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Click “Print,” tuck this article into your back pocket, go right now to see the movie, and when you come out of the theater afterward, pull the article back out.Seriously. Some of them are straight forward and some of them are more metaphorical – simultaneously pleasing Star Lord and confusing Drax. Groot (flora colossus from Planet X – basically a walking, talking tree) is the opposite of that.

Star Lord, is practically transported by music.Near the beginning of the movie, while in the midst of a desolate landscape in a rodent infested ruin, he pops on the earphones of a Walkman, circa 1980s, and, with the tunes blaring. Please consider signing up for my mailing list where we can insure you are notified.  Just click here!Mark is a co-founder of The Christian Left. His blog, The God Article, was recently named as one of the “Top Ten Christian Blogs.” Mark received The Associated Church Press' Award of Excellence in 2012.

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