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The Animator’s Survival Kit for iPad does all three, in what can only be described as a sublime and spellbinding app from Richard Williams, courtesy of Faber and Faber.
Williams is the genius behind the original 2009 print version of The Animator’s Survival Kit, a book that brings techniques, tips and tricks to budding animators. Given the price, it’s fair to say The Animator’s Survival Kit is only for those who are serious about honing their animation skills – it’s a pro tool. Before we take a closer look at this app, it’s worth noting that while it is a niche, it nabs our Pick of the Day accolade because it epitomizes everything an eBook-app crossbreed should be. After about 2 minutes, all the characters are present – each walking on the spot in their own unique way – and you’re ready to start learning. Williams actually says – half-jokingly – if he’d known at the time he wrote the book he was going to have to animate the front cover further down the line, he’d have made it much simpler!
The main home screen has two sections – ‘The Kit’, which is where the learning takes place, and ‘Extras’, which includes a few bonus features from the pencil of Williams himself. In the main section of the book, you can skip to any particular chapter you wish to focus on.
The eBook is strewn with animation examples, and also with videos of Williams talking directly to the camera, explaining the background to some of the disciplines of his art.
Using sketches and simple animations, Williams guides readers step-by-step through specific techniques – such as how to produce runs, jumps and skips. The app contains more than a hundred original animations by Williams, and features a simple “slide to animate” control that lets you see exactly how an animation was created frame by frame. In the Extras section, you can peruse through four different ‘features’, three of which have a video with Williams explaining the back story to each animation.
Williams, through Faber and Faber, enlisted the help of Agant, a UK-based app development firm, to produce The Animator’s Survival Kit. The near-900MB size may require you to shift some other apps or music from your iPad, but if you’re a budding animator with a spare $35, you won’t regret it.
The app may be huge, but it’s all self-contained – no Internet is required to access the animations and videos.
Addey says that one of the biggest challenges was preparing the animations for in-app use – there are 106 animated examples in total, which were originally created for DVD where file size isn’t so much of an issue. If you’re looking to check it our for yourself, the free incarnation gives you two full chapters from The Animator’s Survival Kit – ‘More on Spacing’ and ‘Dialogue’ – and incorporates 14 animated examples. The full version is available to download now for $34.99, or your local currency equivalent.

Paul Sawers was a reporter with The Next Web in various roles from May 2011 to November 2014. Richard Williams, Director of Animation of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, is the link-man passing on the secrets of the masters to the present generation. Taking the globally bestselling Kit to a whole new dimension, this app provides the underlying principles that every animator needs. Henry Volans, Head of Faber Digital, adds: ‘It is an honour to work with Richard Williams on any project. David Robinson , Veteran film critic, Historian and Festival Director of Giornate del Cinema Muto.
Even though there's a wealth of Animation knowledge somewhere out there, there's still this feeling that it's hiding and one has to figure things out on their own. I think of your awesome DVD set as the class I was searching for but even better, because you knew and learned from some of the best Animators that ever lived and I can revisit your lectures over and over again.
Fenomenal post :) Este libro (entre otros) es una obra de cabecera en el estudio, devorado hasta limites insospechados por nuestra directora de animacion.
Los libros en si son completos, pero ya digo, deben ser parte de una coleccion de la cual no he visto continuacion. Gracias Juan Manuel, mirare de adquirirlo, pero parece que ya esta descatalogado, en la pagina de taschen al menos no lo he encontrado. He has won countless awards across his career, including Oscars, but he’s perhaps best known for his work on 1988’s Who Framed Roger Rabbit. While there is a free sampler version to whet your appetite, the full version weighs in at a hefty $34.99. But even an artistic Luddite like myself can appreciate the work that has gone into this, and I found myself itching to try my hand at a little bit of sketching after using this app for just a couple of hours.
It uses the full capabilities of the iPad’s processing power and screen to deliver a visually stunning, entertaining and enthralling masterpiece. Williams has actually taken the front cover from the original book, and worked backwards – he has each character entering the scene one after the other, demonstrating the skills required to make cartoons really come to life. And it’s clear from our initial dabblings a lot of work has gone into making it as beautiful as it is. It seems likely that during the installation process, it needs to download an additional zipped file, decompress all of the individual book page files and animation files, and move them all into place, which requires more space. The team at Agant “cleaned” these videos in Final Cut Pro to optimize them for use on an interactive iPad app, which took weeks to complete.

While we only ever write about products we think deserve to be on the pages of our site, The Next Web may earn a small commission if you click through and buy the product in question. Aspiring or professional, digital, classical or stop motion, animators can now engage with Williams and his work like never before. Thank you for not only for your book (which I reference all the time), but taking the time to compile and illustrate this incredibly important knowledge that is dying out. Nuestros alumnos lo utilizan mucho a la hora de animar, y por lo que vemos da muy buen resultado ; ) Otro de los libros insustituibles es 'Illusions of Life" de la Disney.
Me pregunto si en Espana "The animator’s survival kit" se ha publicado en castellano en alguna ocasion. Como dudo un poco de su "legalidad" no os pongo el enlace, pero no cuesta nada encontar el pdf en espanol en Google. Lo raro es que siendo un libro tan importante en el mundo de la animacion ninguna editorial haya comprado los derechos para publicarla en Espana, si fuera un libro mas, pero teniendo presente que es como una biblia para el animador me extrana mucho. El primero ensena algunos conceptos basicos de la animacion, y el segundo es animacion de animales.
El dibujo de historietas a su alcance", es muy buen libro y muy recomendable para cualquier amante del dibujo y de la animacion en general.
It’s great for us to be able to package animation knowledge in this fascinating delivery system. It's very apparent that you spent a lot of time putting the DVD's together, and honestly, having the animated examples play out in front of you is such a help. However, it was impossible to find a local class that wasn't part of a 4-year college curriculum. No se que tal sera la traduccion, pero si no controlas mucho de ingles, supongo que mas que suficiente. Muchos de nosotros nos hemos formado con programas y aplicaciones en ingles, antes de que se tradujesen al espanol. The first walk cycle I ever even attempted was for the Simpsons Movie and it was a sad walk at a very high angle moving into perspective!
Lo mismo con la terminologia del oficio: para nosotros, un rig siempre sera un rig, por mucho que ahora exista traduccion al castellano : ) ?Un saludo!

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