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The origami resource I stumbled on yesterday makes it very clear that this ancient art form should have a place in your child’s upbringing and for their parties.
There are many reasonably priced introductory books specifically aimed at kids that would make delightful and delightfully different birthday  gifts. Get one for your own bookshelf as an addition to your repertoire of rainy day kids activities. Origami could also be a great quiet them down activity at a sleepover party- perfect for when the kids are getting tired but are too juiced to calm down. A gift that can teach a child something new that they might really love doing is a gift we parents can feel good about giving. Grab these 5 daily family tidbits, put them in the back of your mind or in your bookmarks to draw upon when needed.
As I search the web for new ideas for my children’s party business, I find all kinds of useful, interesting, and fun stuff for families.
Ideas from all over the web for games, themes, favors, decorations, food, even gift ideas for all those parties your kids go to. If DIY just isn't in your game plan, we have 5 terrific party packages for kids age 6 to 13. Just want you to know…any purchases you might make from a link on this blog and I make a commission from Amazon or other vendors.

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The book is divided into ten chapters with each including models suitable for beginning, intermediate, and advanced paper-folders.
I particularly like Jonathon Shapcott’s orchid which is striking and also completed with very few folds.
This chapter offers several jewels with a special mention going to both the angel by Neil Elias, and the simple Santa by Nick Robinson. If you love origami containers as much as I do then this book is worth the purchase for this chapter alone. This chapter delivers treasures such as the magic Umulius rectangulum by Thoki Yenn, and a classic cube by Shuzo Fujimoto. This is a wonderfully written review which does what it is supposed to do–help your decision. Makes me want to order the book and i think i will put it on the list for both the high school and the elementary school. The paper folding is great for small motor skills and practice following instructions never hurts. While a group would have a hard time sharing a book, online instructions abound that the kids could follow on a laptop on the floor in their jammies.

Same goes for those rainy afternoon  activities when they’re looking for something to do.
A quick and efficient way to stay on top of all your parenting opportunities, all organized for a quick scan to see what applies.
Traditional and classic models are featured along with elegantly ingenious models created by contemporary origami artists from around the world. It offers a comprehensive overview of origami basics, advice for beginners and experts alike on paper choice, and instructions on cutting different shapes including pentagons, hexagons, and A4 rectangles.
In under ten folds this simple model gracefully conveys its subject and produces a charming action model, a chick that pecks.
And that apple(!) by Shuzo Fujimoto…is the crown of a book filled with more than a generous helping of origami fun! Or, print out a bunch of instructions for origami creations that are easy enough for your age- group and they can work from those. To get them into it, challenge each one to make 3 origami creations in 20 minutes and the group will judge who made the best three.

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