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Known around the world as an international center for business and culture, Hong Kong is an alluring destination for retirees seeking a fast-paced, cosmopolitan life that combines the best of the East with the best of the West.
Despite the expense associated with living in the city, the small apartments and lack of living spaces, and the air quality that’s becoming a large issue in the region, Hong Kong remains a major port of immigration for both Westerners and residents from other Asian countries. Hong Kong has a relatively open border system, whereby skilled applicants from a range of countries are easily able to move to the territory and reside there legally. For what it’s worth, this makes it more important than ever before to make the move to Hong Kong, or at least to secure long-term residency, while it’s still quite simple. Unlike Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines, Hong Kong has no formal retirement visa scheme. While this may seem like a deal-breaker for would-be retirees, the visa system in Hong Kong is relatively simple. Establishing a business in Hong Kong is an inexpensive process that requires only two to three days to complete. The second option is to acquire a long-term visa in Hong Kong through the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme. While Thailand and the Philippines welcome non-investors with open arms, Hong Kong is somewhat restrictive to those that wish to reside in the territory as retirees. For those that wish to retire in Hong Kong without investing in the territory, one of the best options is to work in Hong Kong and establish residency in the region. For some, however, this long-term approach is worth the time required to qualify for residency. Although Hong Kong offers no formal retirement scheme, the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme and long-term work visas make it a possible retirement destination for those with the will to invest in a foreign economy, and the capital to make it a possibility.
For those with the income and savings to make retirement in Hong Kong possible, an exciting city awaits. People moving to Hong Kong have the privilege of getting the cheapest, yet high-quality, professional moving boxes and supplies available for purchase online.
The delivery is free and usually takes only one day to get to your home from one of our 5 warehouses located all over the country. You can choose among the different types of supplies or purchase entire kits - just what you need for your move! The Hong Kong Marriage Ordinance governs marriages contracted in Hong Kong and United States citizens wishing to marry here must comply with the provisions of this law.
At least seventeen days before the marriage is to take place, one of the parties to the proposed marriage should appear personally before the Hong Kong Marriage Registration Office to file a Notice of Marriage. At least 17 days prior to the intended marriage, one or both parties should go in person to the marriage registry (if they are planning a ceremony at a marriage registry or in a place of worship) or make their application directly to their civil celebrant of marriages (if that is the route chosen). Any documents supplied which are not already in English or Chinese must be accompanied by certified translations (signed by a notary public in Hong Kong or a solicitor of the High Court in Hong Kong). Known as the ‘Switzerland of Asia’ due to its immense financial wealth and open economy, Singapore has emerged as one of the world’s most desirable locations over the past few decades.
Alongside its economic success, Singapore has grown into one of Asia’s top cities to live in. Although working in Singapore is simple with any job offer, retiring in Singapore is significantly more complicated. Unfortunately, Singapore does not offer retirement visas to foreigners aiming to retire in Singapore. Despite the lack of a retirement visa program, foreign nationals that would like to either work in Singapore or make a large investment in the country will find it quite simple to gain long-term visas. Singapore offers a variety of visas for foreign nationals that would like to stay in the city-state for either the short or long term.
Short-term tourism visas are available for nationals of most countries, and grant a thirty to ninety day period of stay in Singapore. There are several classes of EntrePass visa available, each with its own specific requirements and minimum investment level. Business visas are also issued to foreign nationals that have been hired to work as part of a larger company in Singapore.
Singapore’s employment market is relatively easy to enter but the island’s working culture isn’t really compatible with retired life.
Finally, Singapore offers a Long Term Visit Pass scheme for foreign nationals who are married to a Singapore citizen or permanent resident. Applying for the LTVP is somewhat complicated, and the type of pass issued can depend on the nature of your relationship in Singapore.
All foreign nationals planning to visit Singapore, whether for tourism or retirement, must have a passport with at least six months of validity remaining.
Aside from this base requirement, the different Singapore visas have their own set of requirements and minimum standards.
Despite its work-focused immigration policy and restrictive visa program for non-working foreign nationals, Singapore is a very pleasant place to retire. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 India License. Just a few decades ago, Vietnam was a country that was effectively closed off to the rest of the world.
However, the times have changed, and Vietnam is now one of Asia’s shining stars in terms of livability and openness. Given its combination of great weather, a low cost of living, and an exotic culture, it certainly seems to fit the bill. Vietnam currently offers no retirement visa scheme, and retirees living in Vietnam are required to make use of either long-term tourist visas, which are available for a maximum of three months at a time, or five-year long-term visas, which need to be ‘checked up’ and renewed at immigration offices every three months. While neither of these options are ideal, they are both relatively affordable for those wishing to retire to Vietnam, and the inconvenience of reporting to the Immigration Department of Vietnam is somewhat reduced by the fact that all foreign retirees that live in Vietnam are required to do so.

