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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Nearly two thirds of the moderators said they thought that a€?teachersa€™ personal feelings about particular pupils influenced their assessmentsa€? on some occasions or on a regular basis. The study was conducted by the National Centre for Social Research, as part of wider research into the impact of changes to the national curriculum tests which will come in to effect this year. An ongoing evaluation process such as that open lines of communication and allows teachers to ask questions, engage in discussions, and express their comfort level with suggestions, noted Hunt, principal of Monroe (Michigan) High School.
Education World recently engaged our "Principal Files" team in a discussion about their roles as observers and evaluators of teachers.
Principals use walk-through observations to engage teachers in conversations about student learning.
Opening oneself up to an evaluation by the community takes some nerve, but Nashville's superintendent Dr. I’ve also questioned whether our traditional teacher education model is producing teachers really prepared to succeed in the classroom.
So I was intrigued by an Education Next article showcasing a teacher education program that brings these pieces together, employing student data to teach student teachers. The amazing—or at least attention-getting—improvement on the wheel is that New York–based Relay is linking the success of its students to the success of their students. During their second year in Relay’s two-year masters-degree program, elementary-school teachers are asked to show that their own students averaged a full year’s reading growth during the school year. To earn their degrees, elementary-school teachers are also asked to show that their students earned, on average, 70 percent mastery on a year’s worth of state or Common Core Standards in another subject, usually math. Email Address (Required) * Your email address is kept private and will not be shown publicly. Libya: UNICEF initiative to provide better quality education through teacher trainingChildren enter a UNICEF-supported tent school at the Shousha transit camp on the Libyan border with Tunisia. 2 April 2013 – The United Nations Childrena€™s Fund (UNICEF) today announced the development of a€?a high-level road mapa€? for effective teacher management in Libya as part of the agencya€™s continuing efforts to improve access to quality education for all children in the North African country. The new two-year initiative, to be funded by the European Union and elaborated under the leadership of Libyaa€™s Ministry of Education, will ultimately be implemented by UNICEFa€™s Teachers Development Centre with a special focus on providing better education for Libyaa€™s most vulnerable children, including those affected by the countrya€™s recent conflict. The project, which will run an estimated 3.1 million Euros, will study various aspects of the Libyan education system ranging from teachersa€™ qualifications and in-service teacher training to recruitment, management and deployment.

In addition, it will provide a€?a high-level road map for more effective teachersa€™ management and help coordinate a response to teacher development,a€? according to the UNICEF news release. Are teachers motivated to teach better by financial rewards in the same way salesmen are motivated by sales targets and production goals? According to a new report by the National Education Policy Center (NEPC), the short answer to these questions is ‘no’.
The report says that basing teacher bonuses on standardized test scores alone is ineffective in attracting and retaining good teachers. They propose addressing the conditions that the best teachers want and need, using compensation strategically to support their professional activities and retaining them. The report notes that there is currently a significant absence of an understanding of how incentives could be used to reward teachers who spread their expertise to their colleagues by working collaboratively instead of in competition. New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Weather Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score More Sports News Crime U.S. Follow Us Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest YouTube Subscribe Follow UsNewsletter App Subscriptions Subscribe Get Our Newsletter A daily blend of the most need-to-know Daily News stories, delivered right to your inbox.
Select Sport Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School More Sports Crime U.S. A scheming Bronx teacher raped a 10-year-old student after he tricked the girla€™s family into thinking she was receiving an academic award, police sources said Wednesday. Twisted Public School 386 teacher Anthony Criscuolo a€” the hulking brute accused of the sickening attack on his fifth-grade student a€” penned a bogus note to the victima€™s parents on school letterhead announcing that their daughter had written an award-winning persuasive essay, police sources said. The letter convinced the unsuspecting parents to allow the 40-year-old predator, who had already given the girl an iPod Touch and let her wear a diamond ring in his classroom, to take the girl to a sham award ceremony he claimed was Monday. The girla€™s mother called cops Tuesday after she found a string of sexually illicit emails sent by Criscuolo, family said. Students in Criscuoloa€™s classroom said their teacher showered them with constant attention and gifts. It appears Criscuolo only had eyes for his victim, with whom he exchanged notes during class, some students said.
Education World's "Principal Files" team offers their advice for doing this process better. Time seems to be the biggest differentiator: A principal who makes it a priority to get into teachers' classrooms on a monthly basis or more frequently than that, even if only for a quick walk-through evaluation, has the definite edge.

They must also set a reading goal for each child, perhaps two years’ growth for a child who is three years behind, for example. In other words, a math class would meet the goal if students’ individual mastery scores, when averaged, were 70 percent or better. Note that the evening and weekend classes are designed for working teachers, and that the students enrolled have mostly followed alternative paths such as Teach for America. Do merit pay programs that focus on students’ standardized test scores improve student achievement and reward the best teachers?
Instead, the pathetic creep drove the victim to a school parking lot in Queens and raped her inside his silver Dodge Charger, which has tinted windows that hid the beastly attack, police sources said. He gave $5 bills to pupils who made the honor roll and always had treats tucked away in a separate classroom. Others recalled how he took the girl and danced with her like she was his wife during a Valentinea€™s Day party in class. Included: What to look for, evaluation form options, walk-through tips and forms, tips for teachers, more. They strive to use their observations and evaluations to help teachers develop new skills and learn new research-based best practices -- to help those teachers become the best teachers they can be.
That principal is more likely than a principal who pops in and out once or twice a year to have a strong sense of his teachers' true skills, provide more meaningful feedback, and lead teachers to reflect more deeply about their classroom abilities. Students can earn credit toward an honors degree if 80 percent of the children they teach meet their individual reading goals.
The creep apparently fancied himself a looker, creating a profile on the modeling website Explore Talent and posting a photograph of himself tanned and at the beach.
And, when professional development plans aren't working, how do principals help teachers recognize that teaching might not be the place for them? 386 in the Bronx was collared Wednesday after being accused in the rape of a fifth-grader he  showered with gifts, including an iPod Touch.

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