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Tourists coming from 28 countries are allowed the facility of Visa on Arrival at 33 Check Points in Thailand including Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang International Airports. Inside, the application form and other documents and 1000 Thai Baht fee are first subjected to a preliminary examination by immigration officials. There is a new process available for filling the Thailand Visa on Arrival form online before travel so that a tourist is not required to fill a physical visa on arrival form.
The online fields marked with a red [*] sign are mandatory and others, like the "name and address of the person of reference in Thailand" are optional.
First, the online application website gave me a security error as if the website is under hacker attack or something was wrong with its security certificate. Second, there is a confusing sentence on the website about one of the eligibility conditions. If you are arriving on a low cost carrier like Air Asia, the bus will drop you at the above arrival gate.
Before Visa on Arrival, you will see Exchange Counter to change your currency in to Thai Baht and a small cabin for taking photo in case you forgot to bring your passport size photo along.
Immigration Area is easy to locate at Don Mueang Airport by following sign boards like the one in the above picture.
The visa on arrival process at Phuket International Airport is similar to that of other airports. This question is repeatedly asked - where Visa on Arrival is to be taken if someone is taking an onward flight from Bangkok to another airport in Thailand, such as Phuket or Chiang Mai, etc. Thai Immigration officials sometimes try to trap tourists by making seemingly attractive offers of some kind but with a hidden sinister motive. Known around the world as one of Asia’s most desirable locations, Thailand has long been a hotspot for retirees looking to escape the expense of the West and enjoy their retirement in a warm, hospitable, and naturally beautiful country.
Thanks to its relatively straightforward and simple retirement visa system, Thailand is also one of the easiest countries to retire to for expatriates aged over fifty. There are a few simple qualifications required to acquire a long-term retirement visa for Thailand. For retirees aged under fifty years, perhaps those retiring early or expatriating to live off of their assets, a variety of different visas are available for Thailand. Note that all applicants, regardless of age, must submit the documentation from a complete health exam. Retirees planning to stay in Thailand long-term are required to show a bank balance of upwards of eight-hundred-thousand Thai baht – approximately $25,000 United States Dollars, or a monthly income of upwards of 65,000THB – approximately $2,000 US Dollars. However, if you do not qualify for this income restriction, a variety of alternative visa options are available. The second option, and one that’s frequently used by retirees uninterested in using the correct visa, or unable to meet the requirements, is a tourist visa. You will also need to provide proof of your identity for the Thai authorities, which can include – depending on your nationality – a passport, a birth certificate, an ID card of some sort, and any documents pertaining to a name change, if you have ever changed your name. Thailand retirement visas can be applied for at all Thai consulates and embassies, but not all consulates will necessarily follow the same procedures. Reports indicate that the strictest standards for retirement visa applications can be found at the embassies closest to Thailand, particularly those that are popular with short-term visitors to the country. Positive reports have been issued for Thai embassies and consulates in European countries, particularly regional cities in the United Kingdom.
Note that it is not possible to apply for a retirement visa from within Thailand, nor is it possible to ‘upgrade’ your tourist visa to a retirement visa from within Thailand. A Thailand retirement visa is not a magical ticket to restriction-free life in Thailand, although it is a significantly more flexible and useful visa than the average long-term tourism visa. However, holders of a retirement visa are required by law to report to their local immigration office every three months, just as holders of Non-Immigrant O class visas must. Finally, holders of Thai retirement visas are restricted from owning property and a variety of businesses in the country.
While Thailand is far from the most open country in the region for retirees – a title that would undoubtedly go to Singapore of Hong Kong – its combination of a great climate, beautiful geography, and a friendly populace make it a favorite for Western retirees seeking a break from the rat race.
I have been in Thailand for short stays four time and I am really in love with Thai people.
Note: Singapore High Commission, Delhi only accept Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh Uttranchal,Himachal Pradesh,Jammu and Kashmir, Kolkata and Bihar resident passport for visa.
Note: Consulate of the Republic of Singapore, Mumbai only accept Maharashtra ,Goa, and Madhya Pradesh passport for Visa. Note: Consulate of Republic of Singapore, Chennai only acccept South India Passport for visa.
We have a purpose built professional passport studio, with professional lighting, camera equipment and state of the art digital photographic printers. Within minutes of walking in, you will be holding a set of high quality US Visa photos in your hand that conform to all relevant US Visa regulations. If you can't make it into our professional passport photo studios you can email us a suitable photo and we will format it to the correct specifications and either post or email it back to you, according to your preference.
