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The red pill – for those who haven’t seen The Matrix – is the one which shows you the world as it really is rather than cosy, fantasy confection of the popular imagination. If you were old enough to see R-rated movies in 1999 (or had lenient parents), you no doubt flocked to the theaters to see the Wachowski Brothers’ cyberpunk epic, The Matrix. The story of The Matrix follows computer programmer Thomas Anderson (Keanu Reeves), who is also an expert hacker under the pseudonym Neo. After being freed from his plugged-in state, Neo is told the gist of the Matrix and the takeover of artificial intelligence, but not the rebellion’s bizarrely inconvenient reliance on land line telephones.
Though the protagonists do have one quickly defeated traitor, the primary bad guy is actually a sunglass-wearing computer program named Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving). The film culminates in an epic battle where Neo is seemingly killed in his efforts to save Morpheus. Despite its flaws, The Matrix was a groundbreaking movie with international appeal to a wide variety of audiences.
Can you name the toy surrounding an urban legend that led several intelligence agencies to ban these from their offices? In recent years, FIFA have addressed the problem of accumulated yellow cards, thus making career-ruining suspensions less likely for finals – although a red in a semi will still see you banned.
These days, denying a clear goal-scoring opportunity is supposed to be punished by a straight red. Such incidents are far more likely to occur in the final minutes, as one team fights for an equaliser, and the relative advantages and disadvantages shift firmly in the winning side’s favour.
The classic scenario: a forward breaks from around the halfway line with two team-mates, and a defender pulls him down by the shoulder. Scenario Two: the forward goes clean through on goal and is tripped from behind, 25 yards out.
The problem is that discussion always focuses on what is the best way to punish the guilty player, rather than the best way to compensate the team that has been wronged. So how could this situation be rectified to compensate the team that has been denied an almost certain goal?
The idea of simply awarding a goal is appealing in one way, but goes against the nature of the game – one instinctively feels that the ball should physically cross the goal-line.
Dribbling penalties are a possibility, where the penalty-taker can ‘pass to himself’ and attack the goal, but, as previously mentioned, a ‘penalty’ doesn’t seem right if the foul occurred outside the penalty box. So why not have something that acts as a deterrent, and gives a clear advantage to the team that has been fouled, but which also takes into account the whereabouts of the offence and the likelihood of a goal? This will be a direct free kick in which all opponents except the goalkeeper must stand five yards BEHIND the ball. Twenty yards from goal, this will give the attacking side will have an overwhelming chance of scoring; 50 yards from goal they will have a decent advantage, but the defence will have a chance of catching them. With a sanction like this, a card would be needed only in cases that involve violent fouling.
Above all, the deterrent effect would be enough to eliminate deliberate or desperate fouling, thus making these free-kicks a rarity. Of course, there would be an element of controversy and subjectivity; but then, we already have that, as the referee already has to make the call on ‘clear goal-scoring opportunities’ when he decides whether or not to brandish the red card. Maybe, but by doing so they risk being yellow-carded themselves and not receiving a free kick.
In short, this proposal would strongly discourage professional fouls, reduce the number of cards shown (and thus suspensions), and give proper redress in any situations of significant cheating. There must be an obvious objection to all this, but unless readers can spot it, we shall be demanding action from the authorities forthwith. How about instead of penalties they just throw on another ball every 5 minutes until someone scores? It is claustrophobic and oppressive, with all of the action taking place in hotel rooms and offices. The plot: an apparent damsel in distress (Mary Astor) visits private detective Sam Spade (Humphrey Bogart) to ask for his protection. Spade is visited by a series of strange characters: Joel Cairo (masterfully played by Peter Lorre), the sinister Gutman (Sydney Greenstreet), and even his apparent client Mary Astor, who proves to be a master of deceit. The conclusion of the film is what enables it to rise above the cheap conventions of the standard crime drama. When Spade discovers that his partner had been gunned down by the woman he loves, he must put his allegiance to his moral code above his amorous impulses.
The original book was chosen recently as a selection for the Wall Street Journal Book Club. Roosh's new book, Free Speech Isn't Free, has just been released, and comes with two bonuses if you order now. Kings Wiki is an ROK-affiliated wiki that contains articles around the themes of masculinity and nationalism. Imagine taking two pills in the morning that can help you overcome fear, live courageously, and have an extraordinary day. The blue pill gives you awareness to face your fears and internal threats to prevent you from panicking before your emotions ambush you.
