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Survivalist hat nun den sogenannten XBox Live Indie Games Peer Review process uberstanden und kann nun auf dem Xbox Live Marketplace fur 4,79€ erworben werden.
Beim Uberleben helfen in dem 2D-Spiel mit Comicstil auch NPC-Verbundete, die beim Aufbau neuer Gebaude oder Anbau von Lebensmitteln Unterstutzung bieten.
Robert Fischer hat fruher ein Spieleportal, das sich auf Kostenlose Netzwerkspiele konzentriert hat, geleitet.
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The indie horror survival game Grave that is currently halfway through its Kickstarter campaign will be coming to the Xbox One, its developer Broken Windows Studios has announced. For those unfamiliar, Grave is an open-world survival horror game that promises "the tension and fear" of a horror game in addition to both familiar strategy and survival focuses.
Grave offers a full story line, and draws some of its inspiration from surrealist art, with the world being one that both rearranges and changes itself as the gamer progresses. The monsters in the game all have unique reaction to light, and so light is used in different battling ways -- lighting gasoline on fire, flicking a match, throwing a flashbang, and such.
Their publisher, distributor, and promoter redspotgames became famous for releasing Dreamcast games well after the production stop of Sega’s last console.

March 2015Reign of Kings: Mittelalterliches Survivalgame mit Aussicht auf Thronbesteigung12. Nach uber einem Jahr Verharren in einem Bunker, wird es dir zu bunt und du fliehst in die zombieverseuchte Welt.
Wer das Indie-Game vorher noch ausprobieren mochte, der kann sich auch erst eine Demoversion laden.
The game is set for an early 2015 release, and is also set to arrive on Windows, Mac, and Linux. The game is strongly based on strategy because of this, eschewing common inventories and stockpiling.
See behind the curtain and watch new gameplay videos, details about the packaging and meet the developers. Add up an extensive Story Mode, hundreds of unlockables, Mini Games, Anime Cutscenes, and studio recorded Music Score! There you can get our products cheaper with our auctions that start with 1 Euro.> Click here! Their new title however, offers even more action, advanced controls, stunning graphics, and an oppressive dark setting. The released is scheduled to happen within the next few weeks, and will be led with trailers, and screenshots as the days count down.

These freely available tools enable homebrew and professional developers alike to develop games for both Xbox LIVE® Indie Games and Windows Phone 7. They have recently revealed the Shoot ‘em Up “Sturmwind” for Dreamcast (release Q2 2011). December 2010 um 10:14 and is categorized under English, Solar Struggle, Solar Struggle Survival, Xbox 360, Xbox Live Indie Games. Dort konnen zahlreiche Aktivitaten durchgefuhrt werden: Andere Uberlebende treffen, Nahrung und Ausrustung beschaffen oder kleinere Quests erledigen. The game takes a more arcade approach, but also adds something new to the genre with the ability to level your ship through experience points.
For “Solar Struggle Survival”, this Munich-based company acts as co-publisher, and is responsible for both marketing and advertisement. On top of that, they’ve organized and produced all voice talent recordings for the title.

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