Please note that you should only order a digital copy if your country supports online passport and visa applications. If you cannot make it into our studios you can email us a photo and we will format it to the correct size.
Known as the ‘Switzerland of Asia’ due to its immense financial wealth and open economy, Singapore has emerged as one of the world’s most desirable locations over the past few decades. Alongside its economic success, Singapore has grown into one of Asia’s top cities to live in. Although working in Singapore is simple with any job offer, retiring in Singapore is significantly more complicated. Unfortunately, Singapore does not offer retirement visas to foreigners aiming to retire in Singapore.
Despite the lack of a retirement visa program, foreign nationals that would like to either work in Singapore or make a large investment in the country will find it quite simple to gain long-term visas. Singapore offers a variety of visas for foreign nationals that would like to stay in the city-state for either the short or long term. Short-term tourism visas are available for nationals of most countries, and grant a thirty to ninety day period of stay in Singapore. There are several classes of EntrePass visa available, each with its own specific requirements and minimum investment level.
Business visas are also issued to foreign nationals that have been hired to work as part of a larger company in Singapore. Singapore’s employment market is relatively easy to enter but the island’s working culture isn’t really compatible with retired life.
Finally, Singapore offers a Long Term Visit Pass scheme for foreign nationals who are married to a Singapore citizen or permanent resident.
Applying for the LTVP is somewhat complicated, and the type of pass issued can depend on the nature of your relationship in Singapore.
All foreign nationals planning to visit Singapore, whether for tourism or retirement, must have a passport with at least six months of validity remaining.
Aside from this base requirement, the different Singapore visas have their own set of requirements and minimum standards.

Despite its work-focused immigration policy and restrictive visa program for non-working foreign nationals, Singapore is a very pleasant place to retire. The list of countries eligible for Visa on Arrival in Thailand and the list of Border Check Points in Thailand where Visa on Arrival is available is also given. Visa on Arrival is a temporary tourist Visa and entitles the holder to stay in Thailand for a period of 15 days. Visa on Arrival application form is made available at the counter seen in the above picture. There is usually a queue at this juncture which can mean a wait of 10 minutes to more than one hour depending on how many flights have simultaneously arrived. All eligibility and fee payment requirements are the same for both offline and online channels. Simply put, it is a data entry website at this point of time which may evolve into a full-fledged online visa some time in the future.
Immigration counters are numbered 1, 2, and 3 and are printed in blue in the sign boards above. Exchange rates here are not very favourable and a photo will probably cost 150 THB so better not to forget. On really lucky days or really lucky hours during each day, immigration formality is done at the special immigration counter located within the "Visa On Arrival" enclosure. Once while leaving Bangkok, an Immigration officer who looked like a Supervisor at the Immigration counters offered me a roll of currency notes asking me to buy a bottle of "Double Black" for him. Offering a mix of modern city life and charming beach and rural living, Thailand is one of Asia’s most popular countries for Western retirees. Official retirement visas – known as Non-Immigrant Retirement Visas to officials – are easy to qualify for and ideal for expatriates and retirees that plan to stay in Thailand. The first is a simple age requirement – applicants must be aged above fifty years at the time of their visa application, and must have ceased to work in their home country.
One of the most popular amongst under-50 expatriates in Thailand is the Non-Immigrant O and B class visas, both of which are available from most Thai consulates. As the average monthly pension of retirees from Western countries exceeds this cut-off point, the income requirements for Thailand visas are generally a non-issue.
The first is, as mentioned above for underage retirees, the Non-Immigrant O visa, available at most Thai consulates. Tourist visas are available for two months at a time, with a one-month extension possible within Thailand.
You will need a copy of your bank balance, a collection of bank statements from the prior three to six months, as well as documents proving your net worth, in the case that you wish to use non-cash assets to prove your suitability for the visa. You will also need to show a marriage certificate if you have a Thai spouse and you are applying for a retirement visa due to the relationship. Thai expatriates will be quick to tell you that the process for visa applications – and the results of these applications – differs dramatically from one embassy to the next. Expatriates have reported being rejected for Thai visas from consulates in Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Vientiane, Phnom Penh, and even as far away as Hong Kong. Thai consulates based in Japan and Korea have both been reported to offer long-term retirement visas that aren’t tied to such stringent standards as the embassies located closer to Thailand. You must travel outside of the country to apply for your visa, typically to one of the embassies listed in the above paragraph.
