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I would love to hear what books you think I should add to the list, please add your suggestions in the comments. This is the book that made me realize marketing was my calling after reading it in middle school. Philip Kotler is one of the most influenctial marketing academics, a professor at the Kellogg School of Management. This is a classic. The fundamental concepts of these book are critical for anyone in a technology industry as it explains how products are adopted, and what are the behaviors of customers in different stages of the adoption curve. Why do some products suddenly reach a tipping point where they go from obscurity to market phenomenon? Once you get hooked on behavioral economics after reading Ariely, Pink provides another set of practical insights into how consumers behave.
The author of the Strengths Finder philosophy, provides a useful view into what motivates employees and what managers need to know to be good leaders. A view into the near future, the internet of things, and how our world will change with the latest technologies.
This post is a summary of this book, which is the bible for a social media or community manager.
Every Self Publishing knows that writing and publishing books isn’t the end of the game when it comes to been an author.
After A Self Publishing Author have taken the pain and the stress of writing a book and getting the book out there through the many Self Publishing Medium out there, the dream of everyone is seeing many buying and reading such book. When it comes to book marketing, many self publishing authors got struck as to how to market and promote their book. To such questions are many answers like getting reviews, using social media networks like Twitter and Facebook, Having a book launch or a blog tour to create buzz about a particular book and many common book marketing strategies like that but still, many Self Publishing Authors still find it difficult to follows all these ways of promoting and marketing books all because they are still yet to know the best book marketing strategy among all these many diverse ways to promote and market self published books. Before answering such a question, we need to look into why self publishing authors are asking such question. There are many book marketing advise, book and information online with many book marketing experts giving their opinion of the how they think self published book can be promoted online based solely on what works and what has worked for them now or in the past. A trip to Google to search for such questions as What Is The Best Book Marketing Strategy will definitely return lots of searches contain links to multitude of book marketing information, advice and strategies but the problem is that these usually cause what can be called “Information Overload” whereby there are too much of information that self publishing authors get confused on what to do and which way to follow among all these numerous book marketing strategies. Many even will want to know which of these book marketing information and strategies that is better than the rest but what every self publishing authors should know is that self publishing can be such a crazy world and in it, where we have book marketing, there are many ways to arrive at one single destination and that should tell everyone that there can be no best or better way to market and promote books online – that is, social media marketing can’t be said to be a better book marketing way than getting reviews and can’t also be a better way to book marketing than building a blog or having an author platform.
The truth is that someone might only trust getting book reviews as a way of creating buzz and getting a social proof to sell book all because that has worked in the past for such author and another might love the fun and trills of using Twitter and Facebook to build a large audience base of loyal book reader and buyer all because such author enjoy using these social media networks making it a successful and workable book marketing strategy for such author but can we because of these say using social media networks and getting lots of book reviews are the best book marketing strategies?
The lesson here for all self publishing authors is that everyone should find what works for them and stop been confused on what to do or which way to go. Do you think there is any book marketing strategy that is the best among all the many ways to promote and market a self published book? In this year’s batch of best social media books, you’re going to see the evolution of this marketing tool from something unknown, new and exciting into a staple marketing strategy.
This is an easy to read, easy to implement book about how to use social media to drive attention to your brand and conversions to customers.
You’ll also love the practical how-to strategies you can swipefrom the book and deploy in your marketing to get results. Use this book to get the ins-and-outs of how to leverage this popular platform to build your brand story and reputation, attract customers and develop a community around your company, product or service. If you understand the power of social media, have social media accounts, but still haven’t experienced the benefit of social media in your marketing, you may be missing out on the “engagement” piece of the social media puzzle.
This book will help you see social media from a different perspective and teach you how to leverage each tool to attract more customers.
Pinterest went from housewives creating interesting boards of crafts to a major traffic driver and brand builder.
