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The international panel of Best Book Design from all over the World has decided to grant 4 awards to the Dutch and Flemish Best Book Designs.
Publishers, commisioners, designers, printers and binders have submitted books that appeared in 2015 amounting to 410 books in total. This winter, until January 6, you can register new books for a special edition of The Best Dutch Book Designs 2015.
Simultaneously their choice will be the Dutch-Flemish submission to the Best Book Design from all over the World competition in Leipzig, Germany. Since Saturday September 5 they are on show again at the Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum, the books belonging to the annual selection of Best Dutch Book Designs. The Best Dutch Book Designs are waiting for you there, ready to be taken in your hands and to be leafed through. Most of the Best Dutch Book Designs are on sale in the museum shop of the Stedelijk during the exhibition. Libris, the organisation in which some hundred independent booksellers cooperate, initiated this election. Between 2001 and 2010 the Best Dutch Book Designs foundation organised this election in collaboration with the Dutch book trade magazine Boekblad. Books in the field of art, photography and architecture are increasingly published in a variety of international entanglements.
This book hit the Leipzig jury desk as one of the most beautiful books of 2013 in Brussels and Wallonia.

A silver medal was awarded to Awoiska van der Molen's photo book Sequester (published by Fw:Books, design Hans Gremmen).
298 book designs were submitted for the 2014 contest, of which 33 finalists were selected by an expert jury. Because the Netherlands and Flanders are Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2016 the Flemish Publishers Association and our organisation have worked together to reach a joined competition. This time it's all about the judges' choice of books from The Netherlands that appeared in 2014.
She is the successor of Just Enschedé, who has been the competition's director for 18 years. This year's Golden Letter, the highest prize of the Best Book Design from all over the World contest in Leipzig, Germany, was won by the book Untitled (September Magazine) by artist Paul Elliman, co-published by Roma Publications from Amsterdam.
Besides that there was a bronze medal for New Horizons by Bruno van den Elshout, who a year long took photograps of the sea from a roof (published by The Eriskay Connection, design Rob van Hoesel).
That job was done by a panel consisting of Hans Bockting (graphic designer, Amsterdam), Carolien Glazenburg (curator at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam), Bregitta Kramer (print coordinator, book binder and teacher in printing techniques, Diemen), Joris Kritis (graphic designer, Brussels) and Astrid Vorstermans (publisher at Valiz, Amsterdam).
The choice was made out of 298 books that appeared in 2014, submitted by their publishers, commissioners, designers or companies that took care of their production. Because the Netherlands and Flanders will be Guests of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2016. In 1998 he stood at the cradle of the Best Dutch Book Designs Foundation, a cooperation between professional organisations in the Dutch book and printing industries and the world of design.

1970), will combine her job as a developer of promotional campaigns with the Dutch collective book promotion bureau CPNB with the directorship of the Best Dutch Book Designs.
Books in which one of the judges was involved were nominated for election by a shadow panel consisting of former Best Dutch Book Designs judges. The additional photoshoot by Sonia Mangiapane of the bookshelves of the makers of The Best Dutch Book Designs 2014 is a nice extra.
The following period saw a steady growth in the number of Best Dutch Book Designs exhibitions both in the Netherlands and abroad. Five judges from the Netherlands and Flanders, all experienced book pros, will scrutinize the books submitted and will compile this 57th selection of the year. Evidently, being included in the selection means an acknowledgement of inventivity and hard work in hindsight.
Makers of books who, right from the start, do their utmost to be included in the selection, that's something I'm dreaming of.

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