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The Red Pill chronicles filmmaker Cassie Jaye's journey following the mysterious and polarizing Men's Rights Movement. Cassie Jaye founded Jaye Bird Productions in 2008, which has since produced a collection of documentary films that have been praised for being thought-provoking, entertaining and respectful in representing multiple competing views within the film.
The IFA consumer electronics show kicks off in Berlin on Friday, and today Sony held a pre-show press conference at its booth, where CEO Kazuo Hirai talked about the most successful consumer electronic products from the industry giant.
Innovation has been fundamental to our success in our PlayStation business, and continues to inspire us to create new technologies and new consumer experiences. We’re constantly evolving the PlayStation ecosystem through hardware, software, and network capabilities, that create truly inspiring experiences. Project Morpheus achieves a sense of presence that takes you beyond conventional gameplay and to worlds of unprecedented depth and perception. And not only does Project Morpheous deliver unique, next-level VR experiences, it also provides a social dimension, that allows players to connect and share their experience with others, whether that’d be playing alongside each other, or even via online multiplayer.
So once again, please take the time and really enjoy the many immersive and innovative experiences in the PlayStation area, right here at this booth this week. Sony definitely has an interesting battle ahead to deliver a VR product able to hit the consumer market in a major way. Unfortunately, no specific information was released this time around, so we’ll have to wait and see. I used to be really hyped for Morpheus and planned on buying it, but then reality set in and now I need to be convinced.
If Sony can develop tools for devs to easily port their games to Morpheus, this thing’ll be great.
I’d go on to list a bunch of things here, but fanboys only see what they want to see. Then your argument is simply just implying Sony only innovates ove4 its own products and services, not so much industry wide. I would agree with you on that point then, but its a pretty redundant point as typically all companies try to evolve from its own products and services.
Nobody is arguing Sony weren’t creators of innovation once upon a time as I indicated in my first comment.
Again like I said, Sony has done nothing innovative since the failure of the Cell processor. IT’S NOT BECAUSE SONY IS COMING LATE TO THE GAME WITH LOWER TECH HARDWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your clear desperation to justify Sonys Morpheus as being innovative has you grasping at straws. The only desperation here is your incessant need to try to downplay actual innovation not coming from your Company of Choice™.
Move and Wiimotes are completely different kinds of technology and operate differently from one another. I would point towards D-Pads, shoulder buttons, analogue sticks, game saves, portable consoles, controller vibration, motion control, multiplayer (on console ports) and VR off the top of my head and that’s just hardware. Ok I agree Sony has said some dumb sh*t in the past but I don’t think them saying their innovation is unparalleled is smug at all. Both have been smug and its so satisfying to see both eat crow when it happened, but now lets move on both consoles are doing well. And don’t you dare talk about shitposting kiddo, you smear enough of your own excrement around here to make a hypocrite out of yourself.

