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Similarly, when deciding to make the investment in your first Learning Management System, as much as you may be picturing using the LMS “out of the box,” there are things you need to do first in order to prepare for the use of your new system.
The best way to make sure you can keep up with your courses is to take the materials you do have and create an actual course. There are a number of training strategies out there and you are going to want to decide what will work best for your team.
My colleague, Ryan, discusses the benefits and differences of these training strategies in his post, ILT or e-Learning? Review these different training styles and figure out what will work best for your learners. By preparing your courses and your team, you can set realistic goals for your new LMS program. Finally, internal communication with your employees prior to the purchase and implementation is a vital step for acceptance of your new learning management system. Additionally, you can send company emails, post on message boards, or have team and company-wide meetings, to keep staff in the know.
And, don’t just tell your staff the system is being purchased; detail the benefits of a learning management system, like online training, progress reports, discussion boards, training on your own time, etc. The LMS software search can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years or more, which leaves no reason to not have these steps taken care of before implementation. So in order to avoid being stuck waiting to use your new LMS, make sure to have your training materials and strategy in place, and continue to keep staff informed on the decision making process and when the new system will take place.
Join our software expert blogging community, learn more about our editorial guidelines, and propose a topic you'd like to write about. Enter your email below to get exclusive access to our best articles and tips before everybody else. You just got an iPhone, now what?  The amount of things to setup can be overwhelming for first-time users, but How-to Geek is here to guide you through the essential steps required to get your iPhone up and running. This isn’t a comprehensive list of every touch gesture you can do, but it should be enough to get you around your phone so you can easily follow the rest of this guide.
Ok, this one’s easy… to open an app, just click on the icon once.  If you need to get to another page to see your other apps, just swipe your finger in the opposite direction (if you need to move right, swipe your finger left).

Swiping downwards on the home screen will bring up the spotlight search, which you can use to quickly find a needed app, contact, note, search the web, or other things.
Airplane mode, WiFi, Bluetooth, do not disturb, portrait orientation, brightness, music, AirDrop, flashlight, timer, calculator, and your camera can all be easily accessed from this menu. Click the Mail app to start setting up an email account on your new phone.  Simply select your email provider and enter your address and password. If you have another account not associated with any of these email services, just click Other at the bottom and manually enter the server information. You can also set a custom ringtone for your contacts, so you’ll know who’s calling without needing to look at your phone.  You can even change the way your phone vibrates when they call, as well as change the sound it plays and the way it vibrates when you receive a text message from them. There are two main reasons you should care about Apple’s iCloud: It backs up the important content on your phone, and it allows you to seamlessly share that content across your other iOS devices. With the settings shown above, contacts and photos are automatically synchronized with other iOS devices that are using the same iCloud account, while the other settings are turned off.
As we mentioned in the previously linked article, iCloud has quite a few limitations, so don’t rely on it to be anything more than a feature that provides a half-baked backup of some of your phone’s content.  However, its ability to synchronize your contacts, calendar events, reminders, and some other things to all of your Apple devices can prove incredibly convenient. You can even see how much battery life your phone has, and whether or not it’s currently being charged.
You can use the Find My Friends app to locate your friends and family, as long as they have an iPhone.
They will receive a request to allow you to see their location, and upon accepting it, probably send a counter-request for your location information as well.  If at any time you don’t want your friends to know your location, you can tap “Me” in the app and choose to hide your location.
For more information on what you can do with your new iPhone, search around our site for some other great guides.
DID YOU KNOW?Despite the seeming randomness of Waldo’s placement in the Where’s Waldo? Disclaimer: Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site. Try out a system like Articulate or Captivate, some of the easiest and most popular course authoring tools out there, and find out if course creation is something you and your team can maintain. In addition to what kind of training you are planning for your team, it’s also a good idea to prepare how large of a training team you will need for your program.

If your training department, C-suite, and other leaders, are not only on board, but show enthusiasm for the product, other team members will be more likely to join in on the excitement. One of the (if not the) best ways to get buy-in is to have users involved with the process. Your team will appreciate the open communication, as well as knowing how it will benefit them.
What else do you wish you had prepared before purchasing your first learning management system?
When she's not spending time doing research for Capterra she is running, cooking, reading or watching The Office. Your email provider’s help section should have instructions for manually entering this information. He enjoys troubleshooting complex Windows, Linux, and networking issues and sharing his experiences with fellow geeks. In this blog post we’re going to go over everything you need for your first apartment from all you checklist options, to calculating your rent, to roommates, to furnishing options, and much much more.
You may be thinking, “but I already have plenty of material?” Well, you may already have some material, but do you have enough for an entire training program?
If not, then you may need to consider hiring a third party contractor who will be able to help you maintain your LMS courses. Because cause so many disgusting disastrous things can happen if you do not buy the right things. There are as many items in this apartment checklist as there were in the previous two lists I mentioned combined.
See, back then I was driving a truck, so to everyone ever that meant I was running a shipping company.

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