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This is a very good example of how to tailor your Physical Education Teacher cover letter and highlight your knowledge and skills, qualifications in function of the position you are applying to. Knowing how to write a letter is an important skill you’ll use in applying for a job, business, school, and personal relationships to communicate information. The first paragraph of your letter should include information on why you are writing and how you found the job posting. Here is your chance to tell why you are interested in the employer or type of work the employer does (Simply stating that you are interested does not tell why, and can sound like a form letter). We were the first teacher preparation program in the state to work with Michigan Virtual University to provide students with teaching experience in an on-line classroom learning environment, and the first to guide students to develop and publish our Educator Code of Ethics. Collaborative relationships with universities around the United States and abroad offer students the opportunity for international experience.
All classes provide students with field experience opportunities, and teacher certification students complete a minimum of 80-100 hours of field service, depending on their certification specialty before student teaching.
You will advance in your professional career in education, thanks to the experiences afforded to you at UDM. When you graduate, your electronic portfolio will demonstrate evidence of your professional knowledge and skills to potential employers. Each year, nearly 50 percent of our teacher certification graduates fill high-need areas of math, science and special education. Graduates of UDM Master Degree Programs are recognized regularly as outstanding teachers by their School Administrators and students for their contributions to student learning and school outcome achievement. Our Education programs focus on developing the know-how to be an educator who uses research, inquiry and the guidelines of the UDM Educator Code of Ethics to act as a moral agent in the best interests of students who continually improve our world. Do you dream of being a leader in your classroom, in an educational program, a school community, professional organization, a district or school system?
You have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of students and parents from across our diverse area. Come, open the door, visit us and learn how you can play an active role in creating your own path to success. A teaching major consists of not less than 30 credit hours in a single discipline or 36 credit hours in a group of disciplines. For individuals who alreay possess a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university, and who whish to become certified by the Michigan Department of Education  to teach elementary education, Detroit Mercy offers a non-degree program that may be pursued on a part-time, late afternoon or evening basis with the exception of the student teaching requirement which is a 15-week semester of full-day attendance.
Teacher education programs of the College of Liberal Arts & Education prepare effective and responsible professional teachers who have a commitment to the implementation of the Education Department's Code of Professional Ethics. University of Detroit Mercy offers this Bachelor of Arts with a major in social studies education with the purposes of teacher certification with endorsement in Social Studies (RX) for students who wish to teach in secondary schools.
Note: Pre-teacher education students are expected to pass all sections of the Professional Readiness Exam (PRE) --reading, mathematics and writing--prior to admission into the teacher education program. Students planning to become certified to teach in secondary schools must complete 35 semester credit hours in the following sequence of Education courses. Post-degree students may prepare for an elementary or secondary teaching certificate in the College of Liberal Arts & Education.
The requirements for this non-degree program include completion of a teaching major and teaching minor in an academic subject area appropriate to the secondary school and the professional education sequence.
Students in the secondary teacher education program are assigned an education advisor in the Education Department upon admission to the teacher certification program to plan the completion of the teaching major, the teaching minor and the education sequence of courses. A teaching major consists of not less than 30 semester hours in a single discipline or 36 semester hours in a group of disciplines. Please view the catalog for more detailed information about requirements for secondary teacher program. Learning Disabilities is a field of Special Education which deals with children who have average or above average intelligence but who are not able to learn in conventional ways.
Students majoring in special education will be recommended for an elementary provisional certification or a secondary provisional certificate. Additionally, the state elementary provisional certificate is valid for teaching all subjects in grades K-5, and for teaching K-8 self-contained. The state secondary provisional certificate is valid for teaching in subject areas in grades 7 to and including grade 12 in which the applicant has completed a major or minor.