Scientists have found regions in the brain associated with fear and courage, so those scenarios in this article aren’t as farfetched as they might sound.
The second area of the brain is called the subgenual anterior cingulate cortex (sgACC) that controls and suppresses bodily fear responses, and sends nerve projections into the amygdala that shut it down.

The results showed that those who asked for them to be moved closer had increased fear activity in the sgACC.
Now that researchers have pinpointed the source of courage in the brain, it opens the way to interventions to help people overcome their fears, and more importantly to generate more courage to live an extraordinary life. One of the biggest problems people face is they aren’t often aware of their behaviour and emotional responses that act on autopilot long before they can make decisions about what to do about them. Research shows that decisions are made six to seven seconds before people become consciously aware of them. You’re about to go into a meeting with your project director, and you fear the meeting won’t go well. You have an image of you as a little girl being scolded by your father for taking too long to get dressed. When you take the red pill you now see your mother retraining to go back into the workforce, and making empowering decisions to make a difference in people’s lives. The Red Badge of Courage is all about Henry’s transformation from a fearful, lost, doubting youth, to a courageous, confident, duty-bound soldier. The Blue Pill of Awareness: Become aware of your past barriers, beliefs, taken for granted assumptions, and limiting stories that ruin your life. The Red Pill of Courage: Write a new story for your life to generate the courage you need to overcome barriers imposed on you by your past. The red pill is not for the fainthearted because it involves confronting painful, ugly reality rather than living the dream.
It’s a report from last year by the Boston Consulting Group showing that the amount of household, corporate and government debt which needs to be eliminated stands at $21 trillion.
Centered in a mechanical Orwellian dystopia, The Matrix made everyone who saw it question their perception of reality, if only for a brief moment. In the excessively long set up to let Neo in on the secrets of the Matrix, we also meet Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss), the film’s first obvious religious allusion and romantic storyline. While in the Matrix, Smith and his duplicates can take over the bodies of any regular Matrix-dwelling bystander.
The plot of The Matrix gratified some viewers by playing on their paranoid conspiracy theories. What of the teams who are knocked out of the tournament because of cynical, calculated ‘professional’ fouls which deny them a crucial goal?
Result: a yellow card for the defender and a harmless free-kick in the middle of the pitch. Introduce a new type of free-kick for ‘professional’ (deliberate) fouls and for ‘honest’ fouls (genuine mistimed tackle, etc) that deny a goal-scoring opportunity.
In other words, it will reflect the original opportunity, with a slight added advantage for the attacking team. Players rarely go down when they have a chance to score, and in most situations it would not be a risk not worth taking. He is the author of the books On Duties, Thirty Seven, Pantheon, Stoic Paradoxes, and Pathways. The acting styles, set designs, plot artifices, and production values usually do not attract me. It was a hard-bitten type of film, born of the cynicism and dislocation of the Second World War and its aftermath.
Adapted from the Dashiell Hammet’s unrelenting grim crime novel, this John Huston production set a standard that few of its descendants have matched. Every character is either corrupt, an opportunist, or a liar, and their scheming machinations add to the oppressive atmosphere. Everyone is lying, everyone is concealing something, and everyone is trying to screw everyone else. They are all engaged on a joint quest to find a precious artifact, a jewel-encrusted statute of a falcon, once in the possession of the Knights of Malta.
The quest for the precious statue turns out to be an illusion, a fools’ errand that brings its seekers only misery. It is a lesson that many of us, in this age of simps, manginas, and white knights, have forgotten. Despite all the rottenness of the world, despite all of its corruption and evil (or maybe because of it) a man of honor must be true to his own code. Spade shields himself from the evil of the world by his tough-guy exterior, but beneath that, we could say that he is a profoundly moral man. Its message resonates just as loudly today as it did in 1941, surely one of the most fateful years in recent world history.
