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We’ve been promising for some time to explain why in the choice between power and leadership, leadership is fundamentally the only option to take.
Those of you who have seen the movie The Matrix may recall the scene where the hero, Neo, experiences his awakening. For us, this movie has its place not only in the realms of science fiction but is central to understanding leadership itself.
Yet many of the relationships in the business world are based on power relationships that are probably succoured by the power structures within organisations.

We’ve seen in a previous post, how there is a fundamental tension in us as to what we want. Those of you who have been following this blog will be familiar with our Strategic Thinking Model that captures all the variables we can possibly face in almost any situation.
Following a discipline of using the strategic thinking model helps you avoid the biases created by power and stay, as far as possible, within the cycle of reality and truth – which is critical in business but something that is strangely lacking in the workplace.
If you would like to boost your own leadership skills, then why not have a look at The Leadership Challenge Workshop, where the skill described above is brought to life.

His awakening comes in the form of a choice offered him by his mentor-to-be, Morpheus – a choice between a red pill, and a blue pill.

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