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RNLI Flood Rescue Team with two D class inshore lifeboats in a flooded street in Cockermouth during the November 2009 floods. RNLI Flood Rescue Team helping people to safety in a flooded street in Cockermouth during the November 2009 floods.
Paul Eastment Divisional Assessor Trainer West Division, Jobi Hold cremember at Llandudno, Dr Rob Schofield crewmember Flint, Guy Williams crewmember Beaumaris. Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI), a charity registered in England and Wales (209603) and Scotland (SC037736).
A drought by definition is a period of time ranging anywhere from several months to several years in which an area experiences a deficiency in its water supply. It’s been estimated by the United Nations that an area the size of Ukraine worth of fertile soil is being lost every year due to droughts and desertification. Storing water is easy and if properly done it can be stored for an almost indefinite amount of time.
Aside from storing water, there are a few other things you can do to make your life easier during a drought. Droughts can destroy crops and have a significant impact on the price of foods across the country. Although droughts will eventually subside, it’s possible that it can leave the land so dry and dead that urban survival will be extremely difficult. Water is more important in terms of living than food is, but growing food is harder for most people than finding water. One of my long term goals is to be completely self-sufficient from the electrical power grid. Executive Order 13603 – Obama authorizes SLAVE LABOR on a large scale on American soil. We can learn from the philosophy of ‘using and reusing’ that Depression era folks were forced to live with.
Perhaps the most learned skill during the era of the Great Depression was that of frugality. You know how most people throw out what’s left of a ketchup or mustard bottle (for example) with maybe that last inch of stuff on the bottom that won’t come out? A good handyman, someone with construction skills, someone who knew how to fix ‘anything’ so to speak, or patch anything up and make it work again, was someone who could perhaps occasionally find some work or trade his services for food or shelter for awhile.
To become a ‘handyman’ requires practical life-experience knowledge and skills from ‘doing’. I’ve listed a few depression era skills above, and I believe that they would apply towards what would be valuable during life in a post-collapse world where we’re set back in time so to speak. Let’s hear your additional thoughts about what may have been ‘valuable’ skills back then, and what survival skills might be valuable in a similar (but probably much more dangerous) world of tomorrow… ? Don’t wait until food becomes scarce; start preparing for the future now by becoming as self-reliant as possible. Pupils from a Chester school embraced the wilderness with a bushcraft expedition in the woods. The group from The Queena€™s Lower School spent two nights and three days sleeping beneath the stars, learning all about survival skills.
During their adventure in the wilderness, they learnt how to gut a fish, light fires and make shelters.
Entertainment came in the form of games like Tribes got Talent and Bushtucker Challenge, during which one girl ate a fish eye. Nearly every part of the US will go through periods of reduced rainfall but droughts are increasing worldwide and becoming more common.
Droughts may not be on the front page of our newspapers just yet but it’s a safe bet that within our life time water deficiency will become a huge issue.
There are stories of older couple’s drinking water that they’ve been storing for 20+ years with no ill effects.
If you so happen to live in an area that has experienced a drought before, consider safeguarding yourself using the tactics listed above. After your garden is growing, start a project of collecting rain in rain barrels or digging a well. As we saw in just the last Doomsday Preppers episode, there are opportunistic scavengers out there who have no remorse when it comes to separating you from your supplies. The hope is that injuries are minor, but they could require additional first aid and possibly antibiotics to treat infection.

I do appreciate the irony in that statement seeing as how I run a blog, but the power we need to live off of in our daily routines could come primarily from the sun. Well they would get it out… Add a bit of water in there and shake it up, and it will come out. And do it the old fashion way, like our fore-fathers did it and succeed long before us, because what lies ahead of us will require all the help we can get. Watch this video and learn the 3 skills that ensured our ancestors survival in hard times of  famine and war. The cows, chickens, livestock were mostly fed from the food that was grown on the farm as much as possible.
Someone who knows tools and has knowledge and skills using equipment like the lathe, the milling machine, the drill press, the saw, grinding, forging, welding, etc.. Your long-term chances of survival could very well depend on your ability to feed yourself and your family without relying on someone else. Disasters, Physical Attacks and Serious Events in Life is a subject like taxes or death, no one wants to talk or think about it. By having a better understand of the types of damage a drought can cause, we can better prepare and make plans to counter the disaster situations created by droughts. A rain water catchment system works by collecting rain water on your roof into large water tanks that can then be used when times get tough and your taps are running dry. Specialized water containers can be bought at just about any hardware store and can be stored safely in your house. The deeper root systems of shrubs and trees will help protect the soil and keep moisture in. If you’re caught unprepared in a dust storm you could very well die or be greatly impaired, as it can bring down visibility to almost zero, they can be very cold and dry, and they can damage your lungs if you breath in too much dust. Because of these possibilities, you must be ready to leave your home and relocate to a more survivable location. Once the flood waters subside, the economy collapses, or the government backs off a bit, do you know how to survive? Having a garden on land that you are living on is the surest way you can take the responsibility for feeding your family into your own hands. Start a garden now because this isn’t a skill you can easily ramp up on after a collapse. Just having a 50 gallon barrel in your basement isn’t going to be enough in a true collapse scenario. Once you have water, you will need to treat it unless it comes from a clean source underground. Who were those that were able to find some work, those who were better able to survive those very difficult times?
The MAK7 Personal Protection & Life Survival Skills Program is NOT about and totally DIFFERENT from alarmism or paranoia.
Keep in mind though that if the container breaks for whatever reason, you could end up with a small flood in your house, take that into consideration. You can prepare for this by growing foods that are better suited to droughts and storing food (either store bought or home grown). To do this, you should have a vehicle with all the supplies you’ll need conveniently stored so that you can leave within several hours of packing and loading the vehicle. It is one thing to add additional crops, but it is another thing entirely to face an empty patch of lawn with a bucket of seeds in December. Knowing how to save seeds is also important because if the collapse is bad enough, the local Wal-mart might not be open anymore. Good training from someone who has actually lived through a war can be found at the SHTF School. A couple of 100W photovoltaic panels, an inverter and several batteries or even a simple solar system could give you an advantage in a survival situation.
The advancements in this field have been tremendous and extraordinary compared to the era of the Great Depression. It’s advised that you take classes in canning and preserving as those old school skills will be needed more than ever. The other side of this could be caring for your instruments that will assist you in securing your home. That said, without the technologies of today, there will still always be demand for those who can help others with their medical needs and conditions, emergency or otherwise.
There are several books on food storage that will show you the best way to purchase and stockpile food and safely rotate your storage to minimize waste. Having a supply of fish antibiotics can be the one thing that keeps you alive when an otherwise minor cut could kill others in a post collapse world. Too many people mistakenly believe there are no preparation training and life survival skills for disasters, physical attacks and serious situations.
If your expensive rifle with all of the sexy hardware on it breaks a firing pin, it becomes a club.