Please view the catalog for more detailed information about requirements for a major in Learning Disabilities Special Education. The requirements for admission to graduate study in special education are a 3.0 grade point average and fulfillment of requirements for a state teaching certificate, or a background of education and experience satisfactory to the department. This program is designed to meet the needs of teachers who wish to prepare themselves for working with individuals experiencing specific and general learning problems at the elementary, middle and secondary levels. This program is designed to meet the needs of teachers who wish to prepare themselves for working with individuals experiencing mild to severe emotional and behavioral problems at the elementary, middle, and secondary levels. The 18-credit-hour minor in education is designed for those students who are interested in applying content knowledge in diverse settings and working with diverse populations but are not planning to pursue teacher certification as this minor will not prepare the student to become a certified teacher in Michigan.

Pursing a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction will help you to envision, create and implement effective, high-achieving and equitable education in our fast-paced and ever-evolving world. Educators seeking initial teacher certification that positions them to be educator leaders. Both programs model a hybrid course teaching methodology so that you experience the power of integrating face-to-face and technology supported learning to engage the learner. To learn more about our program for educators seeking initial certification, please visit the page for our Master of Arts with a major in curriculum and instruction and a concentration in teaching certification program.
If you are an experienced educator please continue reading on this page for our Master of Arts with a major in curriculum and instruction. Designed for the experienced educator, the course of study for the Master of Arts with a major in curriculum and instruction for experienced educators provides the conceptual, technical and decision-making skills needed to be a master educator and leader in school renewal. As you pursue this degree program, you can use coursework to address school, program, classroom issues and challenges as a classroom teacher and school leader.
Applicants must qualify for graduate study, have a 3.0 GPA, a state teaching certificate or a background in education and experience satisfactory to the department. Core competency courses are continuously adjusted to meet the rapidly changing demands of effective education. If you are currently working full-time as a teacher, substitute, administrator, paraprofessional, counselor, or teacher's aid of an elementary or secondary school you may be eligible to receive 60% off your tuition. To learn more about our program for experienced educators please visit the page for our Master of Arts with a major in curriculum and instruction. If you are an experienced educator please continue reading on this page for more on our Master of Arts with a major in curriculum and instruction and concentration in teacher certification.
Designed to meet your needs when you elect to change careers and enter the teaching profession, addresses the teaching standards required to qualify for certification and emphasizes the application of previous education and experience. You develop a comprehensive knowledge and competency base for making effective teaching decisions by engaging in active learning situations which integrate theory and research findings with practical action toward student achievement of clear educational goals. Core courses of this master’s degree provide you with a framework to leverage classroom and school-wide strategies that enable you to collaborate with professional colleagues, parents and community resources as a teacher leader. You will work closely with your program advisor to select a program focus and to plan a course of study that includes prior knowledge, experience, and special interests.
Note: The above requirements are subject to change if state requirements for certification change.
The Master of Arts with a major in educational administration is designed for those individuals who are interested in pursuing a professional career in educational administration as a principal, assistant principal, other leadership positions in districts, schools, and community-based organizations. If you are currently working full-time as a teacher, substitute, administrator, paraprofessional, counselor, or teacher’s aid of an elementary or secondary school you may be eligible to receive 60% off your tuition.
I can relate to this post SO very much, as I am the mother of a 2nd grade daughter who is a brilliant artist, reads at a 4th grade level and is in the highest spelling group. Show that you know enough about the employer or position to relate your background to the employer or position.
Physical Education Teacher) that enables the hiring manager to recognize who you are and the job for which you are applying. Richardson,As per your ad on internet that you will have first grade vacancies, I am applying for a teaching position at the elementary level. Richardson, I recently saw this job posting through The University of ABC on-line job postings. Richardson,As I saw your advertisement on internet for elementary teaching positions, so I am applying for this position in the A.
In fact, many students form mentor relationships with faculty that last long past graduation.
Forming professional learning networks with your class colleagues, using access to the latest interactive technology, such as smart boards, cameras and audio editing equipment to create effective learning experiences, and participating through on-line collaborations as well as in local, state and national conventions, allow you to engage in valuable professional collaborations that will form a basis for continued professional development. We collaborate with public, private, charter and faith-based schools, higher education, educational institutions and professional organizations in and around the city.
