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Expertise UK visa immigration family migration visa applications - leave to enter & remain in the UK. Known around the world as one of Asia’s most desirable locations, Thailand has long been a hotspot for retirees looking to escape the expense of the West and enjoy their retirement in a warm, hospitable, and naturally beautiful country. Thanks to its relatively straightforward and simple retirement visa system, Thailand is also one of the easiest countries to retire to for expatriates aged over fifty. There are a few simple qualifications required to acquire a long-term retirement visa for Thailand. For retirees aged under fifty years, perhaps those retiring early or expatriating to live off of their assets, a variety of different visas are available for Thailand. Note that all applicants, regardless of age, must submit the documentation from a complete health exam. Retirees planning to stay in Thailand long-term are required to show a bank balance of upwards of eight-hundred-thousand Thai baht – approximately $25,000 United States Dollars, or a monthly income of upwards of 65,000THB – approximately $2,000 US Dollars.
However, if you do not qualify for this income restriction, a variety of alternative visa options are available. The second option, and one that’s frequently used by retirees uninterested in using the correct visa, or unable to meet the requirements, is a tourist visa.
You will also need to provide proof of your identity for the Thai authorities, which can include – depending on your nationality – a passport, a birth certificate, an ID card of some sort, and any documents pertaining to a name change, if you have ever changed your name. Thailand retirement visas can be applied for at all Thai consulates and embassies, but not all consulates will necessarily follow the same procedures. Reports indicate that the strictest standards for retirement visa applications can be found at the embassies closest to Thailand, particularly those that are popular with short-term visitors to the country. Positive reports have been issued for Thai embassies and consulates in European countries, particularly regional cities in the United Kingdom. Note that it is not possible to apply for a retirement visa from within Thailand, nor is it possible to ‘upgrade’ your tourist visa to a retirement visa from within Thailand. A Thailand retirement visa is not a magical ticket to restriction-free life in Thailand, although it is a significantly more flexible and useful visa than the average long-term tourism visa. However, holders of a retirement visa are required by law to report to their local immigration office every three months, just as holders of Non-Immigrant O class visas must.
Finally, holders of Thai retirement visas are restricted from owning property and a variety of businesses in the country. While Thailand is far from the most open country in the region for retirees – a title that would undoubtedly go to Singapore of Hong Kong – its combination of a great climate, beautiful geography, and a friendly populace make it a favorite for Western retirees seeking a break from the rat race.
I have been in Thailand for short stays four time and I am really in love with Thai people. The Thai Visa issue has been one of my main concerns since retiring to Thailand on 30 Jul 213. In fact it was always a worry even before that inaugural flight – which was most delightful I must say flying Business Class on Thai Airways from London to Bangkok. It’s a long story that really came to a head on my last (and only) visa run to Cambodia three months ago. The above receipt proves my new Thai Non O Non Immigration Retirement Multiple Entry Visa is legitimate and it also proves the Thai Immigration system. No need to return to the UK to get another Thai Non O Non Immigrant Retirement Multiple Entry Visa. Not dependant any more on Kanyah anymore to get the Thai Non O Non Immigrant Retirement Multiple Entry Visa. To renew this Thai Non O Non Immigrant Retirement Multiple Entry Visa I don’t have to rely on Kanyah. This was possibly the most strange places I have ever been in my life and I have traveled a lot including some esoteric places like Iraq, Nigeria, Lesotho. I sat down and took long videos of the place to put on the website – it was so strange. So we passed up on the visa toutes and went to the Cambodian immigration number but directly where we filled out an immigration card.
He came back with our visas and immigration card properly filled out and we went through Cambodian immigration with no trouble only, as I said to come out onto the same street. We waited a couple of hours before going back into Thailand and i whiled away the time taking the movies and drinking that  Guinness Foreign Extra Stout. Why do they feel so important that they can take up a whole page in my passport for just a single entry into their country? I was a bit nervous about entering Thailand because we had only been in Cambodia for a couple of hours.
I handed my passport over to the young female Thai immigration officer and reminded her in bad Thai that I expected a three month leave of entry. Passport back in my possession and back into Thailand with a feeling of relief I checked my passport for the three month stamp and it was there. I thought that even armed with this piece of sweet-talk it would be too risky to re-visit Cambodia and I might have to go back to the UK to get another Thai Non O Multiple Entry Visa at very great expense. I would not even have to go to Bangkok and visit any Foreign Office or other Passport Office. All I had to do was to follow Akkamon’s simple instructions and send my passport and other easily obtained documents to him in Bangkok and he would get my visas and send them back within a few days. I have been to UK and returned and registered at the Korat Immigration Office with no problems.
Join the Announcement List and receive an email when something interesting is added to the blog or website. Yesterday (20 January 2015) I went to the Thai Immigration Office at Nakhon Ratchasima where they extended my Retirement Visa for another year thereby extending my paradise lifestyle by another year too. But this event may signal the end of this website and this could be the last Post on this website as explained below.
