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Innovative Teaching Strategies in Nursing and Related Health Professions, Fifth Edition continues to provide nursing educators and other health care professionals with the latest, proven teaching strategies.
The authors bring key concepts to life by including specific examples and suggestions for how to implement teaching strategies, how to identify types of learners as well as how to predict potential issues or challenges with each strategy. Transition Guide for Innovative Teaching Strategies in Nursing and Health Related Professions, Sixth EditionFor a preview of the new edition and to find out what`s new download the transition guide. Graduates are prepared to be professional nurses who will practice in a variety of health-care settings.
McMaster’s current nursing curriculum uses a problem-based, small group, self-directed educational model. Students attend the institution to which they are admitted for the entire four years of the program. The School of Nursing provides high-quality, innovative nursing education in a unique educational setting.
The School of Nursing pioneered problem-based learning (PBL) in nursing education and we continue to believe that this approach best prepares our students for the roles that they will hold after graduation.
Professional Nursing Practice You will have many opportunities throughout your program to put theory into practice in clinical settings. The University Experience There are many opportunities to get involved both in the activities of the School (such as MUNSS and MacSoc) and in the university itself. Research and Evidence-Based Practice The School of Nursing strongly believes that the best nursing practice is based on scientific evidence. Our Educational Methods One of many advantages of Nursing at McMaster is the opportunity to get to know both your professors and your classmates well.
The curriculum has been planned so that the study of nursing and its physiological, psychological, social sciences and humanities aspects are interrelated and span the entire program. Level I provides the foundational knowledge for developing professional competence as a nurse. A Bachelor of Science in Nursing is the gateway to a profession that offers an astounding array of career tracks and opportunities. Registered Nurses practice independently or in teams with other health professionals to care for diverse clients across the lifespan.
In Level I students develop nursing skills for clinical practice in the Centre for Simulation Based Learning.In Levels II to IV, students gain knowledge and skills through direct patient care in both hospital and community settings.
Clinical practice helps students apply theory learned in the classroom and is an integral part of the program. Placements in the local area include: four acute care hospitals (one right on campus), City of Hamilton – Social and Public Health Services, two visiting nursing agencies and several long term care facilities.
Level IV students may select a placement in a Canadian outpost, northern or international setting (students have traveled to Chile, England, Botswana, Alaska, Northern Ontario, the Northwest Territories, Newfoundland, British Columbia, Australia, Thailand and Columbia).
The Health Sciences Library is a recently renovated facility that meets the needs of the 21st century learning environment.
The focus of the design is on “people space” with a Learning Commons, an e-Classroom, study rooms, a reading pavilion and wireless access throughout. Over 4000 online journals and 850 online books related to health sciences are available, in addition to the thousands of online resources in the other campus libraries.
Centre for Simulation Based Learning Clinically-equipped examination rooms along with low and high fidelity simulation models give students the opportunity to practice nursing.
The Centre has sophisticated audio visual equipment to monitor and record students as they practice their skills and receive feedback from peers and professors. Standardized Patient Program This program provides a learning opportunity to teach, assess and refine communication and clinical skills. Anatomy Laboratory – A large number of pre-dissected specimens complimented by models, medical images and demonstrations are used to help learn about the structure of the human body.
The BScN program works hard to create learning opportunities for all students in a variety of areas, not only academic and clinical, but also professionalism, advocacy, and leadership. Using the foundation this program develops in its students has led me to build initiative and passion for the profession, program and my fellow students. This program is full of the most amazing people you will ever meet: peers, faculty, and RNs, and I know that because of this School and these people I have changed so much and I hope to one day be able to provide opportunities for others like those provided for me. With a mix of problem-based learning classes, health sciences courses and clinical practice, I know that McMaster graduates are well rounded, intelligent and caring nursing professionals.
This section will cover Enquiry and Problem-based learning, Game-based learning and Facilitating Small Groups. Problem-based learning has been described as the most innovative form of teaching for the professions (Boud 1997). In addition to alignment with learning outcomes, assessments are also aligned with the enquiry and problem-based learning process. For a resource that will give you new ideas for designing and implementing your problem-based learning initiatives download New Approaches to Problem-based Learning: Revitalising Your Practice in Higher Education.
Games offer a unique structure to complement traditional teaching strategies and infuse teaching with energy, spark, innovative thinking.
As pedagogical devices, games are extremely useful - they can enliven teaching topics and are especially effective for dealing with problem solving and key concepts. When you are introducing innovative teaching strategies with small groups icebreakers can be a good way to hekp students to get to know one another and to form as a group. The image of the inverted triangle of Bloom's Taxonomy comes from a post in the Me and My Laptop blog by Jessica Pilgreen. I've been teaching for over 25 years in international schools in Europe and Asia and am currently working at the American School of Bombay in India.
