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BEVERLY HILLS -- Several survivors of Discoverya€™s hit reality show a€?Naked and Afraida€? insisted to TV critics at the TCA Press Tour Wednesday that a€?nakeda€? is the least significant part of the experience. The premise of the show is that a man and a woman a€“ strangers a€“ are sent into a wilderness environment with no food or water and must survive for 21 days.

It was Discoverya€™s all-time highest rated premiere when it launched last season, with four million viewers.
Executive producer Steve Rankin said stripping the contestants of their clothes does have a psychological impact. The contestants said that while they were all experienced survivalists, they also did some preparation for the show.
When the contestants were asked a€?what was the most messed-up thing you did in the wilderness,a€? Rupert said, a€?Nothing was messed up, really. Contestants dona€™t win a prize for surviving, but they do get paid for their filming time.

The Discovery series' success has spawned other a€?nakeda€? shows, including VH1a€™s upcoming naked dating show. She also said that unlike most TV performers who try to lose weight when they know their body will be exposed on camera, a€?I gained about 10 pounds to store more protein.a€? An episode of a€?Naked and Afraida€™ that was filmed in Cambodia. The producers of a€?Naked and Afraida€? downplayed any sense they had pushed an envelope or helped launch a trend.

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