jesus' nature was also changed so that it could experience death. We make that decision at the time of conversion and begin to partake of the divine nature of Goda€”the same nature that sustained Jesus for 33 years of holy living.
But is it necessary to give Him a different nature because He had a different experience from other children? The truth is that Christ only had the same kind of advantage over us that we have over all others who enter the conversion experience later than we do. If this is true, then Christ would have tendencies to sin in His moral or spiritual nature. Whatever we believe on this point, it must be consistent with clear statements of the Bible.
It is a dramatic illustration of his deceptive cunning that he is able to take the most unambiguous verse in the Bible and cloud its meaning. It should taste like that time you accidentally swallowed a mouthful of ocean water while on Spring Break in Florida (minus the seaweed). When the Bible says of Jesus that "He cometh with clouds" the meaning is not that He will come riding upon clouds in the sky, nor He will come on a cloudy day, but rather "He cometh (returns) with clouds (new bodies)". The Holy Qur'an says that the Mo'men (Faithful) will be "wed" and have their children with them, but we do not know if this means their earthly children will be with them in Paradise, or they will beget "new" children in Paradise. This comes not through any earthly ordinance, but from being born again via the Holy Spirit. In this View, "Heaven" are the Spirtiual Realms (Dimensions) and "Hell" is the Physical Realm (Dimension). The Name "Jehovah" is from the Hebrew Y-H-W-H (the pronunciation of these four Hebrew letters has been lost). The Mormon term means "the divine authority of God to act in His name on Earth with the authority to perform saving ordinances and to preach the Gospel". The House meets in "The Seat of the Universal House of Justice" (which is a building) at the Baha'i World Centre in Haifa, Israel. Long after He said that, science had confirmed this truth: people with white skin came from climates with little sunlight, and people with dark skin came from climates with very strong constant sunlight. Pro-Smithers and Anti-Smithers cannot discuss Joseph Smith or Mormonism with each other in the same room! In other words, the species known as "Man" once resembled bacteria, once resembled fish, once resembled Lemors, once resembled apes, but never "evolved" from these species. Early Mormon leaders in Utah all declared that "The Church" and "The Kingdom" were two separate and district organizations, and that "The Church" was raised up to prepare the way for "The Kingdom". They wandered about until night, when they found themselves at the house of this unbeliever, who exultingly produced this note of Joseph Smith's prophecy, and asked Brother Hancock what he thought of his Prophet now, that thirty-nine days had passed and the prophecy was not fulfilled.
This would emplain why the tomb was empty when Mary Magdalene, and later Peter and John, searched it. Repeated violations can mean being "declared" a Covenant-Breaker; which means official shunning by other Believers for life. The Universal House of Justice will one day make a "decision" on this matter, and it is believed they are "under the shadow" of the Holy Spirit; so their collective decision will be inspired of God.
The Rite is for Baha'i Pilgrims only, but is is not secret as is the Mormon Endowment Ceremony. It is this tremendous Bible truth concerning the imputed merits of Christ's atoning death that lends assurance to every born-again believer.
Another school of theology believed that Christ's death was only an appearance that did not constitute a real cutting off by death.
Through faith, the sinner could be counted as having paid the penalty of death and of living a life of perfect obedience. To assume human nature, He had to choose between the only two kinds availablea€”the holy, unfallen nature of Adam, or the fallen nature of all Adam's descendants. He inherited the same weakened nature that sin imposed upon all of Adam's descendants, but He never yielded to those weaknesses in a single instance.
It is not a difference in nature except that which is common to every soul who surrenders the life unreservedly to Christ. It is also an amazing example of the power of the mind to believe what it wants to believe.
By this illustration, the Bible writer closes every possibility for speculating about the human nature of Jesus. So, He travelled by horse or by covered wagon called a "Hodah"; not traveling "on the earth (ground)".
Or, in other words, the WORD of God shall "return" with a new name and in a new body born of a woman.
However, there is a Being called "The Maid of Heaven" Who is identified as a Manifestation of the Holy Spirit Who was "begotten by the Spirit of Bahá".
Those who walk the Path of Holiness are the most likely to be born again, but there is no rite or ritual or ordinance that makes one "born again". Most Baha'is do not speculate on what "Heaven" or "Hell" will be like; other than to say that "Heaven" will be pleasant and "Hell" will not be pleasant.
