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With the highest per capita rate of sheltered asylum seekers in Europe, Sweden has become something of a poster child for migrant mischief.
In the wake of the sexual assaults that swept the bloc on New Year’s Eve, the world is suddenly focused on Sweden, where some say police conspired to cover up a series of attacks that allegedly occurred in central Stockholm’s Kungstradgarden last August and where a 22-year-old aid worker was recently stabbed to death by a Somali migrant. The backlash in the country is palpable and recently manifested itself in a move by the “football hooligan” crowd to stage an assault on Stockholm’s main train station where dozens of Moroccan migrant children are apparently camped out. On Tuesday, in the latest sign that Swedes are becoming increasingly fed up with their government’s policy on refugees, more than a dozen people were arrested for planning an attack on an asylum center.
Officers rounded up 14 people on Monday night in cars close to the asylum accommodation that is thought to have been the intended target of the plot. Hesam Akbari, a spokesperson for Stockholm police, told the TT news agency that members of the group were facing a number of charges. The editor of Swedish anti-racism magazine Expo, Mikael Farnbo, told TT that they have previously observed close links between far-right communities in Sweden and Eastern Europe. You’re reminded that the far-right has witnessed something of a resurgence over the past nine or so months in Europe as citizens become increasingly leery of Mid-East refugees. Click here to subscribe: Join over one million monthly readers and receive breaking news, strategies, ideas and commentary.
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Stocks are simply 80% overvalued and people are finally starting to realize that the fundamentals don’t match the technicals.
The bond market, both public and private, will also tank at some point, because private companies cant continue to run when they made projections based on overvalued stock that is now crashing, and the public sector cant service 20 fucking trillion in debt, to say nothing of its obligations. It’s funny how the climate change crowd blames the current migrant crisis on Co2 in the atmosphere.
Rich people will either put money into the bank, into stocks, bonds, or real property or equipment. Putting money in financial instruments allows the growth of corporations, for better or worse.
If you want to help the country, lets talk about a 40% tax on imports, capital controls, a one child policy, fire all government workers, and a total ban on immigration. Chill out, be smart, and convert those FRNs to silver bullion, silver coins, or silver bars.
So, to all you sand monkeys, you better back the fuck off, lest ye want your home deserts turned to glass.
Islam is an existential threat and is not compatible with western values or western civilization.
Did you know that Europeans have more Neanderthal DNA than any other ethnic group in the world? I would add that they get eaten nonetheless, and any would-be rescuers have already been eaten.

Eppe, BTW, I roasted acid on the last thread over blaming us boomers for the country’s problems. Apparently, the men were plotting to use “axes, knives, and iron pipes” against a refugee shelter in Nynashamn, which is located some 60 kilometres (37 miles) south of Stockholm. Preparation for aggravated assault, incitement to aggravated assault and incitement to aggravated arson,” he said.
Maybe they need to pay attention to all the blown out buildings and warlike conditions created by the US and its Allies to purposely destabilize the MENA in order to foster chaos, death, violence and destruction. Sanders would nix all this economic growth and transfer the money to useless government programs.
How many decent men did everything right their whole lives only to be fucked by the man in the end? Never back a snow ape into a corner, for when they become enraged, hell hath no fury than an infuriated snow ape.

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