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Pakistan international airlines (PIA) more than 15 years ago our company has established itself as a reputed concern offering multi-product travel services. Worldwide travel insurance through years of experience and goodwill generated between us and our partner suppliers in the tourism and travel sector we can offer you the best available rates ever offered. BANGKOK -Thailand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has officially announced that it will start offering six-month multiple-entry tourist visas (METV) starting November 13. Under the current rules, tourist visas are valid for just 60 days, after which visitors must leave the country or apply to a local immigration office for an extension. The new visa will allow visitors to enter and leave the country as often as they want over the six-month period. The BIG change with this new tourist visa is that it has a validity of 6 months instead of the 90 day validity for either a single or double entry tourist visa now. Originally Posted by misskit Under the current rules, tourist visas are valid for just 60 days Isnt it 90 days? Originally Posted by Phuketrichard note; you can NOT extend it at immigration for 1,900 for 30 days And you gleaned this tidbit of information from what website?
If I exit and re-enter the country just before this new tourist visa itself expires would I get stamped in for another 60 days? Also they didn't know whether you could go and get in-country 30 day extensions at immigrations for 1900baht on this visa either.

Unlike current tourist visas, which offer from one to three entries, the six-month multiple-entry visa will allow unlimited border crossings during the validity period. You currently get a double entry for 2000bt which will do you for 4 months plus extensions, so this offers you a triple entry visa for 3k more? So under the current system you can get 5 x 60 days for 5000bt and the new system will give you 3 x 60 days for 5000bt.
Originally Posted by Dapper You currently get a double entry for 2000bt which will do you for 4 months plus extensions, so this offers you a triple entry visa for 3k more? Actually, until someone (way smarter than me) finds the thai language version posted in the Royal Gazette, NO one knows what's what.. As I said before, I called the MFA today, they didn't know their ass from their elbow about how it's really gonna work come the middle of November. You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view some discussions and access our other features. It also means tourists can effectively stay in Thailand for six months with the visa, though they will have to leave the country every 60 days to keep the visa valid. I'll try to find the decree published in the Thai Royal Gazette to see if it spells out the particulars.. Don't jump a link to an engrish language forum talking about it but find me a thai one that spells out the change.

IF you could do that it'd let someone who played the dates right get almost 8 months out of that visa. However, to prevent foreigners from basically living in Thailand on tourist visas, each entry will be limited to 60 days. In fact, they knew LESS than the news blurbs in engrish everyone is quoting like it's 'chapter and verse'.
By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features. All foreign nationals are eligible to apply for METV,” the Asian Correspondent reported. That's where there are real live thais and I'll see if I can't get them to find me the posting in the Royal Gazette to see what it really says. Also for questions on visa entry requirements to other countries & overstay in Thailand.

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