It involved many and countless hands-on skills from building fences to successfully growing foods to managing livestock, and everything in-between. Others mistakenly believe all they have to do is wait for help after a dire situation or a serious event. If you lived on a farm, and the farm was not indebted (or indebted beyond the ability to keep paying), then you could survive. Still others believe nothing bad will ever happen to them personally, and we hope they are right. But when a disaster, a violent assault or a deadly event does occur, will a person be a survivor, a winner or a victim. What will they name the "It Event or It Situation" when it strikes your city, your family, your loved one or you personally?It's your personal right to turn your fears, uncertainty, anxiety, or helplessness into "Survival Mindset and Self Confidence." Each person has the power to learn life survival mindset and skills, personal defenses and prepare themselves and family for all types of possible disasters, assaults and serious events. Disaster Preparedness, Assault Defenses and Life Survival Mindset and Skills is Risk Management for your Life. A few simple tools, knowledge, techniques, know how, plans, and life survival mindset and skills can save your Life. The MAK7 Personal Protection & Life Survival Skills Program will cover different types of emergency, assault defenses and disaster events as a new form of self-development. Life Survival Mindset and Skills is of primary importance to all human beings, only second to breathing. However, none are so strong as to be beyond the panic and fear of a fierce disaster, a violent assault or a violent and painful situation, which justifies Life Survival Mindset and Skills as the Highest Necessity. Like professional sports, rescue teams and anti-terrorism entry teams training, you’re given a primary skill set and you will easily adapt to the worst possible scenarios. From your first lesson you will see and learn how to become realistic in defending Your Life (The Only One You Got). No matter what you have heard about life survival skills or what your super-being instructor tells you.
The WORLD we live in is NOT nice and NOT smooth, foam padded with mats or make believe. That means we have been evaluated, screened and approved to instruct US Military Forces, Specialized Combat Units, Secret Intelligence Operatives, Sensitive Operations Personnel, Extreme Risk Close Protection Personnel, Diplomats and Dignitaries Problem Resolve, Embassies, Consulates and Government Agencies Worldwide. Firstly, the mentality of most arts is skewed towards what we like to call "sport self-defense or sport combat". That is they train within parameters designed by the art or their instructors which both usually have a moral code of ethics and a finite socially acceptable level of "defense".The problem with this is that the criminals, terrorists and offenders also train. They work with elements such as real weapons and surprise, and their intent is to get what they came for. Extreme Violence is their work, their expertise, their game, and is king for them.Violent offenders don't care if you are a world champion boxer or an MMA champion or you have a black belt, a gun or a knife, they are counting on the fact that your experience in real street combat and violence is limited to what you practice or train which is not normally near as intense and realistic as what they do every day. They know that despite the hundreds or thousands of hours you spent training in boxing, MMA, martial arts or at the shooting range, they can intimidate and pulverize you, cause you to falter under street violence stress and even fear them--which is exactly what they expect.Why?
Because you will not rise to the threat when that time comes, but merely default to your own level of training and mindset. So what is the solution?Gear your training and survival mindset for the streets and extreme situations! You must be able to meet violence with violence and the only way to do this is to alter your training methods and survival mindset. For example our training centers and our organization, the Eagle Group International trains people to deal with real world threats by re-organizing their thinking and survival mindset. Giving them the "tools" to mentally and physically engage all manner of threat including lethal force threats.We focus on progressive reality based defensive training that does not stop at a single attacker. More than twice as many untrained as trained individuals experience PTSD following exposure to trauma or threat. During these first few seconds you will likely not react to the threat as the body and mind go thru a sort of temporary freeze while you process what is happening.

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