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It may also help to read this lesson on how knowing words can give you more ideas for writing and speaking. 10 top tips on learning IELTS vocabulary - advice on how to improve your vocabulary for IELTS.
IELTS speaking - the language of comparison - how to use the language of comparison in speaking to extend your answers with an emphasis on using a range of different structures. This set of vocabulary is extremely important as it helps you with the things that almost every type of IELTS writing requires.
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A couple months ago, Matt Daniels wowed wordsmiths and hip-hop enthusiasts alike with his hip-hop flow chart. In version 2.0, Daniels decided to make a concerted effort to include rappers known for their extensive vocabularies. The act of physically writing with your hand actually helps commit new knowledge to memory.
Two psychological scientists in Los Angeles conducted an experiment to test the effects of handwriting against typing notes on learning and memory. The next step is to take the new words or phrases you have learned and put them into a sentence.
Many students of English believe they will become better speakers if they just learn huge lists of new words. This is something I use with my students and it’s very effective in committing new vocabulary to memory.
If you want to learn to speak more fluently and practice your English with a native English teacher – contact me for lessons online with Skype! Rounding out the top 5 are relative unknowns: Kool Keith, Canibus, and Cunninlyguists (in that order).
While West Coast OG E-40 and southern icons OutKast come in at #14 and #15, Daniels notes that the prolific artists are outliers from their regions. For a clearer picture of where artists like The Roots, Mos Def, Nas, Eminem, Ice Cube, and, yes, even Insane Clown Posse (hey, Kool Keith is in the top three) fall, head to Daniels’ blog. The rapper will debut his finished album at a sold-out Madison Square Garden event tomorrow. The hard data is brilliantly illustrated in the above print from Pop Chart Lab, which is available for purchase. And, as he predicted, many of them -- for example, Jedi Mind Tricks, Action Bronson, Jean Grae, Del, Sage Francis and Immortal Technique -- shot straight to the top of the list.
You might learn new words or phrases when reading or in an English lesson, but so many students don’t think to write them down! The students who took notes by hand were found to do significantly better in the exams than the typists. He looked at the first 35,000 words in the lyrics (from 2012 and earlier) of a variety of rappers and tallied how many unique words each individual used. Meanwhile, big-name acts like Snoop Dogg, 2Pac, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne sit near the bottom — #67, #68, #71, and #72, respectively.

As the chart below shows, the East Coast undoubtedly has an overall vaster grasp on the English language. But I want to give you my top 4 tips on integrating new words and expressions into your language. The simple act of just writing the words you learn down in a list in your notebook will help. Everything is so easily accessible on our devices but the problem is we don’t retain information this way. I always tell my students to make true sentences, about their own lives and situations using the vocabulary.
In my experience it is more effective to focus on no more than 6 to 8 new words (or phrases) for one week. Daniels points out this would put Aesop literally off the chart if he’d adjusted the above image for scale. These are suggestions I have tested with my students in my 15 years of experience teaching English and I have seen good results. You also need to know how to use them in a grammatically accurate way, so it’s important to check your sentences with a teacher if you can.
When you make it personal to yourself and your life, then you increase your ability to remember it! If you try to learn 10 words a day, the reality is you will be less effective at remembering them and using them. The rest of the Wu-Tang Clan’s members break down thusly: RZA at #6, the group itself at #7, Ghostface Killah at #9, Raekwon at #20, and Method Man at #23. I usually tell my students to choose just 6 words from the topic we have been studying (E.g. Other members didn’t have enough solo material to count, but U-God’s contribution of nearly 1,375 unique words in his first 3,500 lyrics on Wu records helped bring the group to the top 10.
Then you will be exposed to the vocabulary at all times of the day and even just looking at the words will get you thinking about them. Science aside, Daniels dug through the work of 85 artists, and his results are worth a look. Focus on them in your mind and try to ‘hear’ them as you watch English movies or TV shows or listen to podcasts or conversations. When you hear the new word somewhere you will feel delighted as you recognize it in a context and it will imprint it more strongly in your memory. It can impress a potential employer, or it can greatly aid you in your line of work if you’re a writer.
If you make a mistake, the app will cross out your error and show you the appropriate word very briefly .
Every time you go through Word Challenges, you not only test your understanding of a word but unlock more words.
If you want to challenge someone, tap the Challenge Others option to play a 90-second game against someone on the Internet. The first round has you matching the appropriate meaning to a word, but the second round really puts your knowledge of the words to the test by requiring you to fill in the appropriate word in the sentence.Words, words, words! Learn more words by tapping the Learn feature so you can see a random word with its definition.

If you select the wrong one, the app will show you the correct answer, but that also means wasting precious seconds you could use for answering other items. After you finish the quiz, you can see your progress and how long it took you to finish it. You can also switch to playing Match the Definition or pick Random to challenge yourself to alternately match the words and definitions.
Just like vocabulary apps we’ve already looked at, Test Your English Vocabulary also shows you a list of choices. What makes this especially handy is that, tapping on the wrong answer lights that choice up in red and the correct answer will be highlighted in green. To be able to enjoy this app to the fullest, you’ll need to create an account or log in with Facebook. If you want to know the word’s meaning, tap the card to flip it over.Not sure how a word is supposed to be pronounced?
Tap the little speaker button in the upper-right corner of the card and listen to the app pronounce it. There was even one app that asked you to figure out a scrambled word, but your vocabulary hasn’t been fully tested just yet.
For every mistake you make, you receive a ten-second penalty to your score.Always make sure to review your mistakes!
You can do that at the very end of each 20-item quiz and you can even see what the correct spelling should have been. You can also invite your e-mail contacts and test just how well your spelling stands up against theirs. If you already know a word, you can tap Marked and select Show Unmarked from the options menu. SAT Vocabulary brings you back to your last viewed word when you launch it again.The whole app is very simple and clean, with no frills. That makes studying easier for some people who are reviewing for the SAT, but other users might find it too simple. That means you can completely immerse yourself in building your vocabulary without being distracted by flashing ads.English Vocabulary Are you still trying to keep away from stressing yourself by testing your vocabulary but want to keep learning more? Simply swipe upwards and you can breeze through the extensive list of words with no problem. Studying for your exam doesn’t mean having to let your eyes suffer!We hope that our list of Android apps for improving your vocabulary has helped you out.
Tough to make an app like that though, there’s over 300,000 words in the English language. The best thing is that you can always listen to the pronunciation even to Korean Chinese and Japanese.

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