This book will give you a complete understanding of what Klout is, why it should matter to you and your business and how to raise your Klout score on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other networks. It’s not secret the word of mouth marketing and recommendations from people who are like us or who we know and trust can make a massive impact on the sale of any product or service. This book is all about identifying marketing opportunities for your business and finding the tools to help you take advantage of them. SlideShare is a social platform where you can share your presentation and prove build your reputation as a subject matter expert. This book will show you how to create presentations that are shareable and how to use SlideShare as part of your marketing strategy. One of the hidden and forgotten powers of social media is the accessibility you get to people who used to hide behind gatekeepers. The author reveals ways that you can gain access to influencers using the doors that he calls “hidden in plain sight”. If you’re a small business owner who doesn’t have time to translate big brand social media strategies to your small business, this is your answer. This is a handbook that will walk you through every step of the process of targeting customers, choosing social media channels and implementing a simple strategy for your small business. Founded in 2003, Small Business Trends is an award-winning online publication for small business owners, entrepreneurs and the people who interact with them. Together with hundreds of expert contributors, Small Business Trends brings you the news, advice and resources you need. Or maybe you are looking for something inspiring for your team or a co-worker to help get a jump on 2016?
I’ve compiled my picks for the 15 Best Marketing Books published in 2015 to help you with your wishlist. The last 5 or so years have seen an onslaught of books sharing winning social media strategies and content marketing playbooks. The marketing results haven’t faded from these strategies, but the tactics continue to evolve… quickly. You have to constantly adapt to optimize your acquisition funnels and to improve your customer retention marketing. To keep your edge several of the books on this 2015 list definitely deserve a spot on your shelves with their fresh advice on these proven strategies. Everybody loves the entrepreneurial marketing tales of going from a zero to a hero with no safety net and risking everything by going out on your own. The reality is that most of us have great marketing careers in big or medium sized businesses. The entrepreneurial startup book can make the grass look greener on the other side of the fence. The results for our sales team were dramatic – more leads, bigger opportunities, and higher conversion rates. Now the same authors have uncovered a big mistake that sales and marketing teams are making every single day.
Your most common picture of the ideal customer is – friendly, eager to meet, and champions your products. I admit that I was a little skeptical about Russell Brunson’s DotCom Secrets before I bought it. With both the Invisible Selling Machine and DotCom Secrets, you’ve pretty much got your online sales systems laid out and optimized for you. Privately funded space flight started by SpaceX is now the norm for sending rockets and the experiments they carry into orbit. Big data is more than terabytes of information into everything our customers and prospects do. The Sales Acceleration Formula provides a predictable and scalable approach to growing revenue and building a winning sales team.
This book delivers an action plan that you can copy to improve the harmony between sales and marketing teams so that you can crush your sales goals together.

And it’s all a step-by-step formula thanks to the amazing data we now have at our fingertips. The next two books are ideal for those of you interested in improving your content marketing.
Even though this book is geared toward entrepreneurs, I think there are huge lessons learned for those of you producing content and doing product marketing in larger marketing organizations. The Automatic Customer does a fantastic job at giving you the blueprint to 9 of the most popular ways to offer any product or service as a subscription.
The Membership Economy also digs deep into how you can set up a sustainable subscription business. There are two elements of this book that are uniquely powerful and instantly actionable to us marketers. First, this book guides you how to transform freemium customers into “superusers.” These superusers are the key to the profits of any freemium business. Specifically, you’ll learn how to find them, get more customers like them, and accelerate their purchase conversion to super status. Second, I find retaining a paying subscriber for longer is the most critical (yet most overlooked) success factor for any subscription business. One of the first product marketing books that I read was Geoffrey Moore’s Crossing the Chasm.
And more importantly, what channel you need to shift to in order to make things truly take off.
I had thought I had already learned most of what I needed to know in order to max out my exposure on LinkedIn.
And better yet, she provided several hacks to making a big impact on LinkedIn without spending hours of my time.
Exponential technologies that are accelerating business growth to incredible scale and global impact. Bold offers a good blend of inspirational insights and tactical how-to that make it an excellent read. Maybe you may not get a standing ovation from your boss or colleagues after your next big meeting.
Simple Rules offers fascinating and entertaining insights into how we can move forward faster by creating simplicity through rules.
The results of these simple rules are improved decision making (we often create our own complexity if unchecked) and flat out getting things done. My first rule turned into an inner mantra that I repeat to myself when I sit down at the computer the first thing in the morning, “500 words before email.” Now I’m dramatically improving my writing creativity and productivity… and not getting derailed by email.
Big Magic definitely opens up your mindfulness and awareness that fear should not hold you back.