Three month tourist visas can be acquired from Vietnamese embassies abroad, and are issued to all those that have the minimum funds available to travel in Vietnam – a figure that’s typically around $1,000USD per month spent in the country. It’s worth noting that tourists in Vietnam, including those staying long-term using a tourist visa, are able to apply for extensions while inside Vietnam by using any one of a number of local travel agents.
The alternative, and one that many retirees to Vietnam pursue, is to invest in a five-year multi-entry visa, which allows for multiple entries into Vietnam within a period not exceeding five years. Finally, non-Vietnamese who are married to a Vietnamese citizen may apply for a long-term visa to reside in Vietnam legally.
Vietnam offers one-year and three-year residency permits to foreigners looking to establish a company in Vietnam. More information on establishing a business in Vietnam can be found here, along with information on the price of operating a business in the country.
Many retirees in Vietnam are understandably nervous about the longevity of their current living situation. Despite the ‘bad news,’ however, Vietnam appears to be fairly relaxed about the large amount of foreign retirees and workers residing within its borders on short-term visas. Ever since the turn of the century, moving East for your career has made more and more sense with each passing year.
Once you’ve made up your mind to move, it’s time to deal with the practical matters that arise with such a life-changing decision. In this series, we look at legal essentials and visa requirements to live and work in key economies around the world.
In the latest HSBC Expat Explorer Survey, Thailand was ranked #1 for being a good place to make friends and enjoy an active social life. There is no visa that allows you to work in Thailand; however, you need a ‘B visa’ to apply for a work permit there. You should ideally stay in touch with the Thai Embassy to ensure you fulfill all requirements pertaining to your visa.
Accompanying family members should apply for the S1 or S2 visa submitting an invitation letter from the relative holding the work ‘Z visa’ in China and a ‘proof of relationship’ i.e. Though Hong Kong is part of the People’s Republic of China, the region has its own specific visa rules and regulations.
If you are a British citizen whose passport is valid for 6 months or more, you can enter and stay in Hong Kong for 6 months, without a visa. Hong Kong is an exciting location with so much to offer expatriates looking for a new way of life and a new career. Where a visa is required, it is typically issued to highly-skilled specialists, managers and executives.
India is quickly becoming the country of opportunity, and with a rapidly growing economy there are many career opportunities to take advantage of. ASEAN nationals travelling within between some member countries are given 2 weeks visa-free entry. Located in the South China Sea close to the southern manufacturing provinces of China, Hong Kong is a thrilling city that has a lot to offer for those that can enjoy its rapid pace of living. With a large immigrant and expatriate community, there are few cities that beat Hong Kong when it comes to ease of cultural integration. However, due to mass immigration from the People’s Republic of China, there are a range of options being considered to reduce the current level of immigration. Using the guidelines in this article, you will be able to secure a long-term visa for Hong Kong, provided you meet the minimum application requirements.
Retirees seeking a home in Hong Kong are required to gain entry to the territory using either a long-term non-resident visa, or by becoming a permanent Hong Kong resident by residing in the territory for over seven years continuously.
Business bank accounts can be established in Hong Kong within a matter of days and the business can begin operating shortly after. Designed for high net worth individuals that want to make Hong Kong their home, this scheme allows for visitors to Hong Kong to gain a long-term visa, and eventually permanent residency, by investing in a Hong Kong-based company, or by making capital investment in bonds or services in Hong Kong. As Hong Kong is regarded as one of the world’s financial capitals, the region’s focus is on attracting investors that will stimulate the local economy and provide tax revenue for the region. This is partly due to Hong Kong’s more extensive social welfare system, which has the potential to be abused by retirees entering the territory as non-workers.
This is obviously a long-term approach to gaining residency in Hong Kong, as applicants for permanent residency must have stayed for over seven years prior to applying. As a Hong Kong Permanent Resident, you are able to retire within the territory with few or no restrictions. However, given the expense and requirements of acquiring long-term residency as a foreigner to Hong Kong, most would-be retirees to Asia look at different locations with less restrictive immigration requirements. However, if either party is under 21 and is not a widow or widower, written consent to the marriage is required.
Once a small British outpost in Southeast Asia, this tiny island has grown into one of the world’s largest financial and cultural centers.
Featured prominently on Quality of Life charts over the past decade, the city-state offers a combination of urban living, beautiful nature, and modern convenience that can be tough to find in other Asian cities.
