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We encourage you to share and republish our reports, analyses, breaking news and videos (Click for details). Hundreds of people received an automated phone call to let them know one of their neighbors was suffering from Ebola. How many times have you voted for Democrats and then come on here acting like you’re not one yourself?
What better way to ramp up the fear and take your mind off the rampant border crossing and all the wonderful things that come with it.
Meanwhile, Frederic Vincent, a spokesman for the European Commission, told CNN on Wednesday that there have been eight confirmed cases of Ebola in European countries. There is also a case in which a Norwegian staffer with Doctors Without Borders is being treated, he said.
UPDATE: Due to the fact that the CNN article above was edited to remove the section quoted, I have relinked it to a Fox8 Cleveland article which directly quotes the same CNN passage that has now been deleted. A doctor treating her said that she may have been exposed while she removed her protective suit…that one of her gloves might have touched her face.
Are “health officials” still going to keep telling us this virus is hard to catch?
Interestingly, the CNN article linked here contains NONE of the details quoted on this page! Despite arguments to the contrary from the Obama administration, mounting evidence suggests that the U.S. This week the Federal Reserve published a report that claims to have figured it out and it turns out that the renewed economic downturn has nothing to do with foreign outsourcing, high taxation, increased health care costs for business or rising consumer prices for food and energy.
The issue has to do with the velocity of money, which has never been constant, as can be seen in the figure below .
So why did the monetary base increase not cause a proportionate increase in either the general price level or GDP? Top tier economists, it seems, are unable grasp why consumers have decided to hoard – in other words, save – their money even though the central bank is engaged in an unprecedented monetary expansion. The answer is simple, really, and you don’t need to look at detailed government charts and statistics to figure it out. We are losing so many jobs that newly created minimum wage jobs touted by the Obama administration aren’t even making a dent. Moreover, the price of food, electricity, gas and other essentials have risen so sharply that we’re paying nearly double for those items today than we did a decade ago.
And, as recently noted by The Economic Collapse Blog, over 77 million Americans currently have debt collection accounts and 25% of Americans have absolutely no emergency cash whatsoever.

It’s not so much that Americans are “hoarding” money, a phrase that suggests greedy people all over the country are stacking piles of cash under their mattresses. Sometimes Federal Reserve white papers attract attention and this one does because of the term “hoarding money.” This is a startling phrase and – who knows – perhaps it marks the beginning of a new meme. This isn’t the first time government officials and their quasi-government counterparts have targeted “hoarders” as evil doers.
These definitions are written in to the 1950 War and National Defense (sic) Production Act, and so let’s see what the act itself has to say for itself. In order to prevent hoarding, no person shall accumulate (1) in excess of the reasonable demands of business, personal, or home consumption, or (2) for the purpose of resale at prices in excess of prevailing market prices, materials which have been designated by the President scarce materials or materials the supply of which would be threatened by such accumulation. The President shall order published in the Federal Register, and in such other manner as he may deem appropriate, every designation of materials the accumulation of which is unlawful and any withdrawal of such designation. So the President can simply say that anything more than (for example) a week’s supply of food (and all the other things listed) is an amount ‘in excess of the reasonable demands of personal consumption’ and then order the Army to impound everything you have in excess of that amount. Now, as we face a crisis in America on a scale never before seen, the government is attempting to change the story.
Those who hoard resources illegally will have their supplies seized and will likely be detained for actions akin to terrorism, while those who see something and say something will be rewarded with a cut of the booty. This may sound outlandish, until you consider that this is how all tyrants and authoritarian governments have operated since the beginning of human civilization.
One would think that the fed would have crafted a credible and more intelligent rationalization than this!
It is always automatically some one else fault when the gobberment stands accused of any thing that jumps the track resulting in a train wreck. Missed jobs targets, a depressed housing market, Federal Reserve manipulation and more is discussed in his latest video.
Think about it, would these people even be so stupid to use a phone call if this were real. Looks as though a Brit passed away in Macedonia today from possible Ebola, and friend traveling with is also now sick. How, after six years of recovery efforts and trillions of dollars printed, is it possible that the economy is not booming again? If for some reason the money velocity declines rapidly during an expansionary monetary policy period, it can offset the increase in money supply and even lead to deflation instead of inflation. They have done it before and the evidence suggests they are going to do it again as soon as the right crisis takes hold. In the end, when the worst of it hits and people start rioting in the streets because they can’t afford food or shelter, they’ll turn the blame on the “hoarders” who have selfishly saved cash and precious metals, stored long-term foods for an emergency, and prepared to deal with the very situation the politicians, central bankers and business elite have created. Many of them are sitting on large sums of cash and instead of hiring more people or increasing wages, they are doing stock buybacks to further increase shareholders pockets who in turn are not spending.

If you look back you can see that the corps pulled way back because of the socialist elected a dictator wanna be. This money is mostly invested in the financial markets where it benefits other shareholders.
Don’t forget about the banks and insurance companies that were destroyed during the mortgage meltdown pursuing the same types of returns. More Americans are out of the workforce than ever before, median household incomes are at levels not seen since 1967, and consumer spending is coming to a veritable standstill.
In order for the economy to recover you need to stop hoarding cash now and get out there and start buying more homes, cars, vacations, and electronics. Right now, tens of millions of Americans are unable to put food on the table or pay their most basic expenses, yet the Federal Reserve claims that we’re hoarding money. If the socialist were to relinquish power and the capitalist could have a margin of profit then you would see the economic engine go back to work. You only have a choice of red or blue but with the same set of elites pulling the strings in the background. Investigate what I say instead of doubting it on the surface and you will make the same returns I do.
People will die at home from Ebola, they will then have the impetus to make a law which forces us to get insurance and go to a hospital for any little sickness. Here is a cheat: go to lending club and only stick to D grade assets, you will end up with 12-15% return without knowing how to invest at all, then venture into other categories after you get your feet wet. A look at history will show that the socialist concept has never worked except for the dysfunctional at the top of the pile. So when all you rocket scientist are done we the people can get this country off life support and nurse it back to health.
Something is really wrong with our economic system when it’s difficult for average people to survive here, but not elsewhere. Note: lending club is unsecured debt(unlike mortgage notes) but I only have a $25 steak in each loan so if it goes belly up, oh well, it was only $25! What this article is saying is the Fed thinks keeping the money circulating is better for America than stock investing.

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