The writing, embedded material and material linked to via this blog is representative of myself alone.
Before we start it is good to make a note that sometime each of the item in each may sometime need to be very descriptive and other time may only need to be hyperbole.

Getting this section done seem easily enough but that might not be the case as we are usually pessimistic people. The answers to these questions are usually strengths but this is not always the case so they can be used in the others as well.
Weaknesses are within your control that has a detrimental effect over your competitive advantage. If you think your business is doing well or that the project idea is too good then you could be blind to your own weaknesses and you could have a real problem completing this section.
Again some of these answers may appear in other sections and it is O.K to put them in the right section.
Most of these should appear in this section but again if you see a one that should be in another put it there.
Again some of this list could appear anywhere in the SWOT but take in ensuring that they are in the right section. Although good on its own a SWOT should really be done within a set of strategic planning tools. An objective that follows SMART is more likely to succeed because it is clear (specific) so you know exactly what needs to be achieved.
The table below uses an example objective from a fictional software company, to illustrate how to apply the SMART objective principle. Newly revised and updated, this new Fifth Edition offers how-to-strategies for incorporating the burgeoning field of technology into the classroom. Creative and innovative strategies and techniques are woven throughout the text with an emphasis on the importance of simulation in the classroom. The Sixth Edition addresses specific teaching-learning strategies for traditional classroom settings, the clinical arena, and through the use of technology for both web-based and virtual simulation. Lowenstein serves as Professor and Director of the Health Professions Education Doctoral Program, which is an interprofessional program with culturally diverse students in a wide variety of health care disciplines, and teaches in undergraduate nursing courses and graduate level health professions education online courses at Simmons College.
Central to our mission is the preparation of nurses who will work to enhance the quality of health of individuals, families, communities and society.
Applicants interested in either Mohawk or Conestoga colleges must apply through the Ontario College Application Service (OCAS).
PBL involves small-group, self-directed learning that emphasizes interpersonal skills, independent learning, and leadership qualities. This past year students went to Australia, Argentina, Kenya, India, Nepal, Nicaragua, Nunavit, Thailand, Uganda, and Flower’s Cove, NL. Through our partnerships with a wide variety of hospitals, agencies, and community settings, you will experience multiple locations and specialties that will help you to decide what specialty is right for you. McMaster is committed to valuing cultural diversity and building an inclusive community in which students can learn and excel.
Our program gives you experience with the research process and teaches you to gather and critically evaluate research to promote critical thinking and problem solving skills. Nurses work in traditional settings in hospitals, nursing homes, public health and many more. Depending on the accessibility of public transportation, students may need to rely on the use of a vehicle. A nursing liaison librarian works with students to answer their learning and research needs. Before I started the program, I knew that nursing was a profession full of opportunities, but what I never imagined were the opportunities available to me as a McMaster nursing student!
As a student, I have seen qualities in the faculty and peers around me that I have appreciated and wanted to mirror, including passion for the profession and one’s colleagues. Throughout my years in the School of Nursing I had a variety of opportunities to grow as a student and as a professional.
This program provides various opportunities for students in terms of extracurricular activities, professional development, and unique fourth- year international placements. The pack provides a range of methods, techniques and types of questions you can use in your tutorials.
Enquiry and problem-based learning approaches are total approaches to learning where students are presented with a problem, challenge or trigger at the start of a learning process. Enquiry and problem-based learning are not mere teaching techniques; they embody a philosophy of learning that encourages students to be active and critical in learning from the discussions in tutorials and independent study. It is not representative of my school, its employees, my students or the students' families. If you’re looking for specific information for your strategic plan then you may need to be more descriptive. So what some people may see as a good reason why they come to your business is something you could take for granted so may not realize at the first point. They also represent a reason for your business to keep existing and growing, a good firm understanding of opportunities will definitely help you increase your business size and will continue to aid in the development of your goals. But be careful a weakness here should probably go into the threats section which we will be discussing next. The first ‘matching’ is when you use your strength to capitalize on possible opportunities identified in your SWOT analysis. You could do the same for converting but make sure there is some detail to inform the plan you would be putting in place to combat them.
Businesses that have specific aims are usually more successful than those that don't; because a business with objectives knows what it is trying to achieve.
You can tell when it has been achieved (measurable) because you have a way to measure completion. If they test their objectives against the SMART principle, they will increase their chances of success. The new edition focuses on the strategy behind the use of technology to help the students understand how it helps to promote learning and engagement.

