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Its longevity makes it one of the most widespread large-displacement 2-cylinder bikes, and whoever is lucky enough to own one, holds onto it tightly. We at MIVV focused our work on low-level exhausts, to permit a problem-free attachment of the saddle bags, on improvement of the engine performance, and obviously on lowering the weight, considering that the materials we customarily use are extremely lightweight (carbon and titanium). The chart below shows the improvements obtainable in power, torque, and weight, with the adoption of either SUONO or GP (also showing the values achievable if the dB Killer is removed). This site uses cookie-based user profiling in line with the preferences expressed by the user during browsing activity.

Always fun, both in the city and on bumpy, mountain, or hilly terrains, carrying a passenger, the TDM deserved one of our a€?injectionsa€? of energy. We want to offer motorcycle exhaust systems that are the best in performance, looks, and brand identity. By continuing to browse or access any element of the website, you give your consent to the use of cookies. Today it has undergone an aesthetic restyling, while keeping its familiar look that has made it so popular among bikers.

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