Several rights are granted to retirees in Thailand that aren’t available to tourists, including the ability to open a Thailand-based bank account, the ability to acquire a Thailand drivers’ license, and the ability to study at Thai universities. The visa is then extended for three months at every ‘check in,’ allowing retirees to extend their stay in Thailand as they wish.
Retirees may not open a business in Thailand without applying for a secondary business visa and work permit, as well as having at least fifty percent of the company owned by Thai nationals or corporations.
However, all visitors to Thailand, including tourists with no long-term visa, are able to purchase condominiums, apartments, and other residences that do not include the purchase of Thai national land. Because of this, the few ‘hoops’ that you may need to jump through in order to earn long-term residency and retirement in Thailand are almost always worth the end result.
Everything that an interested retiree would need to know about retirement visa were clearly stated.
Ex pats living in Thailand may have a clear experience when dealing with Australian pension issues Centre-link of Australia have no idea or training on overseas pension; International Pension Services told me they will pay a partial pension in Thailand I will retire Nov. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. This means that a trip to our London Studios in Camden for your US visa photos will be hassle free.
Once a small British outpost in Southeast Asia, this tiny island has grown into one of the world’s largest financial and cultural centers. Featured prominently on Quality of Life charts over the past decade, the city-state offers a combination of urban living, beautiful nature, and modern convenience that can be tough to find in other Asian cities.
The small city-state offers long-term visas – and in some cases, even citizenship – to those with large investments in the country, but is significantly less accessible for retirees seeking a work-free lifestyle. While foreigners are able to retire in Singapore, the process of retiring in the country generally follows years of employment in Singapore and the acquisition of either permanent residency or Singapore citizenship. Singapore has a strong interest in foreign knowledge and investment and welcomes ambitious individuals with very open arms. These include short-term tourism visas, educational visas, as well as business visas for both employees and entrepreneurs that would like to establish their business in Singapore. Visitors from the United Kingdom and many Western nations do not need to apply for a tourist visa in advance and are free to enter Singapore via air or road using the visa on arrival system. Singapore is one of several countries that issues business visas for foreigners looking to start their own company in Singapore.
Note that some of the lower levels of the EntrePass scheme do not grant long-term residency in Singapore. Given the nature of Singapore’s economy, the majority of positions open to foreigners are in the finance or international business industry.
Few retirees wish to work the long hours required by most Singapore corporations, and the few that wish to work in Singapore generally opt for less demanding positions as tutors or English teachers. This pass grants foreigners a long-term stay visa for Singapore that can eventually become residency, as well as a range of social and government benefits designed to improve their life in Singapore. The pass also covers the long-term stay options for foreign nationals with children in Singapore.
A full list of Singaporean embassies, consulates, and foreign missions can be found at the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. For longer-term visas, this requirement extends to the length of the visa – applicants without a valid passport may be issued visas for a shortened period of time in Singapore. View information about the entrepreneur visa scheme here and learn more about Singapore’s other visa requirements at the website of Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Offering an ideal combination of economic strength and quality of life, this small city-state in Southeast Asia is the perfect cultural and economic bridge between East and West. Visitors who enter Thailand with Visa on Arrival generally cannot file an application for extension of Visa except in special circumstances like illness that prevents them from leaving Thailand, etc. The staff at the counter will ask for your passport size photo that will be stapled on the blank form before the form is given to you.

They also have a fast track counter (towards left side after entering the Visa on Arrival gate as seen in the above picture) where an additional fee of 200 Thai Baht is charged.
Initially the online application process is available for tourists arriving at Suvarnabhumi Airport only.
I think this is just poor English and perhaps what they mean to say is that the date of arrival in Thailand is required to be entered in the online form and the tourist must arrive on that particular day.
If there is no one on this counter and you need help, please go the glass windows you see in the back.
Theoretically speaking, if you are flying out of Bangkok by the same airline that brought you to Bangkok, you are given both the boarding cards at the airport of origin of the journey, and your baggage is checked-in right up to the destination beyond Bangkok, you will need to take VOA only at your final destination. Thailand is also known for being a relatively cheap vacation spot, which draws visitors from all around the world to fill up Bangkok, Koh Samui, and Phuket hotels year after year.
