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I guess his dislike of reading really emerged around the time we transitioned from homeschooling to public school in third grade. When I was in third grade (while living in Istanbul) I was content reading Donald Duck comics until my parents started reading some of Tom Sawyer to me. Having The Little Guy read aloud to Dad ensures that the 30 minutes is actually spent reading and gives The Little Guy and Dad special time that is all theirs.
And you can get the entire “A Series of Unfortunate Events” read out loud to you! Best-selling Chicago author Marcus Sakey (The Blade Itself; Good People) on which titles to crack open from your beach chair this season. Still, when I think of summer reads, I’m thinking of my hammock and of books that sweep me away even as the bugs circle and the sweat drips down my nose.
Although it has been out since April, James Salter’s All That Is (Knopf, $27) could be the literary event of the summer.
Every time I sit down at my keyboard, I’m thinking of my hammock and trying to write the kind of book I would read there. Your control comes in picking ideal producing partners who have a real passion for the book and who you trust. At that point we were introduced to the Accelerated Reader (AR) program which confused both of us greatly.
Most books that capture his interest are a mere 2 or 3 points, while his goal was consistently closer to 20. That his teachers knew about the Reading Rainbow video series with its 153 episodes on a variety of themes designed to intrigue kids and point them to books that will capture their interest.

Susan Wise Bauer, who wrote The Well-Educated Mind: A Guide to the Classical Education You Never Had, refers to reading as taking part in a Great Conversation for the same reason. Think how much less daunting problems look while you rock in the shade of your favorite tree. The first in a trilogy, the book has been optioned for film by the producers of The Dark Knight.
It’s a useful clarifier, a way to gauge which darlings you keep and which you strangle. I always say that advertising is perfect training to learn how to write about thieves and killers.
I don’t write procedurals but I want to know how systems work, what it feels to repel down a building or to be attacked by a dog in a trained canine unit. Once you option a book for film, you have to acknowledge that it’s a whole different thing.
We review them in an effort to remove foul language, commercial messages, abuse, and irrelevancies. See, the name makes it sound like kids are challenged to read books on the higher end of their skill level purely for extra credit. For those doing the math, that’s one and a half books per week, assuming he scored 100% on the test for each, on top of his homework.
Perhaps with some guidance like that, along with the activities and curricula ideas, we wouldn’t have floundered around looking for books that would appeal to him.
But while my hammock reads might feature spies or hit men, they’re equally likely to be gorgeously written and filled with stunning, brain-bending ideas.

His story sounds reminiscent of early Cormac McCarthy—whose Blood Meridian, by the way, is another brilliant summer read. Then I’d see him dragging the next morning and realized he needed sleep more than he needed to hear Goodnight, Moon for the umpteenth time. From then on I mostly read what I wanted, with the exception of silly books required at school. Needless to say, when faced with the chance to get outside and play once homework was done, or to sit and read for the 30 recommended minutes each evening, he chose playtime. You’re lying on your back, arms and fingers cramping as you hold a hardcover up to block the sun. Or you flip over, put the book on the ground, and read as the ropes carve divots into your cheeks.
I became a trained scientist and an avid SiFi reader until my employment required that I review technical documents written by the US Corps of Engineers. You can do research about a place on the Internet, but it’s not the same as writing about a place you live in.

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