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The 423 page Survival Medicine book is sectioned into 8 categories, each containing specific segments or topics. Discusses the history, psychology and principles of preparedness medicine, collapse medicine, integrated and wilderness medicine. One day there may come a time when a pandemic, civil unrest or terrorist event may precipitate a situation where the miracle of modern medicine may be unavailable.
Nurse Amy is a certified nurse midwife as well, and an expert on herbal remedies and essential oils.
The new edition is a hugely expanced version that goes into many hard core components of survival medicine.  It is full of new illustrations that make these complex medical concepts easier to understand for the layman. Remember to comment, chime in and tell us your thoughts, this podcast is one man’s opinion, not a lecture or sermon. This entry was posted in Podcasts and tagged alternative medicine, books, doom and bloom, interviews, medicine, survival medicine. Then of course, there’s alcohol, but I assume there are problems with blood thinning. So, even without replacing warfarin, you might be changing her degree of anticoagulation by making nutritional or herbal changes.
Anesthesia has been used over to 150 years – the first use was by a surgeon in Georgia in 1842. Sounds like you might need to listen to the episode again and better yet that you might need to get to Bones and Amy’s class. Precisely why I was disappointed to hear Amy’s hostile remarks about the Patriot Nurse. Having said that, I read their bios and respect their backgrounds but have some different opinions regarding the topics covered. There is a difference in being hostile and responding to what also can be called hostility.
She claims to be an RN, I take her at her word but as she won’t give her last name out I can’t verify that can I?
Different people have different opinions but Amy is a bit riled up because she feels (and I think rightly) that the only reason that PN craps on suturing is they do it and she doesn’t.
Frankly I would have felt a need to challenge a few claims by PN, but since I knew and MD and NP were up soon after didn’t need to. I have dealt with injuries, I haven’t ever stitched anyone up BUT I have always been able to stabilize and forward. I would be happy to send you my credentials if interested but would prefer to maintain the (really minimal) anonymity I might otherwise preserve on this board.
Please email me separately if you’d like to hear a different perspective on this topic and to verify my background. In fact, this article suggests that one of the chemicals (eugenol) found in cloves is a better blood thinner than aspirin. Indeed capsicum when taken internally does thin blood when put on a cut though it causes clotting. The person that doubts it need only take the next superficial scratch that is bleeding, dump some on and find out. That said if you put this crap on your face or nether regions, you only have yourself to blame! Also a side note, I’m just old enough to remember when doing stitches without 15 Novocaine shots was normal. Ice does work but unless it winter in the north there might not be much of it around in a circumstance where this is needed.
Clove oil does work somewhat, I bet there are ways to make up a local from the right herbs that would have some effect. In the continuum I see plenty of grey area where your freezer works fine, but getting to a doctor isn’t practical for a spectrum of reasons. I had bull ants down in Brazil and I did mess around with getting them to clamp down on leather so I know how to use them, but I don’t recall ever seeing them in the US.
I don’t remember what the species name was in Portuguese and I never learned it in English, but any ginormous headed ant would probably work.
I might be over looking it but I don’t see a stethoscope on their Amazon affiliate store or in the packs that the build. Oh I get that I do, Amy did everything plus the kitchen sink and the laundry room sink to boot.
We spend a grand majority of the class teaching wound CARE including: fluids used for cleaning, what fluids are harmful when cleaning and caring for wounds, techniques used to best clean wounds (serious irrigation, a 60 or 100cc syringe is a good item to have on hand), how to check for debris and removal, how to care for an open wound, preventing wound infections, treating infected wounds, different techniques to close a wound which STRONGLY emphasizes non-invasive methods including steri-strips, butterfly bandages or even a regular bandaid if it works!
We have learned many different skills that we may never use in our lifetime but are happy that we at least have some knowledge about them now.
It really is our hope to get out medical preparedness knowledge and continue to work with others doing the same. I wanted to let you and others know a little more about what we are really trying to teach, which is complete wound care, not just suturing. They have NO NEED OF MONEY, they do what they do today because they have the hearts of teachers. How many times have you had a medical or first aid issue occur during the middle of the night or on a weekend when getting help would be difficult?A  Or, equally bad, help is available but only at a hospital emergency room an hour a way? In The Survival Doctor’s Complete Handbook there is a section describing how to close a scalp wound.
