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Hundreds of Ed Sheeran fans flocked to Newport in South Wales to gaze longingly up at this rapidly rising star play his most intimate show of his current tour. Kicking off the show with the lyrically charming ‘Give Me Love’ Sheeran appeared from the wings with a somewhat modest entrance with just a guitar in hand.
Someone who hasn’t seen Sheeran perform might assume that the calm and collected young man regularly seen in a humble hoody and jeans, sleeves often pulled over his hands, would lack confidence, that would be a wrong statement. Copyright © 2015 Caroldoey, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Time seems to have stood still for Evan Dando – possibly literally as he’s nearly an hour late on stage. The rest of the evening consists of other selections from the Lemonheads’ commercial heyday (omitting their last two releases) along with material from his lovely solo album and quirky covers including Skulls by The Misfits and Home Is Where You’re Happy by Charles Manson. Having stitched up my sides from the delights of Stewart Francis, Ed Byrne et al, I was looking forward to Milton Jones, Shappi Khorsandi, Ardal O’Hanlon and compare Josh Widdicombe. Shappi Khorsandi has a style that allows her to breeze through her material whether it be the old favourites such as the highs and lows of single life or what it is really like to have kids. Completely disassociating oneself from a famous character cannot be an easy thing but Ardal O’Hanlon is first and foremost a fantastic stand up, not a dim witted priest on Craggy Island.
Having performed over three hundred shows in one year, made it to number 3 in the UK Charts, and taken the best British male artist award at the last Brit awards, Sheeran is becoming one of the UK’s more notable solo artists. With a new album set for release in 2013 and a new tour, next year is set to be a dominating year for Ed Sheeran. This most likely isn’t anything to do with him, but the smoke alarms flashing a red light and emitting an intrusive beeping noise that go off almost as soon as Cardiff-based support act Bedford Falls leave the stage. In this day and age he is possibly the only man who can still rock double denim – double denim!.

Yes, the early part of the concert is rushed and at times shambolic – in short, the same Evan Dando we all know and love. Queens Square in Bristol proved to be the perfect location for the three nights of one liners, observational comedy and baffling but hilarious characters. Any discussion that involves bemoaning the lack of funny women in stand up should include her as proof that women are as funny as men with the mike in their hand. His strange style, complete with odd smile and wide eyed stares, kept the audience laughing even when he was silent. His act is full of energy as he moves round the stage and talks directly to members of the audience. He was articulate between songs as he told stories of his friends and his family, his adventures at music festivals, his time on the road and how he is sometimes called on to perform at family functions. They continue beeping as the last Biffy Clyro album is played over the PA system The Biffy album plays right until the end. He possibly doesn’t know what city he’s in, but the solo acoustic format puts his strengths – his warm, rich voice and his songs – front and centre. He moved effortlessly through his routine made up largely of new material and carried on, despite a fault mike, to a rousing round of applause at the end.
Everyone laughed along with his whimsical recollections and observations including a truly terrible way to get out of a situation where he insulted a large woman by asking her when she was due. However, from the first song, it was clear that it is Sheeran’s blatant talent that has gained him so much popularity. With no preamble he launches into Outdoor Type and then rattles off one song after another with little pause in between. The goodwill of a loyal and enthusiastic crowd allows Dando to relax and get into it more, and the predominately male crowd’s falsetto approximation of the absent Juliana Hatfield’s backing vocals during It’s About Time is priceless.

Using just a loop pedal and guitar, Sheeran managed to layer up a diverse range of sounds with ease. The last chord of one song leads into the first chord of another, not even waiting for applause to die down.
He returns promptly for an encore with a Gibson SG and, bizarrely, his hair combed forward, covering half his face like Jessica Rabbit. By the start of the second song ‘Drunk’ the noise was euphoric and Sheerean had created what sounded like a fully produced and mastered album track with just his voice and guitar. Fan favourites like Confetti and The Turnpike Down come and go with no ceremony or introduction.
Signature tune Frank Mills finishes the set, combining the wit, warmth and poignancy that sums up Dando as a songwriter. I don’t think he actually opened his eyes for the first six or seven songs, apart from when he would double over to read a sheet of paper on the floor whilst playing.
When he does open his eyes he has a glazed and confused caveman-presented-with-iPad expression. Lead singer of Bedford Falls, who appears to have lent the headliner his acoustic, comes on stage to help him.

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