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Na poczatku tego wpisu uprzedze, ze jesli ktos myslal po tytule, ze bede tutaj pisal o pakowaniu na silowni i odzywkach to jest w bledzie, choc pare slow o odzywkach, ale dla umyslu na pewno bedzie. Szkolenie bylo bardzo ciekawym warsztatem dla obecnych na nim sluchaczy i bylo pierwszym tego typu.
Watch Jon Stewart interview Nobel Peace Prize nominee Malala Yousafzai, the 16-year-old girl who was targeted for execution by the Taliban in Pakistan, and have your faith in the future of Mankind completely restored.
Because nothing scares the crap out of fear-mongerers & criminals than a child with a book on its hands.
I haven't yet suffered of a heart attack *knocks on wood* but I on the other hand already suffer from a form of arthritis called ankylosing spondylitis, so rare it's like winning the lottery but backwards, because it sucks. I remember how back in the 90's discussing the so-called Peter Pan Complex was all the rage on the radio & TV talk shows.
If I make an honest evaluation of my general mood, I'm forced to conclude that I feel happier than how I felt 10 years ago. Back in those days things didn't look too good for me, and for that a little anecdote is in order: Back in my mid-twenties, I had somehow managed to land a job in one of the biggest architectural firms in Mexico --maybe even the world (Srsly)-- and I felt like Leo on Titanic, the king of the world starting a promising career with the right foot. During the whole time I felt a continuous sense of disappointment over the fact that my suggestions & ideas were not only unnoticed --they were unwelcome.
Furthermore, I was expected to perform the most menial of tasks with a big smile on my face, to show how grateful I was that I was given the opportunity to apply my college diploma, from one of the top schools in my country… by faxing letters & using the copy machine. Later in life I realized that depression ran deep in my family, with both my father & my oldest sister suffering from it, but back then I didn't know that. As I look back, now that I'm known as the Red Pill Junkie, I feel compelled to plagiarize Morpheus & conclude I was feeling the pain from that splinter on my head which torments so many of us in the Fortean community. That's when, due to a chain of events I can only describe as serendipitous, I found my way to The Grail.
So now that you know the story, I hope you don't deem it too melodramatic when I claim that becoming a Grailer probably saved my life. During the last 8 years that I've been part of this community, I've seen my circle of online comrades grow exponentially. Meanwhile I know there's still oodles of things to explore on the web, and scores of people to discuss them with.
A day after being sentenced to 35 years in prison, Bradley Manning announced his decision to live the rest of his life as a woman. It's hard not to see the sinister computer with the deceptively reassuring female voice, as a symbol of the current trending in digital surveilance —the likes of which whistleblowers like Manning have been warning us about.
For my latest contribution on the Intrepid blog, I decided to perform a little gedankenexperiment --'thought experiment' in German, Einstein's preferred method of work-- with everyone's favorite crashed saucer case.
Today is the 4th anniversary of the fire at the ABC nursing home, which claimed the lives of 49 children. 4 years later, and none of the higher-ups involved has ever put a foot on jail --in fact, many of them continued advancing their political career.
The opinions expressed on TDG reflect solely the opinion of the person posting the material, not TDG nor its editors. Listening to Fortean podcasts while I'm working has become second nature for me by now.
Over the past month, I’ve been having conversations with a few successful entrepreneurs in their own right, that have yet to make the jump to creating a complete website experience with search engine marketing as a core component of traffic and lead generation. When Todd Malicoat published his SEO Playbook – Welcome to the Rabbit Hole Alice, he hit the nail on the head when tackling the subject of what SEO REALLY IS and what you (as the website owner) need to do about it. Following the Alice in Wonderland metaphor, if you choose to take the red pill, there will undoubtedly be a lot of learning and information to absorb.
Take the first 40 hours of your self-employment time and read these basics, especially if you know little about website programming and design.
W3 Schools – You can learn the basics for almost any web programming language, but I suggest starting by reading and practicing the HTML, XHTML and CSS tutorials. Webmonkey expands on the knowledge base above and adds cheat sheets, helpful links and more programming-related resources.