If the documentation is provided in English you may be required to translate it to Thai – this policy differs between different Thailand consulates. This visa allows for a one-year stay within Thailand that can be renewed every three months in the country. A triple-entry tourism visa, then, gives access to Thailand for up to nine months at a time, although working within the country on this visa is prohibited. If you move to a different area of Thailand, for example, a new province, you must notify the immigration office. No wonder why a lot of foreign expatriates or mostly anyone from Western countries are so into retiring in Thailand, the process is not complicated and very straightforward.
For foreign retirees wanting to avoid any penalties, proper observation of Thai laws are required. These are important factors in applying for a retirement visa in a foreign country like Thailand.
2014 First I do not trust Australia overseas pension rules and as a single I do not think I will get $2,000.00 a month but yet when I sell my house and others assets I will qualify BUT Can I take furniture, home items, flat TV and power tool etc???? Known as the EntrePass scheme, this visa allows foreign nationals with a sensible business plan to establish residence in Singapore.
In addition, I have given some very useful information on money exchange and links for best options on travel to Pattaya from Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang Airports. Completely filled in application form and other documents need to be carried into the above Visa on Arrival gate. This fast track counter is meant for tourists who have to catch domestic connecting flights from the airport. However, on unlucky days or unlucky hours, this special counter is not operational and the passengers are directed to the regular Immigration Section where long queues await them. That means, at Bangkok you will remain in the transit area of the airport and will proceed to boarding the domestic flight without collecting your bags in Bangkok.
After filling the online form the website issues a Transaction Reference Number (TRN) and gives an option to print the form that the tourist can carry along but the print-out is optional. I urge you to read the entire page from the beginning before reading this section for better understanding of the subject. One can take a form, fill it up and then proceed to the photo counter at the back where those who forgot to bring a 4x6cm photo can get their picture printed for a fee. However, if you have only one boarding card up to Bangkok and your bags are checked-in up to Bangkok only, then you need to take VOA at Bangkok, collect your bags, clear Customs, and check-in again for the domestic flight. Double Black means Johnnie Walker Double Black Whiskey that is popular among Tourists who buy the brand from the duty free shop while leaving Bangkok. Preliminary examination takes 1-2 minutes and usually no questions are asked if the documents are in order. The visa itself will be granted upon arrival in Thailand for which there are said to be two separate "Online VOA Counters" at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport. Visa on Arrival form and other documents are to be presented along with the requisite fee of 1000 THB at this place. At the immigration counter, photo of the passengers is taken with a digital camera and stamping on the passport is completed by immigration officers.
Practically, however, we have the experience of Thai Airways connecting flights beyond Bangkok. It is very unlikely that a senior Immigration official will need to ask a tourist that too a complete stranger to buy a bottle of duty free booze for him at the airport. If a print-out is not carried by the tourist who has filled the online form, I guess the immigration staff will locate the application on their computer system from the passport number. This card, Visa on Arrival application form (can be downloaded from this page - see link above) and other documents need to be carried to the Visa on Arrival counter. The staff at the counter  do a preliminary check of the documents and give a paper token to the passenger who is then asked to wait.
Then take all the documents along with the form and proceed to the first counter on the side where "Document Check" is written.
For these flights, Thai Airways checks-in bags right up to the final destination but gives boarding card up Bangkok only. I have also read a story where a female employee at a duty free shop clandestinely put an extra packet of cigarettes in to the shopping bag of a tourist arriving into Bangkok and then he was stopped at the Green Channel.
The wait is usually short because the number of passengers arriving at Don Mueang is not much and out of those arriving, all do not need visa.
The logic being, one is supposed to have a valid visa before taking a domestic flight in Thailand. Token number and counter number are displayed on a LED screen and also announced over a PA system. One should proceed to the relevant counter and stand at the place marked on the floor for picture taking by the counter staff.
After the wait is over, passengers are called by the token number back to the counter where the documents along with the visa fee receipt are returned to the passengers.
Two immigration officials are present at the counter where Visa and Immigration happen simultaneously. The rest of the formalities like the completion of the visa stamp and your picture taken with a webcam happen here. After immigration, one can walk towards the baggage claim which is behind the immigration counters. The second official staples your departure card to the passport and stamps Visa on the passport.
Its a breeze except that you have already lost one full page of the passport because its a huge stamp. Before leaving the airport, Thai Customs officials will screen bags on a random basis at the Green Channel so be careful about what you carry along.

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