No surprise there, stupid people rarely exercise self control and actually sound proud of the stupid shit they say. A feminist filmmaker has re-ignited the gender war by daring to make a controversial movie about the Men Right’s Movement. As part of her research for The Red Pill, American film maker Cassie Jaye spent hundreds of hours with the internet’s most notorious Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs) over a two-and-a-half year period. For balance, she also interviewed some of  their fiercest critics – such as Katherine Spillar, Executive Director of the Feminist Majority Foundation. Jaye began the process as a feminist, but she ended up not only sympathising with the MRAs, but fundamentally questioning the “aggressive” ethos of modern feminism. For her efforts, she says she has been smeared, threatened with “career suicide” and even saw her funding dry up – to the point where the movie was unlikely to see the light of day.
But then something incredible happened: via a Kickstarter fund, a “global army” of 2,732 free speech advocates (of both genders), raised a staggering $211,260, ensuring the movie’s cinematic release. Jaye, 29, has heavyweight credentials, winning multiple awards for her two previous movies, Daddy I Do and The Right to Love: An American Family. The title The Red Pill refers to a scene in the Matrix, when Keanu Reeves’ character takes the red pill to see “the truth” – MRAs claim they see the “truth” about women and a world they feel is systematically stacked against men and boys.
The Red Pills’ key interviewees – including MRA luminaries such as A Voice For Men founder Paul Elam, author of The Myth Of Male Power Dr Warren Farrell and the National Coalition For Men’s Dean Esmay – have long been smeared as some of the internet’s biggest anti-feminist bogeyman.
When it began to emerge that Jaye was to tell a sympathetic story of the MRAs, her feminist interviewees were furious – and her funding suddenly dried up. It was at this point when the internet stepped in, spurred on by a rally article in Breibart, and raised the six figure sum needed to push the film towards distribution.
Now Red Pill is due for a cinematic release in Autumn 2016 to drive men’s issues on the radar ahead of the US Presidential Election (there will also be a London screening).
SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTERFeminists are in meltdown following the successful funding of The Red Pill, a documentary about the Mens’ Rights Movement by award winning filmmaker Cassie Jaye. Although Jaye is an accomplished filmmaker, with two award-winning documentaries under her belt, she was forced to turn to Kickstarter after her original backers abandoned her.
Grants and institutional support were revoked after Jaye signalled that her documentary would not be a hit-piece, but instead a fair-minded assessment of the men’s rights movement.
A feminist refusing to debate and preferring to hurl insults from the comfort of his living room?
Instead, she discovered her own beliefs were changing, and now the documentary is about her personal journey as well as the movement itself. Modern feminists and social justice warriors go to absurd lengths to prevent their critics’ arguments from being heard. Underlying this reckless panic is fear: fear that their own arguments will not stand up to scrutiny, and fear that the arguments of their opponents will win over impartial onlookers. Despite their best efforts,  feminists will not be able to prevent her story from reaching an audience.
Breitbart Tech is a new vertical from Breitbart News covering tech, gaming and internet culture. Featuring exclusive interviews with the most prominent men's rights leaders like Paul Elam (Founder of A Voice For Men), Dr. And PlayStation is committed to be the best place to play, whether it’d be for gaming, video, music, or even television.
Morpheus, simply put, is a remarkable innovation that showcases the future of gaming and pushes the boundaries of play.
It’s also taking existing technology and improving it, finding ways to make it better, faster, stronger than it would be otherwise.

That Sony is able to not only pull off VR on a console by tweaking the headset, but able to handle multiplayer VR on it, something no one else was pursuing, is very innovative. The first being the Blu Ray format, which not only is the current standard for HD and Ultra HD physical distributions, but all current-gen physical game distribution is done via Blu Ray. There’s no company that makes as arrogant remarks and trash talk the competition as much as Sony does.
I think he is referring to all the things Sony has brought to the gaming industry throughout the years. It completely changed how I see men, from my relationship with my boyfriend to my father figures.
Needless to say, the feminists who hoped The Red Pill would never see the light of day are not pleased. This undercurrent of panic and disbelief can be seen in many of the comments prominent feminists have made on social media. She says her Kickstarter backers come from all sides of the political, social and sexual spectrums.
Jaye has raised enough to host her own Oscar-qualifying screenings of The Red Pill in LA and New York. Jayea€™s most notable films are the award winning feature documentaries a€?Daddy I Doa€? (which examined the Abstinence-Only Movement versus Comprehensive Sex Education) and a€?The Right to Love: An American Familya€? (which followed one familya€™s activism fighting for same-sex marriage rights in California). Whether Sony will manage to keep the headset affordable will probably make or break Project Morpheus.
But if it can only play Morpheus-specific games, then I’m afraid options will be slim.
And seeing as the PS4 cam is INDEED an improvement of what they started with the EyeToy, it’s innovation.
They were the first to make a control with dual analog sticks and a built-in rumble feature the standard controller with the DualShock, which is now standard industry-wide.
Especially when hidden behind anonymity which usually frees them from any consequences for their actions. You must be referring to the drug, or something else that is only common knowledge in whatever hole you live in. They will pull fire alarms and call in bomb threats to events where their opponents are speaking.
All the loonies have left is impotent rage and an increasingly disillusioned public who, it seems, are keen to hear the other side of the story.
Both films showed that Jayea€™s interview style is to allow people to share their views honestly, openly and candidly while letting the audience make their own opinions. It’ll probably end up like the original EyeToy (looked promising, at the time), which had no games made for it so no one bought it. Even when men were suffering, like falling behind at school, I heard a lot of talk about ‘toxic masculinity’ – that it was somehow the fault of the patriarchy, that men caused their own problems. They will abuse the reporting features on websites like YouTube and Twitter to censor their opponents on the internet.

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