University of Minnesota at Duluth’s ridiculously good list of CSS tutorials and resources. CNET Web Hosting Reviews – if you are not certain who to use for a vendor and want to research them.

SitePoint Contests – have someone bid and build a custom website template right to your specifications. How effective and easy your website is to navigate and use is just as important as your link building campaigns and content creation.
The SEO Playbook lists a very good assortment of tutorials and tools to use for learning search engine optimization. Thanks for reading my blog, you may want to subscribe to the RSS feed, or follow on Twitter for future updates and information as well! Wedlug slownika suplementacja to uzupelnienie diety, dodatek zawierajacy niezbedne dla zdrowia skladniki (zwlaszcza witaminy lub inne substancje), ktorych moze brakowac w codziennej diecie.
Well, the gray hairs on my goatee are becoming more widespread, but still look a bit out of place with the remnants of the acne which appeared on my puberty, and apparently became so infatuated with my face that it decided never to leave. That's a big resounding 'No.' It's probably not something to brag about, because it might just be a result of my deep immaturity --Wot, you tellin' me I can't watch Spongebob Squarepants no more?
Perhaps mid-life crisis in 2013 is now resolved with a Spartan armor replica & a pair of Oculus Rift. Oh sure, it's inevitable to look back & make an assessment of one's accomplishments, and there's definitely a lot of things I would have liked to have achieved by now. My sister offered me to take me to see a psychiatrist, who after a looong session with me prescribed some anti-depressants.
I would often spend the weekends doing nothing except sleeping, for sleep was the only thing disconnecting me from my dreadful existence. And then for reasons I still can't explain, Greg invited me to be part of the TDG news admins --more unbelievable still is that I accepted, despite my instinctual aversion to failure. It also opened for me opportunities I wouldn't have dreamed of 10 years ago: the chance to be a producer of content instead of a mere consumer. Yes, my bank account is still laughably lean & I still need to obey nonsensical orders in order to pay the bills. A knowledge that there will always be things in our life aiming to take us down, but only if we let them.
The journey has become the destination, and for the first time in my life I can say that I'm content, but not as much as I know I'll be in the future. But where Science has totally failed me is this: The fact that now when I'm supposed to worry about such things, THIS is still the standard procedure for a prostate exam --Srsly XXIst century?
You Gringos have been rooting for the Zombie Apocallypse so hard, that it looks like it's finally here! If you have a problem with any material, please contact us immediately.TDG09 theme is based on the original design by Michael Hutagalung.
You know like in the movie The Matrix where famously Neo takes that red pill, and reality unfolds. It's as if Rich had managed to understand what was going inside my own subconscious the moment I decided, for not particular reason (it seemed) to become the Red Pill Junkie. Suplement oferowany jest najczesciej w postaci skoncentrowanej – jako kapsulki, proszek, plyn lub tabletki.
Physically I'm not in the greatest of fitness, but neither are scores of men & women younger than me.
There's a reason why the biggest-grossing movies made in Hollywood are based on comics, and the video-game industry is now even bigger than Hollywood. Professionally I'm nowhere near as where I'd like to have been when I was in my early 30's. Already I knew I had a problem with authority & a very strong temper which forced me not to stay quiet, when I was given an order I considered nonsensical or just plain stupid.
But since I didn't have a medical insurance, the fact that I couldn't afford to buy the anti-depressants made me more depressed!
I would roll on the bed & observe the gradual attenuation of light passing through my window curtains, wondering about what hour it was, thought not really caring. If there can be such a thing as a rockstar shaman, I think he got as close to it than anyone else.Oh yeah, and during the 1st hour I joined the boys to discuss some of the latest news making the rounds on the net, including --what else?-- the NSA surveilance programs. But the maneuver was of little comfort for the fathers & mothers who saw their lives torn forever, on that infamous day. You stay with this reality for a little while and then you realize the waters get deeper still.

Warto zdac sobie sprawe, ze zyjemy dla emocji i czasem warto dac poniesc sie emocjom, ale nie zrobi sie tego na internetowym forum. And you realize that you have to account for abductions, you have to account for mutilations. Nasz mozg nalezy uczyc nowych sytuacji, zamiast uciekac – jedynym sposobem na lek jest zmierzenie sie z nim.
