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This is part of an ongoing series on rejected book cover designs, in which we invite cover artists to reveal some of the rejected ideas and inspirations behind a particular project.
A child figures out the rules of a strange land and helps others believe in themselves after getting stranded.
I have to read the book, even if it’s an unedited early version - which has sometimes been the case and I begin by letting the story and style of prose be the sentinel for the overall feeling I want the design to communicate.
I’ve been illustrating for over 10 years and showing in galleries for a little bit more than that. Three things: A book cover should be as eye-catching as it is gorgeous and it needs to translate well into various mediums.
I love cover art, sometimes I’ll buy a book because the cover has captivated me though I have no intent to read its insides. Here are some amazing, inspiring and creativity desined posters that collected in a couple of years. Book Cover design was always my favorite as I started my career by doing cover design for a lot of publishers! Jan Lenica Jan Lenica (4 January 1928, Poznan , Poland - 5 October 2001, Berlin ) was a Polish graphic designer and cartoonist. Josef Muller-Brockmann , (May 9, 1914, in Rapperswil – August 30, 1996), was a Swiss graphic designer and teacher.

Then I try to pick out moments that encapsulate the story and have exciting visual potential. At this point in my career the cover work that is probably most recognizable is What is the What, Zeitoun and The Wild Things all written by the unfathomably talented and inspiring Dave Eggers.
It is also good for the cover to reflect the content, but I have learned that this is not necessarily imperative. The Black Beauty cover Jillian Tamaki created for the previous Threads edition is pretty wonderful. Includes beautiful covers overseen by Jan Tschichold as well as the late typographer Hans Schmoller. With Oz I wanted the cover to reflect that it was an epic adventure, filled with odd characters and bizarre lands.
I’ve also worked on various advertising projects, album covers, and you-name-it’s – diversity is good and I’m happy for it. In general I like covers that take into account their medium and use it to their advantage. My favorite years are between 1961-1972 when Italian art director Germano Facetti was in charge of design. When it came time to translate the sketch to stitchery I delved into various embroidery books, the old ones in particular, to find stitch patterns that would further compliment those ideas.

For the past year I’ve been the resident illustrator for O Magazine’s Reading Room section, edited by Sara Nelson and designed by Angela Reichers. A lot of the early ideas were eliminated simply because didn’t lend themselves well to the line quality that stitching produces. If it is a four-color, glossy mass market book it needs to do something amazing within that realm. Facetti enlisted Polish graphic designer Romek Marber to redesign the look of the Penguin series and the rest is history.
I also wanted to include the four main heroes since the book is about how they support one another.
If it’s turn-of-the-century color stamp printing then there are other things the cover artists needed to concern themselves with.

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