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The key is to strike a balance — a balance between current trends and a solid strategy to fall back on. Turn strangers into friends and friends into customers – this is the simple and yet ground-breaking approach that this book advocates. An internet marketing genius, Godin uses lucid language interlaced with compelling humor to elaborate on his approach.
What makes it an excellent read is the simple but compelling manner in which Berger writes, often with the help of anecdotes.
We all know that customers are smart enough to look beyond the curated hype to choose a product that is truly useful to them.
There is no dearth of digital marketing books available today, and yet none of them manage to explain the importance of storytelling as well as this book does. Startups have aggressively used digital marketing over the last few years as there is indeed no better platform to gain traction when you are just starting out. If you are trying to sell something, you cannot do so without understanding how your customer thinks. A Classic in its own right, Kotler’s book has been used as an academic text in many a Business Management program.
Written by four experts in the field of SEO, The Art of SEO provides a comprehensive overview of the SEO concept. Ries and Trout are the pioneers of positioning, a fundamental concept for strategy, branding and for almost every marketing activity. This is a timeless classic. Understanding why and how early adopters, futurists, mainstream and laggard buyers buy is foundational. There are plenty of stories of products launched, markets entered and strategies that produced results. This book is a perfect guide for small business owners, freelancers and consultants to understand the power of focus and specialization as the path to success. In this book you will find fascinating examples of our irrational behavior, and critically important lessons that should guide every marketer. This is Malcom’s best book, where he explains the role of different types of consumers in how ideas are spread. This is the foundational book you must read to gain insight into  what, why, and how to influence buying decisions. Ask any Indie Authors especially new and un established author their greatest fear and that would surely be the fear of having nobody to buy and read their books and if there is any question many Self Publishing Authors always ask without getting a satisfying answer to is the question of “how do I market and promote my book”.
There is nothing bad in Self Publishing experimenting with a particular way of promoting books based on what is convenient or what we all love doing to see how it goes rather than looking for the best advice on the best way to go and trying to copy what someone have found to work.
Every self publishing author should remember this and go out there to find what not only works for them but what also is fun to do for them. She is responsible for directing the site’s book review program and manages the team of professional book reviewers. But sometimes it’s best to just use the same fertilizer that fueled their startup success and just apply it to the powerful resources you have at your disposal.
And this book gives you the playbook to find them, to engage them with disruptive content, and to win the sale. In the Invisible Selling Machine, he unveils his step-by-step approach to moving traffic through online sales funnels. Any business, no matter what they sell, can take advantage of the detailed tactics offered and can automate the whole system. It provide copy-and-paste email content, like the “gain, fear, logic” email series that can boost your direct marketing conversions big time. In fact, Richard breaks down what are often seen as the problems with poor results for your website.
It delivers a blueprint for researching other successful funnels, uncovering the right offer for your business, and qualifying ready-to-buy customers upfront.
It covers everything from sales hiring and training to accountability to demand generation to accelerating your sales cycle.
In the 2 years since Epic Content Marketing was published, the landscape for content marketing has changed. To me the secret sauce recipe that Joe divulges is finding your content sweet spot and then “tilting” it to create disruptively better content that nobody else can offer.
He’s got a great blog and his previous marketing books are very helpful deep dives into social media marketing. He shares insights into the huge opportunities to companies that know how to turn customers into subscribers.
Subscription customers are those repeat customers that can dramatically increase your cash flow, reduce your delivery costs, and ignite your growth.

You get many great examples of how both online and offline businesses have successfully used the membership model to propel their business.
The Membership Economy gives you some secret tactics that other businesses use that you can easily apply. The sexy, new project gets top priority and all resources are focused on making a big splash.
In fact, I’ve read a lot of great actionable blog posts on Social Media Examiner on LinkedIn… by the same author, Stephanie Sammons.
You’ll get way more LinkedIn power tips and for a fraction of the price of other similar books. Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World is the how to guide for that type of moonshot thinking that can impact billions of lives.
This section dives in to best practices for tapping into hyper-powerful, highly connected communities to make your mark. For most of us marketing pros, that’s simply making an impact in meetings or getting what we need from our boss. Develop a clear focus for every “performance.” I love this… and I need to do it more frequently. Make sure you engage with your “audience.” A classic tip, but you can’t start every conversation with a joke can you? However, my recommendation of these books is not based on my financial gain. These are the best, most relevant books I’ve read that were published this year.