W poczatkowej fazie nawiazywania kontaktu z kobieta nie ma wiekszego sensu myslenie, co powiedziec na poczatku, bo to przekonania uwarunkowuja reakcje.
On my second job I was fired, thus beginning a routine in which I either walked out of a job or was kicked out.
Does that mean Lazar was left alone because he unawarely performed the task he was entrusted to --i.e.
You have to account for, what appears to be strange science and strange visits of inter-dimensionality. Warsztaty szkoleniowe zorganizowane przez trzech wschodzacych trenerow, Vincenta, Jamesa i Wojtka – wzbudzily spore zainteresowanie. Egzystencja bez celu jest jak tabletka od bolu glowy – tymczasowo pomaga, ale na dluzsza mete nie jest rozwiazaniem.
Jednoczesnie informujemy, ze nie gwarantujemy dostepnosci wszystkich funkcji serwisu w przypadku braku obslugi ciasteczek.
A routine that still persisted after I was fired from what I considered to have been my ticket to stardom, here at the world-famous architecture firm. Na skrupulatnie przygotowanej sali szkoleniowej, pojawilo sie wiele spragnionych wiedzy osob – i wiedze ta otrzymali w duzej ilosci.
Celem kazdego lub wiekszosci z nas (pomijajac Jamesa) jest stworzenie dlugotrwalej solidnej relacji z kobieta.
Dalsze korzystanie z serwisu oznacza zgode na uzywanie ciasteczek przez lub wylaczenie ich obslugi w przegladarce.
Oczywiste jest, ze kazde szkolenie, ksiazka i artykul staje sie naprawde wartosciowe jesli jestesmy w stanie wyciagnac z niego wnioski i co najwazniejsze wdrozyc je w zyciu, aby stawac sie lepsza wersja siebie.
Zwiazek jest jak szklanka z woda, ktora gasi pragnienie, ale wazne jest to, aby wiedziec ile wody z niej brac. Drugi rodzaj krytyki ten bardziej konstruktywny to wlasnie krytyka majaca na celu skrytykowanie w sposob uprzejmy i rzeczowy. Jesli to ma byc tylko jeden lyk wody to rozwiazanie wydaje byc sie chwilowe, lepiej jest miec cala szklanke, zeby skutecznie gasic pragnienie kazdego dnia. Jesli czujesz zlosc po krytyce, ktora jednak jest rzeczowa i prawdziwa to sygnal i najlepszy bodziec zeby cos zmienic i poprawic. Kobieta ocenia po wygladzie zanim jeszcze zacznie sie rozmowa wiec wizerunek jest niezmiernie wazny. Najwazniejsze jest to, zeby zaangazowac w interakcji z kobietami wszystkie niezbedne zmysly.
Odrzucenie faceta przez kobiete jest niczym innym jak selekcja dokonywana przez nia juz na samym poczatku interakcji i kobieta ma do tego prawo. Wytrwalosc zalezy od faceta i to nastawienie jest kluczem do sukcesu – w tym wypadku trwalej relacji z kobieta. Dla faceta wazne powinno byc jasne sprecyzowanie jakiej kobiety szuka, jaka powinna byc, jakie wartosci reprezentowac soba, tak aby zgrac sie takze na tym poziomie.
Kobieta jest chyba najlepszym dodatkiem do zycia faceta, ale nie moze niszczyc wartosci mezczyzny przez ocenianie. Cwiczenie proponowane przez Wojtka polegac ma na tym, ze odnajdujesz swoje trzy zle cechy, ktore cie denerwuja i sprawiaja, ze czujesz sie zle, wypisujesz je i zmieniasz zaczynajac natychmiast. Wypracowany wizerunek i spojnosc wewnetrzna pozwala facetowi na lepsze relacje z kobietami, a wiec i lepsze zycie.
Wiecej o kreowaniu wizerunku oraz o tym jak stac sie facetem silnym emocjonalnie i fizycznie bezposrednio u Wojtka, ktory w tych tematach szkoli i osiaga pozytywne efekty u swoich klientow.

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