The small city-state offers long-term visas – and in some cases, even citizenship – to those with large investments in the country, but is significantly less accessible for retirees seeking a work-free lifestyle. While foreigners are able to retire in Singapore, the process of retiring in the country generally follows years of employment in Singapore and the acquisition of either permanent residency or Singapore citizenship. Singapore has a strong interest in foreign knowledge and investment and welcomes ambitious individuals with very open arms. These include short-term tourism visas, educational visas, as well as business visas for both employees and entrepreneurs that would like to establish their business in Singapore. Visitors from the United Kingdom and many Western nations do not need to apply for a tourist visa in advance and are free to enter Singapore via air or road using the visa on arrival system.

Singapore is one of several countries that issues business visas for foreigners looking to start their own company in Singapore.
Note that some of the lower levels of the EntrePass scheme do not grant long-term residency in Singapore. Given the nature of Singapore’s economy, the majority of positions open to foreigners are in the finance or international business industry. Few retirees wish to work the long hours required by most Singapore corporations, and the few that wish to work in Singapore generally opt for less demanding positions as tutors or English teachers. This pass grants foreigners a long-term stay visa for Singapore that can eventually become residency, as well as a range of social and government benefits designed to improve their life in Singapore. The pass also covers the long-term stay options for foreign nationals with children in Singapore. A full list of Singaporean embassies, consulates, and foreign missions can be found at the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.
For longer-term visas, this requirement extends to the length of the visa – applicants without a valid passport may be issued visas for a shortened period of time in Singapore. View information about the entrepreneur visa scheme here and learn more about Singapore’s other visa requirements at the website of Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Offering an ideal combination of economic strength and quality of life, this small city-state in Southeast Asia is the perfect cultural and economic bridge between East and West. Make sure you keep it carefully with you till your departure as you might be asked for it while returning. Disneyland and Ocean Park are the two major theme parks ticket for each is in price range of 400 HK Dollar(roughly 3500 Rs). With a socialist economy dependent on domestic production and collective work, the small Southeast Asian nation was something of an anomaly in the region – one of the few remaining communist countries in a growing economic region.
With a beautiful culture, a year-round comfortable climate, and a population that’s rapidly integrating with the rest of the world, many Western retirees are looking at Vietnam as the next big Asian retirement location.
However, Vietnam’s visa situation – like the rest of its rapidly developing economy – isn’t quite as complete as its neighbors’. While a three-month visa isn’t exactly long term, it’s an option that many retirees have been using for several years – reapplying and re-entering as their visas expire.
These agents apply directly to the Immigration Department for an extension of stay – typically a three-month visa extension. The requirements to apply for one of these visas are higher than those for a simple three-month visa, and may be off-putting to some applicants.
Although other visas may be applied for from outside of Vietnam, this class of visa must be applied for within Vietnam at a local State Office.
Opening a company is not a simple process and is not recommended for foreign visitors simply aiming to acquire residency to make it easier to retire to Vietnam.
Note that all foreign-owned businesses in Vietnam will need to take on local staff, although this generally isn’t a great expense. Given that many foreigners reside on short-term tourism visas and lack any source of residency, their nervousness is understandable. A quick look at Vietnamese expatriate forums make it clear that there aren’t any difficulties reapplying for visas, or any difficulties associated with using multiple tourism visas in a back-to-back fashion. Click here for Middle East visa essentials or read on for visa requirements in key countries in Asia.
In the latest HSBC Expat Explorer Survey too, Singapore emerges as a very popular choice among Western expats, where the key parameters of income, living experience, and raising kids are concerned.
The city is vibrant, offers a multitude of career opportunities, and has a good record of being tourist-friendly and business-friendly. You need an ‘E visa’ to live and work in India; however, not everyone requires a work authorization and certain nationals are exempt. The first is to establish or join a Hong Kong-based business and gain residency through your employment there, or from ownership.
A useful option for those with the capital and business drive to make it a reality, this option is nonetheless very expensive, particularly for those with limited funds. However, given the amount of time required to qualify for residency, this option is a serious consideration for those that pursue it. This is usually provided by a parent or guardian but a district judge may also give permission if there is no one more appropriate.
Known as the EntrePass scheme, this visa allows foreign nationals with a sensible business plan to establish residence in Singapore.
I share my travel stories to introduce the wonderful places that I have visited and thus have virtual tours with readers:). Retirees that reside in Vietnam face numerous issues surrounding official visa requirements. The exceptions to this are several Vietnamese embassies in the United States, including the offices in San Francisco, New York, and Washington DC. However, for those that are serious about operating a business in Vietnam, it is a great option for remaining in the country legally.
Given the recent ‘crackdown’ on illegal foreign workers, many retirees in Vietnam have become increasingly concerned about the stability of their living situation. Further, the ‘P’ Employment Pass is for those who earn more than $4000 a month, and ‘Q’ Pass for those whose salary is $2800-$4000. You may not find me doing a 15 days trek in mountains but you can spot me walking for a day enjoying beauty of Himalayas and then relaxing in evening in a cozy place.

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