Below you will findA an all-new Backdoor Survival interview with James, plus I have two copies of his book up for grabs in a giveaway.A  Enjoy the interview then be sure to check in below to learn about the giveaway.

One question on everyonea€™s mind is what they would do if a disaster or even a collapse occurred in their own back yard.
The basics of food, blankets, drinkable water, and a store of essential medicines are givens. These days, it seems as though a new book about survival or preparedness is released daily. The information in The Survival Doctora€™s Complete Handbook is based largely on my experience as a doctora€”over 30 years of it. Since sometimes expert medical help is available, just far away, dangerous to get to, or both, I provide information to help you decide if the problem is so dire that ita€™s get-help-or-die. Know the basics of writing, such as grammar, flow, organization, and how to make a good outline. Note:A  This giveaway is only open individuals with a mailing address in the United States.
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In addition, SUBSCRIBE to email updatesA  and receive a free, downloadable copy of my e-book The Emergency Food Buyera€™s Guide. The Survival Doctora€™s Complete Handbook will teach you just what you need to know to take care of yourself and your loved ones in the event you arena€™t able to get professional medical help right away. Featuring more than 100 illustrations, along with quick quizzes and real-life examples, The Survival Doctora€™s Complete Handbook will take you step by step through the essentials of medical care during a crisis. Bargain Bin:A  For your convenience, here is a complete list of all of the books in BDS Prepper Book Festival 12. I earn a small commission from purchases made when you begin your Amazon shopping experience here. The post Prepper Book Festival 12: The Survival Doctora€™s Complete Handbook + Giveaway by Gaye Levy first appeared on Backdoor Survival.
We are Giving Away a Free Backyard Growers Membership small triumphs The Doomsday Clock in Fiction and Reality a€“ 2016: Mass Extinction Of The Human Race? Most outdoor medicine guides are intended to aid you in managing emergency situations in austere and remote locations.
This series of steps makes perfect sense; you are not a physician and, somewhere, there are facilities that have a lot more technology than you have in your backpack. Transporting the injured person may be difficult to do (sometimes very difficult), but you still have the luxury of being able to “pass the buck” to those who have more knowledge, technology and supplies. One day, however, there may come a time when a pandemic, civil unrest or terrorist event may precipitate a situation where the miracle of modern medicine may be unavailable. When you are the end of the line with regards to the medical well-being of your family or group, there are certain adjustments that have to be made. This is a huge responsibility and many will decide that they cannot bear the burden of being in charge of the medical care of others. This volume is meant to educate and prepare those who want to ensure the health of their loves ones.
All the information contained in this book is meant for use in a post-apocalyptic setting, when modern medicine no longer exists. Hopefully, societal destabilization will never happen; if not, this book will still have its uses. An important caveat: In most locales, the practice of medicine or dentistry without a license is against the law, and none of the recommendations in this book will protect you from liability if you implement them where there is a functioning government and legal system.
Although you will not be a physician after reading this volume, you will certainly be more of a medical asset to your family, group, or community than you were before. Put together a medical kit which, along with standard equipment, includes traditional medications and natural remedies.
There are countless first aid circumstances that are taken for granted in our modern world, but could quickly become deadly in a post-modern world. Indeed, not only unavailable, but even to the point that the potential for access to modern facilities no longer exists. To go further, very few are willing to even entertain the possibility that such a tremendous burden might be placed upon them. Bones and Nurse Amy have just released the revised and expanded second edition of “The Survival Medicine Handbook,” a guide to staying healthy is situations where help is NOT on the way.
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Greater harm can be caused by closing a wound with staples or suturing and really should be a rare circumstance. Basic wound care is VITAL, but also knowing when to leave a wound open and when (and how to properly) to close it up may be a skill you wish you had. I was planning to tally the contents in your bags to have a comparison grid, and add the cost for the items if I were to buy them from Amazon. A What if the power was out, roads were blocked, or there was something going on that precluded EMTs coming to the rescue? I live in a rural area, and I think I would be able to handle the problems that would arise, including food and water scarcity, better where I live than fighting for it in a place that Ia€™m unfamiliar with.
