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In this link Katy Light tells us about how she went from a publishing career to following her inner desire to homestead and farm.
Please be aware some of the sites we link you to could have pop ups and that we have no control over them. Kanakuk Survival Kamp is a two-week training course offered to boys and girls aged 15-18 that emulates the U.S. Right away it was easy to see the many differences between my time at the traditional Kanakuk Kamps and my time spent at Survival Kamp.
Survival Camp consists of two experiences: Training Week and Survival Week.  During Training Week, campers spend most of their time learning essential survival skills—living in a self-constructed shelter, cooking over fires they build themselves and practicing new skills such as fishing for their own food! Survival Week is more challenging and is broken down into three parts: lost backpacker, lost hiker and plane crash. As a “lost backpacker”, campers land-navigate with only a compass leading them to find water and select a suitable survival campsite. Here they receive a rabbit to skin, clean, and tan the hide---curing the meat and drying it to create pemmican, a survival food known for it’s nutritious ratio of fat and protein.
During the second survival campout, “lost hiker”, campers set deadfall traps they build themselves from natural materials to obtain food.  Difficulty increases as campers are pushed to their limits. Another moment I clearly recall happened one night as a group of campers and staff sat around the campfire and we shared our personal stories and testimonies within our circle. The final survival campout, “airplane crash”, gives campers the opportunity to operate as a pilot who has crash-landed.  Prior to the crash, the pilot takes note of a river close by to his crash site. Through simple tasks such as hiking with a sore knee and layering sticks, I learned that the Lord is faithful in every circumstance that we are put into. The brand-new Adventure Series is the eighth addition to Kanakuk’s lineup of summer experiences. I’m constantly seeking out the newest gadget that will make me feel absolutely 100% prepared to protect myself and my family in any type of “instant disaster”. These are all real-life scenarios that have caught everyday people like you by surprise - and if it’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that you never know what the danger is going to be or when and where it’s going to strike. Unfortunately, 95% of your fellow neighbors, friends, and townsfolk are sleep-walking their way to catastrophe by not taking the appropriate steps now to be prepared for an emergency. You and I both know that the typical Joe-Schmoe citizen doesn’t even think about how to prepare for a disaster, right? But if a disaster or attack happens when you’re away from home and you’re cut off from your supplies and can’t return home, none of that gear will do you a damn bit of good.
That’s why you need to re-think what gear you have within your reach when you’re out and about on your daily errands… at work… at your favorite local restaurant with family or friends… I’m talking everywhere!
In the survivalist world, this is what we refer to as your “every day carry” (or EDC for short)… and it’s possibly the most critical step you can ever take to secure your survival and the protection of those you love.
You see, when I speak to audiences about how to equip yourself to be better prepared for a disaster, I reveal that there are 7 layers of “survival gear” you need to consider yourself fully “prepared”. Make no mistake - your EDC survival gear is the most critical equipment you can ever secure to ensure your survival and the protection of those you love. But they'll be there ready and waiting for "instant access" when you need them the most - when you and those you love and protect are faced with a potentially life-threatening crisis!

The "bodyguard trick" to looking super stylish without sacrificing stealth and explosive mobility when you're called into action.
Escape & Evasion - Little-known devices that can help you escape your captors and remain completely undectable on the run!
The tiny little sex aid that could be your best friend when bugging out to a safe location during an evacuation where you're cut off from your regular bug-out gear.
How to plan for secretly "arming" your family members with their own covert prepper gear to expand your abilities and keep them protected from danger. You're probably wondering why we would practically hand you such a valuable addition to your survival library for such an insanely low price, right? I mean, you don't want the police, military, or just your unprepared neighbors knocking on your door because they know you have the equiment and supplies that they don't. If you come back tomorrow and the price has gone up, don't say we didn't give you fair notice.
The entire program is waiting for you at this discounted price right now for instant digital access and all you have to do is click the Add to Cart button below and after entering your payment details you be taken directly to the access page to start your training. Just promise me you won't wait on this - you never know when danger is going to strike and you don't want to be wishing you had one of these 27 items when it's too late, right?
I understand that I can download all of the programs right away and begin taking action on all of the tips for how to protect myself and loved ones during a breakdown in civil order.
Disaster and emergency management expert Martin Aguda lists down the items a survival kit should include. It is reassuring to know it can be done even if you have devoted a large portion of  your life to a totally different lifestyle! However, we will never link you to a site that requires you to make any purchase or join anything to view the article.
I chose to participate in the Survival Kamp to challenge and stretch myself physically, mentally and to learn many different skills I can carry with me throughout my life.
For example, at regular camp I stayed in a cabin, but at Survival Kamp I built my own shelter. The most important thing you can do in a survival situation is not to panic, but to gain your bearings, find out what you need to do, and execute it. This week is designed to give campers the opportunity to apply what they learned during Training Week. Our ability to share and be vulnerable about our struggles bonded us more than any other single activity.
Experiencing Survival Kamp was invaluable to my growth, not only spiritually, but also mentally, emotionally and physically. Instead, they rely on the local authorities and the government to rescue them from harm and guide them to safety. But those of us who have taken up the “prepper call” to become self-reliant are the new underground leaders of the future. That means we can pass our savings on to you and you can start reading the entire guide just minutes from now.

We've condensed all of the information you need into an easy-to-read guide you can breeze through and start putting to use in just a few hours. Whether your following your heart as was the author, or it becomes a necessary way of life for you after a SHTF scenario her information is well worth the read! The experience is led by a former military trained professional with a goal of inspiring campers to build character and learn spiritual lessons through using only what God has placed for use in the great outdoors. Despite the differences, I more importantly saw similarities such as the counselor’s dedication to sharing the Gospel with all of the campers as well as the dedication to teaching them skills that they can use for a lifetime. I had to have reconstructive surgeries and this absolutely proved challenging as I entered into the tasks outlined above.
A vivid example of this that I experienced during Survival Kamp was when I was repelling off of a 150-foot cliff. Learning how we can support each other through fears and trials was an adventure—it was a leap of faith, a moment of courage.
It really is incredible what can happen when we use what our Creator has given us in the outdoors to experience Him. Before you register please ensure you are familiar with our terms of use and related policies.
Campers test their limits of their physical and mental endurance by learning how to start fires, build wind-proof and water-proof shelter from limbs, set deadfall traps for game, make charcoal water filters, and many more exciting and valuable outdoor skill sets.
For example, building your own shelter takes several hours of non-stop gathering of sticks and leaves. As I ascended the face of the mountain, I had to have faith in the equipment I was using so that I didn’t give in to the fear of falling.
The course is structured so that campers experience several survival campouts, each one becoming progressively more challenging and culminating in a two-day solo survival trip. It a terrifying thought to know that a harness holds your life, but knowing Who holds the harness is what brought me peace in that moment. CNN and the CNN logo are registered marks of Cable News Network, Inc., displayed with permission. Being in that situation, though, forced me to think in terms of not being alone, but to have the discipline to draw strength from the Lord. I'll reveal this tiny-but-deadly 3" wonder on page 30 so you can tuck it away as your secret weapon against any attacker who's stupid enough to think you're unarmed. It is up to you to use common sense and your own best judgment when using any information contained within the articles. I did so by using the time along outside to get into the Bible daily and memorize scripture.

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