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Full time HE courses are validated by the University of Northampton and offer exceptional value for money. Moulton College is delighted to help schools support their education provision at all ages. Moulton offers courses that are personalised to suit individual employer or business needs. Classes are taught in small group sizes and provide a vocationally focussed programme taught in a friendly and supportive environment with access to superb resources.

A number of professional qualifications, legislative and competency course are also available. They are ideal for those seeking practical, on the job training, to further their career in a selected industry and are now available to anyone aged 16 years upwards.
We work with schools, colleges and education advisors to provide information on the wide range of courses and apprenticeships that we offer to young people. Bespoke training can be arranged for groups of employees both on the businesses premises or at one of Moulton’s sites.

Short courses are designed to meet the needs and interests of adults who are looking for an introduction to a topic or craft. The College also works with a range of accredited partners to offer courses outside of Moulton’s own expertise.

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