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JOIN DOZENS OF AUTHORS (FICTION & NON-FICTION) WHO HAVE JOINED MY PROGRAM AND ARE NOW BEST SELLING AUTHORS! Nancy is a talented writer and has traveled around the world!  She started doing research online and came upon my Amazon Best Selling Author program and after our talk, Nancy decided she was ready to be a Best Selling Author and to create a passive income stream. As I mentioned in my audio at the top of this page…you are INVISIBLE TO AMAZON until you get on their BEST SELLERS LIST!  Once you do…then Amazon is happy to start promoting your book! Click here if you would like to read how I left my 17-year legal career after meeting Billy Ray Cyrus to follow my dreams and create my dream life! I started out 10 years ago making zero dollars online and grew my business from a part-time hobby for many years to a full time income since 2011 making 6-Figures+! I published my first ebook on Amazon, and without doing any promoting or marketing I made ZERO Sales!  I thought publishing an ebook on a topic that people were looking for was enough to make some sales, however, that’s not the case. I learned that you can “stack the cards” in your favor by making some adjustments and that if you follow a step-by-step PROVEN STRATEGY, that you can become an Amazon Best Selling author in a very short period of time! Here are 6 Case Studies of the books that I’ve been able to get to the Amazon Best Seller’s list!
Here’s another screenshot from a software program I have that analyzes book sales and rankings on Amazon; this screenshot shows that Nancy Hartwell is making over $2300 a month from her book, Harem Slave, on Amazon since joining my Amazon Best Seller program and her sales rank has been as low as 10,431 in all of Amazon (Amazon has over 2 million titles)!!!
Michelle Kulp’s program on how to become an Amazon best-selling author is, to put it mildly, the best MONEY I have ever spent!
I’ve been writing my entire life, but am utterly clueless about the whole e-publishing world. If you write, and you’re ambitious, this program is for you!  Michelle is an expert about publishing on Amazon and really taught me so much about sales, promotion, marketing and what it takes to actually make money on Amazon.  Within 9 months of taking her program, I am now earning over $2000 per month consistently from my ebook sales on Amazon! CASE STUDY #2:  Diana Cachey — Attorney, World Traveler and now a 3x Amazon Best Selling Author!
In October 2014, I was extremely frustrated and decided to hire Michelle to re-launch my novel, Love Spirits, Kindle Edition and I can’t believe the results!
When Michelle did the re-launch of my novel, I was actually vacationing on the Hawaiian island of Kauai to chill; so I wasn’t even at my computer.
The great part is that one month later, Diana’s book remains on the Best Seller’s list!  She has also published 2 more books in the series and all 3 of her books are now on the Amazon Best Sellers list! Jen is a straight talking truth bomber and the bestselling author of  ‘Think Create Jump’ which is a book about overcoming the limitations of your mind. Jen is so thankful that she can now officially say she is an “Amazon Best Selling Author” and the sales of her book have wildly exceeded her expectations! CASE STUDY #4 – Glenn Stevens– Self Defense Instructor, Coach, Speaker and NOW an International Amazon Best Selling Author! Glenn is ecstatic that he can now officially say he is an “Amazon Best Selling Author” and the sales of his book have grown exponentially! Michelle was instrumental in getting me over 2300 downloads of my new book, Don’t Be a Victim!  It became a triple, International bestseller within 48 hours of going live. CASE STUDY #5 – Adley Stump, musician, actress, speaker, and now an International Best Selling Author!

Since being on the show The Voice, Adley has worked harder than ever.  She is an entrepreneur at heart!  She has developed a line of clothing, has her own web series (Get Stumped with Adley Stump), is launching a new television reality show and through my Amazon Best Sellers program, has published her first book, How They Sell Music: Lessons from Celebrities On Creating Your Own Success!
Her book remains an Amazon Best Seller and she is now using that “best seller” status for other business opportunities and to grow her business!
Case Study #6 – Sonia Ross, Writer, Teacher, Blogger, and now International Best Selling Author! We launched Sonia’s book in June 2015 and her book remains on the Amazon Best Sellers list!
I contacted Michelle looking to take a tentative step towards pursuing a lifelong dream of being an author. Due to her years of marketing experience, Michelle has thought of and researched exhaustively so many little details that the average person doing it on their own would not have been able to consider. If you’re attending the International Reading Association’s annual convention, stop by booth #3447 in the exhibit hall and pay us a visit. This entry was posted in Our Authors, Teaching & Learning and tagged International Reading Association, IRA, our authors. We strive to provide the knowledge that drives improvement in schools, and the tools to facilitate better outcomes for all students. Mobile Learning: A Handbook for Developers, Educators, and LearnersWith new technologies come new challenges. The 21st century has seen some huge selling books make a real impression on popular as well as literary culture.
Exploring some of Smith’s own Jamaican identity, as well as that of the Irish, Bengali and other types of people who have made London their home over the years, this is primarily a touching tale of two families, the Jones family and the Iqbal family.
Ian McEwan is a much more established British novelist who has been making waves for a number of years now. Dealing with the activities of an English family during World War Two, the action centres on a crime that takes place in 1935.
It’s a romp through history that plays fast and loose with fact and speculation in a highly enjoyable way. Perhaps the best-known literary phenomenon of the 21st century has been the Harry Potter books, written by JK Rowling. Chillopedia is a growing information blog which focuses on various different genres that span the entire cultural spectrum. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. I am proof that simply publishing a great book with great content is not enough to make sales and definitely not enough to get to the Best Sellers list on Amazon. In fact, I had very little internet service where I was, however, Michelle was in constant contact with me during the re-launch! I have already referred people to your site and will do more once I am back in the real world.
Sonia is ecstatic because she can now officially call herself an “Amazon Best Selling Author” and the sales of her book have grown exponentially!

After my initial strategy session with Michelle, I felt fully understood and decided to make an investment in myself by pursuing this program.
She was true to her word and when my book launched on Amazon Kindle it made it to seven bestsellers list including international lists! We’ll be there April 19-22 with our best reading, writing, and literacy resources in tow and a number of our authors will be signing books.
This handbook presents a comprehensive look at mobile learning by synthesizing relevant theories and drawing practical conclusions for developers, educators, and students.
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The story relates how the two men build families over the years and encounter the rich multi-cultural soup that is life in England’s capital city, London. The book’s status was cemented by its youthful author, who was only 21 when the novel was written, winning the Whitbread First Novel Award. A sensitive and dark book, it is well worth reading for its exploration of class and conscience in England. Brown is a prolific author, all four of whose novels were at one stage on the New York Times Bestseller List.
Whilst the purists might find the style somewhat cliched and clunky, it is still an enjoyable read. Concerning the exploits of Mikael Blomkvist, a financial journalist whose life is crumbling, Blomkvist ends up investigating the disappearance of a woman. This novel is where Harry, the boy wizard who is the eponymous hero of the stories, finds the secret of his existence. But the coolest thing about the life Jen has created is that she gets to live her dream by helping other people from all over the world build their dreams and become more than they believe they can be! With 30 years experience, Glenn has a huge passion for teaching people how to be safe and he also loves building self esteem in children by visiting schools to talk about and demonstrate anti abduction and personal growth strategies as well as running his own martial arts and self defense schools. She goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable in understanding the process and how to use the best-seller credential to further your initial goals.
This does not occur, however, until he and his comrades have battled past the minions of Voldemort.
Not only do you get the credential, you get her experience to help you scale your business WITH that credential as well. The coaching calls and the step-by-step process that Michelle has developed to get your book to the bestsellers list cannot be beat in my opinion. A treat for both adults and children, this is a superb way to bring down the curtain on an iconic series.

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