And do so while easily delivering your best creative efforts on-time, without a mad rush to meet deadlines. This might sound daunting right off the bat, but thankfully a number of good books penned by marketing gurus are available to help us in our search for that perfect marketing formula.
He says that traditional advertisements like telemarketing calls, newspaper promotions, and television commercials are all designed to interrupt consumers from their task at hand. In this age of networking, coming up with a viral ad campaign is every marketer’s dream. And yet companies spend billions of dollars on advertising campaigns every year to beat drums about products that do not end up helping the targeted customers. Indeed, in the deluge of feeds that flood our mailboxes every day, only a good story can stand out. It is an example of those rare books that survive despite all the changing trends and all the changing times. Now in its 15th edition, the book has kept pace with current trends, is logically structured and provides a comprehensive and insightful overview of the entire world of marketing. Crisp, concise and relevant, you can read the book cover to cover in five hours and yet manage to grasp all the complex concepts that the book manages to deconstruct beautifully. These are the books I would recommend to someone who wants to become an awesome marketer, strategist or leader – students, product marketers and CEOs. I stopped listening to music on my commute, instead I have had the opportunity to learn a lot from dozens of authors.
Highly recommended for novices and for anyone who wants to review the fundamental concepts of marketing. Not culture, not leadership, not 5-point management principles. Just as important, the author talks about the 9 delusions of high performance in business, 9 business traps to be aware of.
Lafley bases on the definition of strategy of Where to Play and How to Win to provide a very practical view on strategy. The five forces model is an important framework to understand industries for strategy planning but it is hard to grasp. Joan Magreatta does a wonderful job of summarizing and making Porter accessible. The most basic principle of strategy could be summarized around this: focus on a market segment or customer need to differentiate and win. It is a practical book that shows how strategy and execution shaped today’s technology landscape. You can read a summary on this post that explores the differences between managers and leaders and what it takes to be great at each. After all, there might be no better way to market and promote self published books than the method every self publishing author has find out to be the best that works for them. Dave Kerpen’s Likeable book talks about how businesses can become likeable online and looks more in-depth at consumer attitudes rather than business attitudes. But even that is likely not enough without developing a trusted, heroic brand to help it go massive.
Crowdfunding is at the core of many successes… and not just because it helps to fund your venture. We always think we are the center of everyone’s focus, even when you’ve got a mic and are standing in front of 2,000 people. Here we have compiled a list of the top 10 best digital marketing books available in the market. This kind of intrusive advertising ends up annoying them defeating the purpose of marketing. It is indeed, a wonderful resource for professionals who are looking for a no-hype, no-fluff guide to the basic blocks of marketing. Weinberg’s book outlines 19 different marketing channels that every startup must know about. Ogilvy outlines everything that an advertisement professional worth his salt must know about – from typography and graphic designing to smart writing.
Essentially about Behavioral Economics, Ariely examines consumer spending patterns and how they are affected by marketing campaigns.
This indeed describes the future of marketing and should be read enthusiastically by both the newcomers and experienced marketing professionals. The list of best digital marketing books that we have compiled here is, however, the ones that marketing professionals swear by. Trout has written other books that are fantastic: Differentiate or Die, The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing and The Power of Simplicity are my favorites. Thus, Godin talks instead about offering customers incentives that would make them accept advertisements voluntarily. Though some of the examples might seem outdated in today’s context, this book will definitely influence the way you think.
The author has used simple and humorous language to make the complex concepts of behavioral economics understandable to the reader. There, indeed, is no better place to bury information than in the second page of search results. Useful for both the beginner and the veteran, you can find the answer to all your marketing queries within these pages. If you have not read it, stop what you are doing and buy it now to learn how  the human scale principle, the Velcro Theory of Memory, and creating curiosity gaps can help your ideas and your message .
This fundamentally different approach and out-of-the-box thinking is what makes this book an indispensable resource for anyone interested in learning the ropes of digital marketing. Berger presents a well-researched and insightful answer to all these questions in his book.
Often referred to as the go-to-guide for smart advertising, Ogilvy on Advertising is a classic that no one should miss. It is insightful, well-researched and manages to hold the reader’s attention throughout.

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