It gives an inside look to how the globalist establishment is attempting to marginalize masculine men with an agenda that promotes censorship and sterility. Taking place during the American Civil War, the story is about a young private of the Union Army, Henry Fleming, who flees from the field of battle. However, given the right circumstances people can set themselves free of their bondage and act courageously. Once you see the source of your fear, you then take the red pill to give you the courage you need to confront and hurdle over any obstacles or challenges blocking your path. This area effectively generates courage that allows you to set a mental “handbrake” to stop the fear generated by the amygdala.
As people from each group were shown the snakes, and asked to have the snakes moved closer or farther away, an MRI scanned the volunteers’ brains to monitor their reactions.

When you take the blue pill you feel fear coursing through your body, and your stomach goes into knots. You recoil when he yells at you to hurry and you feel like you’ve done something very wrong. You see that same little girl facing her father, and telling him she’s sorry she’s late and that she’ll be ready the next time. When they ask why the project is delayed, you confidently explain why and give them a revised schedule.
You also see yourself wanting to become a career coach, so you approach HR to do some retraining, and map out a plan to change your career towards doing something meaningful. Similar to Henry, we can also transform the quality of our lives starting with awareness to enable authentic choices to live courageously towards a new more empowering future. The movie was an inarguable success, grossing over $460 million worldwide and wining four Academy Awards, as well as international praise, an obscenely profitable franchise, and addition to the National Film Registry in 2012.
Next in line for introduction is Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne), the good guys’ stoic leader. For Smith, possessing homeless guys and truck drivers is a seconds-long process, but inexplicably, agents have less or no power over machinery or buildings that are also a part of the greater computer program that is the Matrix, denying them a significant advantage over the human rebellion.
He is revived by Trinity’s dimension-transcending sexual prowess and is resurrected from his premature death to fight the impossible battle against Agent Smith(s). Offending team down to ten men for a few minutes and wins the game; defender misses the next match. The most common historical exit strategy of countries in this situation has been debasement of the currency, rather than outright default. It is a remarkable film: a misanthropic, dark meditation on human greed, the futility of effort, and the consequences of betrayal.
Everyone is trying to screw everyone else; only Sam Spade, played wonderfully by Humphrey Bogart, is able to convey some sort of stoic honor. The cops, apparently aware that Spade had had an affair with Miles’s wife, finger Spade as a murder suspect. He must do the right thing in the midst of all the iniquity, in spite of all the swirling malevolence around him. According to its critics, the book is misogynistic, homophobic (in its portrayal of Joel Cairo), and amoral.
He sets things right with the case, avenges his fallen comrade Miles, and exposes the statute of the bird for the phony it is. It also shares key knowledge and tools that you can use to defend yourself against leftist attacks. When this area is activated in the face of a real or perceived threat, it sounds an internal alarm and your body goes into fight or flight mode. With this awareness you remember times when you’ve been late with projects and to meetings, and you feel small, fearful and unworthy.
You feel empowered for confronting the issue with him, and that you had a positive outcome. Because your powerful body language and courage instils confidence in your abilities, you walk out of the meeting feeling pleased with the outcome.
You see your aging parents who separated after a long marriage, and hear their conversations about how hard their life has been. Some time in the next few months, weeks or years, we’re all going to be taking a 30 per cent hair cut. Morpheus offers Neo his choice between the infamous red pill and blue pill, explaining that one will show him the truth and one will make him think this was all a dream. But then again, a level playing field makes for way cooler action scenes–as do bad aim, unnecessary acrobatics, and trench coats.
The final scene reveals Neo’s mastery of the Matrix, evidenced by his Superman-style flight into the sky before the credits roll. One of these is the 1941 film The Maltese Falcon; its ethic and philosophy of life is directly relevant to men today, and is worth repeated viewing.
Film historians tell us that the “classic” period of noir spanned the 1940s and 1950s; after that, the genre fell out of favor, but never entirely died.
In short, the same criticisms that are heaped on every work of art (yes, I consider The Maltese Falcon to be art) that makes certain people uncomfortable.
Your mother talks about sacrificing her career for her family, and the dissatisfaction she felt as she got older.
You feel peaceful because you’re living a satisfying and meaningful life, and are making choices towards your highest values. Like any curious expert hacker determined to push a plot forward, Neo chooses the red pill and soon wakes up surrounded by incubators, wires and confusion.
I certainly have my own list of noir favorites, which I think every man interested in movies should see.

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