Our goal is to prepare you for practice in a wide variety of health care settings through curricula that are responsive to real world needs. Learning is a process of inquiry, a skill to develop as a life-long activity in an environment conducive to openness and sharing between faculty and students. There are also exciting opportunities for nursing placements in outpost and international settings!
This provides a learning environment that allows development of communication, group process, and leadership skills in nursing and multidisciplinary health care teams.We believe that learning is a process of inquiry and collaboration in which the student and faculty tutor, as well as other clinical teachers, work toward a common goal or outcome. They are present in a variety of areas such as pediatrics, emergency, maternity, psychiatry, palliative care or geriatrics to name a few.
The unique person-based style of learning was instrumental in the development of my critical thinking and problem solving skills.
In choosing nursing and McMaster, you will enter a field with never-ending opportunities and an exceptional school that will help you along the way! These approaches develop vibrant, challenging, exciting and dynamic learning environments in higher education.
Games make learning concepts more palatable for students and supply learners with a platform for creative ideas to bounce around.
The SWOT analysis is credited to Albert Humphrey at Stanford research institution in the 60’s and 70’s. One such item could be that your prices are lower than the competition, or that you have patents on your products. Anything really that people could see you as weaker than your competition and as such reduce sales.
If you are in the position to capitalize on new market trends then highlighting them here in this section could defiantly help with your strategies. Once a SMART objective has been set, the next step is to write a plan detailing how the objective will be achieved.
Also featured are chapters on Blended Learning and Study Abroad programs, enabling students to gain a more diverse and increased global perspective. Lowenstein came to Simmons College following her role as Dean of the Graduate Program in Nursing at the MGH Institute of Health Professions in Boston. Students from all three institutions will graduate with a McMaster University Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree upon successful completion of the program. Emphasis on small-group tutorials and self-directed learning promotes the development of critical thinking abilities and self-evaluation skills.
Learn more about nursing placements.In our Clinical Learning Centre, you will have the opportunity to practice skills learned on simulation equipment and work with interprofessional student teams to solve healthcare scenarios.
The process is student-centred and occurs through dialogue within a context of respectful relationship(s). Nurses also work in non-traditional settings such as poison control centers, parishes, on the streets with homeless people, AIDS hospices or in a variety of other industries. This program taught me so much more than the foundational nursing skills essential for clinical practice. As a result of the small problem-based learning classes, students learn not only the fundamental concepts of nursing theory and clinical skills, but they also gain tremendous leadership, teamwork and evidence-based research skills. Designing Problems and Triggers in Different Media by Terry Barrett, Diane Cashman and Sarah Moore, Designing Authentic PBL Problems in Multidisciplinary Groups by Marie Stanton and Majella McCaffrey and Shining a Spotlight on Students’ Information literacy in the PBL Process by Lorna Dodd, Eeva Liisa Eskola and Charlotte Silen.
A SWOT analysis is a 2 x 2 matrix comprising of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats .
Being able to plan for risk is a major factor in project success, using this tool will help to be able to objectively see weaknesses and threats to your project and business. Before setting a SMART objective relevant factors such as resources and time were taken into account to ensure that it is realistic. Click on the following link to learn how objectives differ from strategy Objectives Strategy and Planning. Featuring innovative teaching techniques for various learning environments and real world illustrations of the strategies in use, this book goes beyond theory to offer practical application principles that educators can count on!
In addition to the professionals who will teach you throughout your time here at the School of Nursing, extensive multi media, laboratory and library resources support you in independent study. I developed leadership and group process skills unique to the style of classroom learning which I continue to apply in meeting scenarios.
At this point teachers have moved from teacher-guided to student-led inquiries and projects, and as Bergmann and Sams write, students are spending the majority of their time in the Creating and Evaluating levels of Bloom's Taxonomy, and they go down into the lower levels to acquire the information they need when they need it. Finally the timescale element provides a deadline which helps people focus on the tasks required to achieve the objective. Or the following link if you would like to know about the structure and content of marketing plans Marketing Plans. She is a highly experienced nurse educator with a strong record of publication and presentations. Students apply concepts from nursing and related disciplines to their experiences in classroom, laboratory, and clinical settings. Throughout the program, foundational sciences were intertwined with nursing concepts giving me the knowledge and understanding needed to be a contributing member of the healthcare team. She is the lead author of Teaching Strategies for Health Education and Health Promotion, which won a Book of the Year award from the American Nurses Association. This program gave me the foundation and equipped me with the skills I need to build a successful career as a registered nurse.

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