At about 0930 I was all finished with the brand new one year extension to my Thai Retirement visa you see in the scanned image above. Getting the retirement visa extension is quite straightforward when you know what documentation is required and you have all the documents correctly.
Evidence of not less than 800,000 Baht in a Thai bank account for at least three months prior to the sate of application.

Copy of personal details page and all other pages in applicant’s passport that have Thai immigration stamps. The requirement to provide these latter two documents is both very important and unwelcome for me. In the first place if I need to produce them every time I extend my stay I assume I must bring along Kanyah (Mrs Brown) to sign the photocopies and present the originals. Now, this means that not only must Kanyah still be alive, but that she must be willing and able to make the trip and sign the documents. The implication is that I am dependent upon the availability and good will of Kanyah to continue my residency in Thailand. Residency should be granted irrespective of my marriage to my Thai wife and other people have told me that it is. Another person told me of a Certificate Of Residence that I assume (dangerous to assume) certifies that the applicant is living in Thailand and has his address recorded. By the way I just downloaded the appropriate application Form from the Thai Immigration Bureau website. B) When opened it is called Form TM 1 “Application for Substitute of Certificate of Residence”, which is another Form I downloaded as is called TM 20!
There is a wealth of information on the Thai Immigration Bureau Website and even a download page where you can download various Policy Documents and Application Forms. I would still spend 10 – 12 hours a day in the workshop making my model traction engine and Kanyah would still go to work in the fields.
I have often complained to Mrs Brown that she over-pays the neighbours to do jobs around the house, typically moving the lawns, trimming the hedges, cleaning the house.
Anyway a few weeks ago when she went corn picking one day they were rained off in the afternoon about 4 pm.
Because of the enforced short day they only paid her 250 Baht (about ?3) instead of the normal 350 Baht (?7). Totally naively and unprepared for the outburst of wrath that followed I made the point again. Why should she go out to work all day (six hours in this case) and make herself tired just for a meager 250 Baht when she will gladly pay the neighbours 250 Baht for two hours work to clean the house or 400 Baht to cut the lawn which only takes three hours? And when she isn’t out working in the fields Kanyah loves to tens and develop our lovely garden. With this retirement visa extension I am now classifying myself as permanently Retired to Thailand.
If you pressed me to I could write here about being retired in Thailand and I do have a stock of photos, videos and stories (see below) that I never had time to write on our retiring in Thailand journey.
If you want me to continue writing up the stock of stories from the retiring in Thailand journey or to write up the ongoing Retired to Thailand events please let me know.
I love reading your blogs and I share them with my colleagues in the office who also like reading them and learning about life in Thailand. I have missed the silence recently and implore you to carry on, all your experiences are not only entertaining but invaluable for the future. I’m sure there are many who will share my view and on behalf of the silent masses please please carry on!
The pic of your garden automatically says farang (I’m not afraid of that word) house to me. I would like to hear about prices for existing homes in your area and how best to find them. Like others here, I’ve enjoyed reading your posts for the past few years, and I will continue to read them for as long as you post them.
I FINALLY GOT MY RETIREMENT VISA AND NOW THAT BRIDGE HAS BEEN CROSSED THE WATER IS LESS MURKY. Hi, I hope you decide to keep writing your posts, as they are good and interesting to read about your experiences in Thailand. Offering a mix of modern city life and charming beach and rural living, Thailand is one of Asia’s most popular countries for Western retirees.
Official retirement visas – known as Non-Immigrant Retirement Visas to officials – are easy to qualify for and ideal for expatriates and retirees that plan to stay in Thailand. The first is a simple age requirement – applicants must be aged above fifty years at the time of their visa application, and must have ceased to work in their home country. One of the most popular amongst under-50 expatriates in Thailand is the Non-Immigrant O and B class visas, both of which are available from most Thai consulates. As the average monthly pension of retirees from Western countries exceeds this cut-off point, the income requirements for Thailand visas are generally a non-issue. The first is, as mentioned above for underage retirees, the Non-Immigrant O visa, available at most Thai consulates. Tourist visas are available for two months at a time, with a one-month extension possible within Thailand. You will need a copy of your bank balance, a collection of bank statements from the prior three to six months, as well as documents proving your net worth, in the case that you wish to use non-cash assets to prove your suitability for the visa. You will also need to show a marriage certificate if you have a Thai spouse and you are applying for a retirement visa due to the relationship. Thai expatriates will be quick to tell you that the process for visa applications – and the results of these applications – differs dramatically from one embassy to the next. Expatriates have reported being rejected for Thai visas from consulates in Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Vientiane, Phnom Penh, and even as far away as Hong Kong.
Thai consulates based in Japan and Korea have both been reported to offer long-term retirement visas that aren’t tied to such stringent standards as the embassies located closer to Thailand. You must travel outside of the country to apply for your visa, typically to one of the embassies listed in the above paragraph. Several rights are granted to retirees in Thailand that aren’t available to tourists, including the ability to open a Thailand-based bank account, the ability to acquire a Thailand drivers’ license, and the ability to study at Thai universities.