This program will prepare you to take the certification exam provided by the Michigan Department of Education. The social studies group major is a flexible one that is organized around InTASC and the Professional Standards of Michigan Teachers.
Students planning to pursue post degree education certification should make an appointment with an education advisor to develop a planned program. The special education major qualifies students to teach the special education category from kindergarten to grade 12. For those seeking their initial teacher certification, there is also a program that combines the requirements for the master's and endorsements with the requirements for the teacher certification. Applicants for programs in special education will be required to give evidence of their ability to pursue a professional career in the area chosen for study by submitting three letters of recommendation. Additionally, it prepares teachers to meet the needs of exceptional students in the inclusive setting.

The course work is based on the Education Department's Conceptual Framework which addresses the ethical behaviors for demonstrating how a teacher as scholar, inquirer and moral agent interacts with their constituents in the role of educator. Course projects provide practical opportunities to apply classic and emerging educational theories and strategies for achieving expected learner outcomes.
Program applicants must give evidence of their ability to pursue this program of study as well as to apply learning principles in their chosen specialty area and submit three letters of recommendation as verification of your educational achievements. Within the Curriculum and Instruction Program, you need to work closely with your program advisor to determine current requirements and possible course offerings which fulfill this degree program. That being said she also goes off into her own world during class and isn’t great at math. Write about specific qualifications which make you a good fit for the employer’s needs.
If you would prefer to leave the ball in their court, say that you look forward to discussing your qualifications further. Include your contact information in your email signature, and don’t list the employer contact information.
Please see my resume and list of references in consideration for the elementary teacher position at XYZ Elementary School. Be a leader in your field as you engage in graduate studies in Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Administration or Special Education?
Learn how to capitalize on the energy and dynamics across a broad range of populations, businesses, industries and organizations to address 21st century challenges. Individual departments should be consulted regarding the required number of credit hours to complete a major.
Education faculty help students become ethical, caring, value-directed persons who possess a commitment to urban society and social justice.
It also presents a means for supervisors and administrators to develop leadership skills in the areas of special education-learning disabilities. Additionally, it prepares teachers to meet the needs of exceptional students in the inclusionary setting.
Courses can be used to prepare for application to the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) for national teaching certification. In addition, teacher certification candidates must pass all three sections of the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification Professional Readiness Exam (PRE) submit three letters of recommendation indicating ability to pursue a career path in teaching, and be accepted by the Teacher Education Council.
I have skills, educational background, and experiences qualify which is required for your school. So, whether you dream of being the best classroom teacher or leading a department, school, district or educational program, University of Detroit Mercy Education programs offer you the keys to achieve your goals.
A teaching minor consists of not less than 20 credit hours in a single discipline and 24 credit hours in a group of disciplines. Students also gain competency in the art and science of teaching from a research knowledge base and continue to be inquiring, reflective educators. My certification will be in both early childhood (PK-3) and elementary education (1-6).Because of my interest in higher studies, after this summer I will begin study on a Master's in Reading degree. I am currently finishing up my student teaching with a second grade class at LMC Elementary School. Our Teacher Certification Education program is accredited by the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC). The cosmopolitan nature of our metropolitan area (multi-cultural and multi-talented) provides a perfect laboratory for the education of the professional teacher. With this experience, I believed that now I have gained a much knowledge and understanding of teaching. Students should consult their advisor regarding courses for the teaching major and the teaching minor as well as other program requirements.
Also I have been participated in number of academic work like parent's meeting, academic studies, sports, administrative work etc.
I always heard about your school from teachers who have worked at your school as well as teachers from my department also.
I want my students always on top place and are full of meaningful experience, interesting learning that applies to their lives.
I believe that this can be achieved through cooperative learning, meaningful activities, new technologies and internet also. I also meet their parents to build strong relationship so that can reach out to all the children in my classroom.

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