Ia€™d have plenty of bug spray, breathable clothes for the heat, along with a good coat and raincoat.
I share what I believe to be the most common medical problems one might encounter, how to recognize them and what to do.

A The quiz begins with a few descriptive paragraphs describing something that occurred during James career as a medical doctor.A  There are four potential answers in a multiple choice format. Whatever your situation and your health needs, this handbook is your must-have medical resource.
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Certainly, modern medical care on an ocean voyage or wilderness hike is not readily available; even trips to the cities of underdeveloped countries may fit this category as well. Your priority is to get the patient out of immediate danger and then ship them off; this will allow you to continue on your wilderness adventure.
Indeed, not only unavailable, but even to the point that the potential for access to modern facilities no longer exists.
To go further, very few are willing to even entertain the possibility that such a tremendous burden might be placed upon them. Others will find the fortitude to grit their teeth and wear the badge of collapse “medic.” These individuals may have some medical experience, but most will simply be fathers and mothers who understand that someone must be appointed to handle things when there are no doctors. If you can absorb the information here, you will be better equipped to handle 90% of the emergencies that you will see in a power-down scenario.
If your leg is broken in five places, it stands to reason that you’ll do better in an orthopedic hospital ward than if I make a splint out of two sticks and strips of my T-shirt. I use it now with my own family to diagnose problems and get myself on the road to a home remedy. At some point in most 3D projects, you’ll need to turn your model into a drawing set that gets the point across. Even for those willing, there are few, if any, books that will consider this drastic turn of events.
She has also written articles on survival gardening and natural remedies for Survivalist and Backwoods Home Magazine. The first edition occupied the #1 Amazon Bestseller spot numerous times in the Survival Skills and the Safety and First Aid categories since it was published.
Also remember you can call in your questions and comments to 866-65-THINK and you might hear yourself on the air.
Unless you think that going from now where in a lot of areas a vet on the weekend doesn’t exist to a collapse that you are going to take your dog to the local vet after it gets injured.
Adding two additional holes on either side of a wound is usually NOT a good idea when someone already has a laceration!
So PN if you would like to contact me, I would be happy to work together and discuss our mutual goals of helping teach medical preparedness…the olive branch has been offered.
Perhaps I misjudged your comments based upon an incomplete appreciation of the back story with you all and PN. Thanks for taking the time to read my response and understanding what I really was really feeling and thinking during the podcast recording. There are medical strategies for these mostly short term scenarios that are widely published, and they are both reasonable and effective. We refer to this type of scenario as a “collapse.” In a collapse, you will have more risk for illness and injury than on a hike in the woods, yet little or no hope of obtaining more advanced care than you, yourself, can provide. Even for those willing, there are few, if any, books that will consider this drastic turn of events.
If this reality first becomes apparent when a loved one becomes deathly ill, the likelihood that you will have the training and supplies needed to be an effective medical provider will be close to zero. The strategies discussed here are not the most effective means of taking care of certain medical problems. Medical personnel will be unlikely to be readily available to help you if they are dealing with mass casualty events. Taken orally for example it will either heat or cool the body temperature based on which the body needs (IE it treats and prevents both hypo- and hyperthermia). I have been first-hand witness to real harm visited upon patients by people with a skill they possessed but didn’t really understand. We just happen to be at these expo events and offer to teach the attendees who may be going anyway. Also, for those of us that have a bunch of odds and ends, have you ever considered having a “build a bag” type page where the buyer selects the bag, then clicks each of the contents they want as an ala cart?
I include makeshift options for times when you dona€™t have the medical tool typically used for a problem. An entire medical education system exists to deal with limited wilderness or disaster situations, and it is served by a growing industry of supplies and equipment. It’s not a matter of a few days without modern technology, such as after a hurricane or tornado.
Sign in to continue to Google Drive Email Password Stay signed in For your convenience, keep this checked.The Chromium Projects. Help is NOT on the way; therefore, you have become the place where the “buck” stops for the foreseeable future, at least when it comes to your medical welfare. Join a critique group, or have someone who will read your material and is willing to give constructive criticism. Hot pepper tea has also been shown to be about as effective on heart attacks in progress as nitroglycerin.

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