The Faith is not a "Church" and thus has no Gospel ordinances, and thus no need for a Priesthood to perform such ordinances. A black skin is not a sign of any curse by God, but rather a protection of the skin from the Ultra-violet rays of the Sun. They preached sermons in the Salt Lake Tabernacle, in General Conference, all declaring that "The Kingdom" would be established somewhere on earth in the year 1891, and that it would start out very small, like a mustard seed, but eventually grow to include all nations on Earth. After midnight the darkness disappeared and the moon, when first seen, had the appearance of blood.
Brother Hancock was unmoved and quietly remarked, There is one night left of the time, and if Joseph said so, the stars will certainly fall tonight. In other words, Jesus died and was buried and remains buried, but His disciples and teachings were "dead" for three days and nights, but became revived when Mary Magdalene told the disciples that while Jesus was dead, His Spirit still lived. She did so, and was soon pregnant with a girl-child who would later be the wife of 'Abdu'l-Bahá and the grand-mother of Shoghi Effendi. That experience, called justification by faith, is the center of all Protestant teaching about salvation.
Adam's pre-fall nature was also one of conditional immortality, which means that he could not die except by choosing to sin. It could challenge the validity of Christ's substitutionary death on the cross and the adequacy of His imputed righteousness. But if we are "born again" in this life, then at death the Spiritual Realms (which surround us unseen) became apparent to us. But Heaven and Hell are not "places" anymore than if we were dreaming we are on a beach in Hawaii and then say "I am on a beach in Hawaii" or if we are dreaming we are in a Siberian Ghulag and then say "I am in Siberia".
Satan is real (our lower-nature is real), but just not just "one person" but rather our own "ego". Thos who adhere to this view believe the Gospel accounts of His resurrection are non-historical "parables" and never actually happened. There are more miracles, including how 750 bullets severed the ropes which held The Báb bound in Tabriz, Iran, in 1850. You might compare Baha'i Houses of Worship to "Celestial Rooms" in Mormon Temples; where worshippers sit in silence and meditate in the hopes of receiving divine inspiration such as answers to prayers, etc. How could He assume our guilt and accept our punishment in such a way that we can be declared righteous and uncondemned? According to this beautiful Bible doctrine, the repentant sinner now stands before God as though he himself has satisfied the penalty. And He had to accept that reality through His entire life, even in the experience of death on the cross.
Filled with the Holy Spirit from His mother's womb and trusting the daily impartation of heavenly power, He lived a life of uninterrupted victory over every sin.
He was filled with the Holy Ghost from His mother's womb, so His sinless experience was based on something that we can only experience at the time we are born again. Since no children were born into the world before Adam and Eve sinned, it is beyond question that every child who has partaken of flesh and blood by necessity partook of Adam's fallen nature. His Spirit "overshadows" the Universal House of Justice; which is not a "building" but a "council" of nine men elected every five years. Baha'i pilgrims had to wash and anoint themselves, done white clothing, take off their shows, and (because of assassination attempts) know certain "signs and tokens" before the veil was parted and they could enter His Presence. Take the example of David, who killed Uriah so he could hide his adultery with Uriah's wife--who bore King Solomon. At the same time, his past record of failure and disobedience is covered by the imputed merits of Christ's perfect obedience, so that he can be counted as justifieda€”as though he had never sinned.
He only received those sins vicariously, which means He took them AS THOUGH they were His own, even though they were not.
The fact that He submitted to that death is proof positive that He was not acting in harmony with the requirements of a pre-fall nature. The Unseen World has various Realms (Dimensions) but these are not "places" but "conditions". The more in-tune with the Holy Spirit the Seeker is, the easier it will be for him or her to recognize this. Only by proving that some children were born of flesh and blood without a fallen nature could anyone rationally challenge the post-fall human nature of Christ. There is no such thing as "place" in the Unseen World; the Spiritual Realms which surround us. Joseph Smith formed the Endowment Cermony for his Holy Order which he planned to take with him to Palestine, so they would be prepared to meet "the Son of Man" when He came in "red apparel" in the year 1891.
If other human beings are able to appropriate the power of victory over sin at a later age, even with a fallen nature, then why couldn't Jesus do the same at an earlier agea€”with the same nature?

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