The visa is then extended for three months at every ‘check in,’ allowing retirees to extend their stay in Thailand as they wish. Retirees may not open a business in Thailand without applying for a secondary business visa and work permit, as well as having at least fifty percent of the company owned by Thai nationals or corporations. However, all visitors to Thailand, including tourists with no long-term visa, are able to purchase condominiums, apartments, and other residences that do not include the purchase of Thai national land.

Because of this, the few ‘hoops’ that you may need to jump through in order to earn long-term residency and retirement in Thailand are almost always worth the end result. Everything that an interested retiree would need to know about retirement visa were clearly stated. Ex pats living in Thailand may have a clear experience when dealing with Australian pension issues Centre-link of Australia have no idea or training on overseas pension; International Pension Services told me they will pay a partial pension in Thailand I will retire Nov. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts.
I can renew this Thai Non O Non Immigrant Retirement Multiple Entry Visa every year and stay in Thailand forever.
I have always been worried that if anything should happen to Kanyah (or to our relationship) that I could be forced to leave Thailand and lose my lifestyle and investment in our retirement house here in Pakchong (Pak Chong). I don’t have to produce any marriage certificate or any proof of being married to a Thai.
This is because under my Thai Non O multiple entry visa I obtained at the Royal Thai Consulate at Birmingham, U.K. We drove by car and intended to take the car into Cambodia and visit Phnom Penh for a couple of days. They had beer and cigarettes for sale at unbelievably cheap prices and we even bought a few cans of that rare Guinness Foreign Extra Stout that you can’t get in Thailand. We had heard about Visa touts at the border and yes we were approached several times by people wanting to sell us a visa for 1,000 Baht. There was a box to write your Cambodian visa since we didn’t have one we left it blank. One of the Officers then went down the street into another building which was apparently the place where visas are issued. She seemed not to know what she was doing and a more senior officer went over to her to help. There was a bit of a delay in getting my passport back because of the demonstrations in Bangkok closing down government offices it took less than a week. That came about unexpectedly after the Thai Immigration made a mess of my valid Multiple Entry Visa. I could never understand how Nakhon Ratchasima could be called Korat, but when you look at it it’s a bastardisation of NaKhOn RATchasima) early on 20 January 2015 to make sure I was first in the queue.
Presumably (dangerous to presume) this can take the place of the Thai spouse’s ID card and House Documents. A little bit of luxury and the chance to buy gifts for yourself and others that you normally wouldn’t be able to afford. I would be able to travel to UK frequently to go to the Traction Engine Fairs and sample the English beers. It’s the way she was bought up as a child and now she does it to keep interested, keep herself fit and it never hurts to earn a little pocket money does it?
That was a journey that began 8 years ago at the LamTakahong Dam near to Pakchong (Pak Chong), Thailand, on Christmas Day 2006, when this whole retiring in Thailand idea started.
So I could write those up and some (most) of them would be funny and all of them interesting. I’ve been following your adventure for probably four or five years now and enjoyed every word. It is comforting to be able to share experiences of life in Thailand and find out that it is not only me, others see, enjoy and are frustrated by the same things too. I HAVE BEEN GOING BACK AND FORTH TO THE STATES TO TAKE CARE OF FAMILY AND BUSINESS SO I ALSO GOT A MULTI- ENTRY PERMIT. Sure there is a number of sites about Thailand as I am also subscribed to these but there is always different pieces of information which I take from each one and I find your posts a down to. Thailand is also known for being a relatively cheap vacation spot, which draws visitors from all around the world to fill up Bangkok, Koh Samui, and Phuket hotels year after year. If the documentation is provided in English you may be required to translate it to Thai – this policy differs between different Thailand consulates. This visa allows for a one-year stay within Thailand that can be renewed every three months in the country. A triple-entry tourism visa, then, gives access to Thailand for up to nine months at a time, although working within the country on this visa is prohibited.
If you move to a different area of Thailand, for example, a new province, you must notify the immigration office. No wonder why a lot of foreign expatriates or mostly anyone from Western countries are so into retiring in Thailand, the process is not complicated and very straightforward. For foreign retirees wanting to avoid any penalties, proper observation of Thai laws are required. These are important factors in applying for a retirement visa in a foreign country like Thailand. 2014 First I do not trust Australia overseas pension rules and as a single I do not think I will get $2,000.00 a month but yet when I sell my house and others assets I will qualify BUT Can I take furniture, home items, flat TV and power tool etc???? As long as I have 800,000 Thai Baht (about ?15,000 or US$24,000) in the bank I can renew the visa.
What was strange was that all these people selling visas were dressed up in some military Officer’s uniform. The official at Cambodian immigration looked at my passport and the card and handed it back to me, and waved me aside.
There are not so many pages in a passport and under my current Thai Multiple Entry Visa I would have to lose one page every three months for the Cambodian visa. Your recent silence I hoped due to having too much to do with the models and impending aircraft hanger, it’s good that everything sound good.
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